Tuesday, September 22, 2009

adventurous day

There have been several events that worth to blog about. But due to my lazy-ness I decide to save those for other days.. (lazy) ..

Well, for today is a little extra ordinary. Which is worth to share about. Do you ever heard about estate's investment (not sure what it called la.. but should be understand-able)?

The story start like this.. long-a-long-a-long time ago... My father-father-father had bought a land.
Erm.. more to like a forest la.. along with his siblings. So with his siblings they all owned a forest/land. (Dunno for what la). But I guess they are playing with estate investment gua. After more than 20 years, which is now.. the forest is still ... a forest? But slightly developed to a rubber's estate(but very messy).. Nothing much have changed.. Well, sad thing is my great grandpa and grandpa had passed away and leaving this piece of land to his anak-cucu-cicit lor.

Because I don't know a shit about estate's investment stuffs.. I cant judge whether this is a failed investment or not. Anyway, after 20+ years of waiting, finally they are people wanted to buy this piece of land.

Long time ago, when I am still small. I remember once that my parents had brought me to visit this land. We did some jungle trekking and finally arrived at a river. And I still remember the crystal clear water. But today, the river is gone and the land had eventually grew with bushes. Don know why they are people wanna buy this land. For developement purposes? Or they had forecasted an potentially hike in this estate's value? I don't know.. but my family together with others relative which is anak-cucu-cicit of my great grandpa siblings.. is eager to sell off this land
(Of course, they don have vision and ambition like Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong to develope his pieces of empty land. Selling it off is the best option lolx).

*phew*.. Okie, done talking about some pieces of my family's history.. Well, today I have followed my parents to this very piece of land again... to do bondary marking. Because we actually own an entire forest/ land la.. and it is divided by few partitions.. that why we were doing bondary marking today. What can I say some more.. AWESOME.. (I love outdoor adventure) hehe.

Well, before we setting our foot on this estate, we had a great dim sum breakfast at Tmn Maluri. Delicious. After that we stop by at my father's workplace which is construction site to get some PVC pipes to be used as bountary marker.

The workplace is located at Sri Hartamas and is just located opposite of Taylor's college. Wow, rich-man places huh. Rumor said that you will see ferrari, porches, and lamborgini drove by some kiasu students there to show off their father's richness... cheh. Pathethic fool.

Well, after loaded our car with ample of pipes.. we headed to Sungai Buloh.. because the estate is located over there. Just an half-hour drives..

Along the way we saw orang asli (sakai) but of course they modern d la. Just opposite of our estate. They built their home and did some farming. Kids playing with guitar (really modern d, I thought they are still playing with bamboo's instruments), and elders were working on their farm.

With team of four (My parents , younger brother and me). We start trekking the jungle after recognize our piece of land.

Before leaving our house. My father warn me that there were many mosquitos inside. But I never seriously think about that. Come on, how maniezzzz can it be? lol. So I still wearing my short sleeve t-shirt with jean.

OMFG, the mosquitos there is so freaking much. It is so freaking much that as if some one fell into river's of piranna. No Joking ler, seriously there is tonnes of it. Like flies, they were buzzing all around us. Like they were hunger for years. And they are not afraid of dead too. I could kill them easily with slow snap. Really slow. They just wont leave when they were busy sucking. Must be that my blood is so far tastier than those 'pure people' around here.. hahaha. It is rare for those mosquito to dine an exquitic feast. lol

So, slowly we climbed up and down the hill to place the marker.

Hey hey, I work very hard too.. haha while feeding those mosquitos.

When we reached the top, What a magnificient view. JUST ONE THING THOUGH..

We are under a 270,000 Volts of electricity ! Hahaha

This is really fun.. Who say that family outing must be in some nice place with smart outfit and dresses? I think this kind of activity make our bonding much stronger. Helping each other out and cheers up each other to complete the works.

Well, we have indulged ourselve with great lunch afterward.

The truth is, government is building a highway near our estate. Which indirectly pumped up the land value over there. Maybe that is why there are people wanted to purchase this land.

Remember the I said before about the possibility of leech's attack? This forest is surely thirst for blood though. Without feeling anything, I never realize that I got two leeches feeding on my bloods..

Hey, no pain at all. And it gone before I found out. Just that the hole keep on bleeding. Well, not pain la seriously. Afterall, I am losing alot of blood today. Hahaha. Hmm, have to stop donating blood for the next three months. lolx

Hey, gonna end my long-winded post though. If you are reading till here.. hey thanks again to finish up my long-winded-boring some pieces of my adventures... hehe