Saturday, October 31, 2009

sTuDy WeeK = suffering?

Study week ... Weeeee

Actually, quite sad also la. But, I am not sad because I have to chase those chapters that seem to never end.

Whenever think that I am almost half-way from my graduation. I feel sad. Of course, it is indeed a torture when we have to compress all the notes, exercises and formula inside our brain in just a few weeks time away. Thanks to my laziness since erm....... first of the month? haha
I have to kick my ass to work 5 months worth of effort in this mere few weeks.

Yea, it is torturing.. but then I think, after I graduate and start my working life, I will miss all of this 'study week' stuffs. I would wish I could travel back to that time and 'suffer' again, haha.
Everyday, I see msn shoutout.. some shout " Die o, Os how to read?" , " Ahhhhhh, no mood to study", and many more other desperate calls.

I bet you all gonna miss this day in future. =)

What more to say? Should I say that, glad that I yet to work.. glad that I yet to graduate.. glad that there are friends 'suffering' with me, and of course

glad that there is still time to cramp my brain =p . . hahaha


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A story to tell...

Long time ago, I knew a friend. A friend with a name called Steven. To be frank, he is not good looking and out-of-shape. Sorry ya Steven, to be so honest.

He is a freshie back then. He brought along new determination and expectation to this university. He is a guy who want to be different from his last time. He want to become more open-minded, more social-able, and become an interesting man. So, as the story said,

His daring characteristic made him dare to pursuit his first love in Uni. My stupid friends did a lot of crazy stuffs just to win her heart. However, just like a drama. Nothing can be successful so easily. There will always be obstacles and finally end up with failure and sorrow. My pitiful Steven, failed to accept the reality and live in lie all the while. His mind was stubborn and still cant accept the fact, his burning desire is still bright.

This fuckhead, made a promise as he is so damn sure that he will fulfill. As that time, he is so confirm that she is the one for him. Pitiful Steven had his eyes blinded by love. So, he made a promise with her. Telling her straight to her face. Promise a promise that shall valid forever.

So, this friend of mine, going on his life. Carrying his aching heart filled with a solid promise. Living in pain and sorrow days. Lucky for this dumbass, he got bunch of friends caring for him.

Months passed, he finally woke up from a dream. He realize that he had sleep for so long. All the while, he is a walking dead. Now he is finally awaken. I feel happy for my friend.

His mind is as steady as iron bridge, his feeling is as sturdy as statue of liberty, and his eyes is as clear as eagle eyes. He started to accept the truth. Most importantly he started to accept the world. Including the reality.

He had promised himself. Whatever foolish stuffs that he had done, whatever sad memory he had gone through... is just A nightmare. And shall him,
forget this unpleasant dream...

including the promise he made.

So that, he could finally walk forward again. He had already stunned and idle for months. Steven don't wanna stay behind while everyone is moving forward. So, this friend of mine, is keep moving forward until today...

Never stop....

and he will too...

keep walking forward non-stop for day to come...

Deep inside his heart. He wanna make an deep apologise for the fake promise he made. Steven is really sorry about this , and he will regret for life..

however, he will keep on moving forward....


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Again.. (-_-")

Another over-do post... (-_-")

My self-fish act had hurt another two person indirectly this time..

Again, done nothing but constantly breaking the spirit of the people who are holding CC on their shoulder. Sorry~

Why am I so negative..


I think I have over-do in my previous post.

Sorry ya. i hope I could represent all the senior's living outside to make a apologies about making-a-big-fuss about this.. maybe it is not that big-deal after all. Sorry ya, paiseh

To the CC's board, and SP.. sorry for being a kepoh. Maybe my sight is too swallow and can't look far, perhaps there are many more plans to spice-up CC. Perhaps, you all have other alternative plan to alter the impactation of PTCC. Shoudn't interface too much geh. I understand you all also very paiseh to ask us the non-related to mind-less your business. Sowee, sowee.. I can see ur's difficulty liao.. I done nothing but giving u all lotsa complain, complain and complains. Thanks for giving so much 'face' and bear with ours kepohness all the while.. komenasai.

Hey, from now on, I wanna become care-free lor. And only focus on friends, Funs, and a little for study .. haha.. Anyway, CC, gambateh la.

Wow.. so much trips awaiting me after exam. Jiayou ~ar

ps: haha, I think we are over-kepoh in CC trip too. I know we ss2 gang always 'fan' you with the trips thing. And complain this and that. Sungai lembing too boring~ Melaka no fun~ Langkawi too expensive~ Genting boring like hell~ Penang ah( don wan can or not) .. hahaha. Should leave the decision to juniors.. their era mah. If not ngam ma don go la.. simple. lolx

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Guess that I am the first one who post about PTCC ya..

I have notice that no one is posting up any stories or comment about PTCC.. not even much are uploading photos and video of PTCC. When things come to this condition.

It only mean one word.


What had failed? The performance of the events? The decoration ? The PA system? Sales and marketing? Or all of the above?


They din failed, in fact they are poorly done but they still complete their tasks. So, what is failed?

IT is...

This PTCC failed to pass down the actual happiness, proud, dignity, team work and the fucking 10th College CC SPIRIT to the next generation ! This is what i called .....


It doesn't matter if our dancer are noob and not good looking, it doesn't matter if the MC spoke wrong thing or forget her speech, it also doesn't matter if nobody coming for PTCC. It is not important.. Serious.

The importance, is the process.... not the result. Who would give a fucking care if 'TUA BUI' never came for PTCC? who care if more than half of audience is our seniors and super seniors? as long as everyone is working happily, and could forget all of his tiredness and sacrifeness at the end of PTCC..and all of them are talking about how fun PTCC is for 30days and 30 night.. then it is all the matter.

But this is not .. happening now. Juniors were not giving a damn about it. During the PTCC day, we, seniors had to skip our half day class to help them set up the lobby. Already clock hit 1 PM and the lobby is still as silent like hell. Where is the juniors? Study? Exam? Presentation?

hey, This PTCC is not mine, Frank, Quinn and etc, our time had passed. This PTCC is junior's era. So, can we blame the junior's if they prefer to attend class rather than make PTCC a success?

Nope, we can't. Sorry to say.. it is we, the seniors fault. We had failed to heavily pound spirits and love to their heart.

I felt dissappointed. Because Frank, quinn and me did not invited to attend their post-mortem. I knew, we are outsider. Not a part of 10th college resident. But this is involving PTCC. The most important activities for CC. Life or Death of 10th coll CC is depend on this next year. I believe anyone who is concern with CC have the right to voice their opinions. SP, I know that you know very well.... why this PTCC is such a crap.

A complete post-mortem is really a pain in the ass.. alot of argument would explode.. but all of this is crucial for generating better PTCC next year. Dare to invite Chyne Nee and IAi along?

ps : Hey, seniors who own blog... plz blog about PTCC.. we do post-mortem online for our next generation's reference...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

study = Uni's life?

End of sem is drawing near.. No doubt, I have enjoyed much. With lotsa juniors showed up.. and new living condition at SS2, it really spice-up my life.

Senior once said, "Hey junior, try to enjoy your Uni life to the fullest before you reach 2nd year.. cause you shall experience hell once you step into 2nd year.. Satan of assignment will haunt you, demon of tests will kacau you and ever-lasting hellish-lecture's time will drain your life force".

Hey, that ain't true at all.. I am still dancing hip-hop despite that tomorrow is my presentation.. I am still going out for movie despite that I am having test tomorrow.. and worst of all... during this sem, I have chased ONE PIECE anime from ep 1 to freaking 422 ! in one month time.. ;)

Hey, Uni life is just once in a life-time.. Is it worth to sacrifice ur Uni year in your room and isolate yourselve from all activities and fun ? I don wanna books and lecturer's slide become my the only friends and 'entertainment' for the rest of my Uni life..

cgpa 4.00 ? Sayang by lecturer? Fuck off.. if to achieve this, I have to sacrifice my exciting uni-life.. Hey, if 2012 is judgement day. I think most of the nerd in this world who study study study.... and only study will die with their eyes open ! Cause they think that is ok to become nerd in Uni.. and thought that their life begin once they step out from Uni... kesian.

Of course, like buddha's teaching.. Moderacy is the key of life.
Don play too much.. and nvr abandon study.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Driving to Penang . . .

Yesterday morning, I had told my mom that I want to drive car to Penang. My mom did not disagree with my request but she was no agreeing either. Because this is quite a heavy decision to make, she preferred me to ask dad. Well, from my mom face, I could tell that she is worry too.

At night, after my dad is back to home, she jio me go jusco. Well, since I have nothing I want to buy and Jusco is quite a boring place to hang out. I preferred staying at home. So, I said I don wanna go lor. Thought that my parents had went out to Jusco, I continue my routine (fb/ anime / study? lol) in my room. Ehh, my mom went into my room and ask me want go eat supper or not instead of going Jusco. Haha, her intention is obvious to me. She is creating an opening for me to (face 2 face) ask my dad permission. Well, I guess that my mom already told my dad. Just that it is more appropriate for me to ask him directly rather than using mom as middle man.. like always.. Haha, why not. So, we went to supper.

Speaking of politics. My dad is a MCA's hardcore supporter which indirecty saying that he is favor to BN. Me, the other way round, is supporting PR. I have my reason for this.. For young generation like me, I am no more influenced by those controled media such as newspaper and television. I read political news everyday through internet. My dad will not compromise in debating about BN vs PR issues. So, for all the conversations in the world between us, politic is a dangerous issue to talk about.. Since that MCA has become the spot light of recent issue, not to mention that tomorrow is Bagan Penang by-election. So, I carelessly spit out my opinion that I hope PR will win for tomorrow election. Giving UMNO a hard slap in their face and embarrass them good and proper.
OH My.........

My dad get fired up and defending his favorable party while defaming the opposition. Well, my rational mind told me that I must not fight back, no matter how disagree I am.. no matter how many facts that he yet to know... cause, if such a thing never handle well, a thorn will stab in our heart for a long time.. So, I keep quite and just listen to him. My mom and younger brother too, kept quite. Soon enough, my dad realize, he stop talking about politic.. and we continue our supper in pin drop silent.

"Fuck the politic...." This is what in my mind. Politic is playing with our daily life. Even in a family, there will be some who support the government and some who is supporting the opposition. It might sound silly.. but quarrel do errupt due to this stupid politic stuff. Fuck the politic.

I can see that my dad is regret for just now.. Well, I realize that something must be done, so I start talking about other issues to alter the situation. Talking about the ice-kacang ordered by my mom.. talking about the fried keautew that I am eating now is tastier than last time. A lot of craps I try to talk ... and thank goodness everything was ok and we back to usual...lolx

At first, I don't feel like bringing up the 'ask permission' matter as we had an intense condition just now. Felt like my request would be rejected immediately due to my dad's behsong-ness. But, I know that my dad is a wise man. He won't act emotionaly. Actually, I already knew that my request would be permitted from the start. There is no reason to restrict me from doing something that I eventually will gonethrough in future... cause I know my dad. However, he hope that I would personally ask his permission, so that he could voice out his advice and opinions.

So I ask, one simple question.... "Can I drive to Penang"? As I expected he has prepared for this. He already knew. My mom adi told him lu.. hahaha. Of course, he never object and give me a lot of advices.. My dad said, is true that this is a very great opportunity for you to try new experience as sooner or later you will face it too, however, we as parents do not hope to see you back to home 'lying'.. Few advices that you must embed in your mind..

1. Never let anyone to drive your car... at first, it sound ridiculous. It sound like my friends is not a qualified driver or will dump me at roadside and steal my car away.. but I don't defy him and wait his further explanation.. he said, when one is driving a car that is not his/her, he tend to drive recklessly.. well this is very true when he ask me.. how you drive in Langkawi? Do you take care the car that you drive? It hit me right on the spot.. it is damn true instead..

2. Must have ample of rest before drive.. even if you have to stop at road side to take a nap. He said, nowadays highway is too boring and you only see a freaking sienz straight road. Compare to last time where there is no highway.. you have to travel jalan biasa from town to town until you reach the destination. Last time the road is more chigek and wont sleepy.. now the road is sleepy d... hahaha.. seriously is true la..

3. Don't cut lane if not confident.. just don ngek ngek lai la.. must follow the speed limit.

Well, that is the 3 main advices that I could remember. Anyway, for sure I could drive to Penang already.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Interesting.. hehe

Let share some men's issue with you all here.. hahaha, since quite a while I never post interesting topic already.

As we men.. step into early adult age... which is 21 la, I believe that everyone of us have issue regard man & woman relationship stuffs. Maybe most of the nerd out there never have this issue la.. since they only love their books, books and only books in their room.

Well, don't you think that, to be fall in love is a torture? It could change one person almost immediately and stop being himself for a split second when he encounter the person he felt with. Aw, I really hate this kind of stuff. Out of nowhere, you tiba-tiba become so unnatural and watch yourself to behave properly. When you try to contact her via sms/msn... you need decades! to reply.. cause you are to kiasu about the message you are about to send. For me la.. this is what I think before I send a message if I got crush la...

How a coward message look like ....

1) message must sound humor .. tis one pretty jialat, I need to squeeze my mind thinking how to modify my msg so that it sound humorous and not boring.. walaoweh.. cannot be yourself meh? but out of 9/10, girls like humor guy wor.. zzzzz
2) Can tease but not too over.. Tease too geng later she behsong, and u heart pain..
3) Must sound like gentleman.. normal la.. want to impress her ma.. must sound like reliable guy punya type.. don know how bullshit is this la..
4) Don too short-form.. later sked she think you cincai reply wan.. din take serious wan.. susah la like that...
5) Got class but don too fake.. this one susah . I sendiri also don know how to explain
6) Got some pattern inside geh.. cannot alway stick with 'lol' .. must sometime use 'haha', 'lolx', 'rolf' and 'lmao' . .

*then how if she don understand rolf and lmao? * Good la.. then u can pro-ly explain to her and give u more topic to talk about... duh

7) Don always questions.. sked she will feel ngam cham (disturbing).. this one is most sienz.. cause u nvr know whether she is enjoy sms-ing with u or not.. of course she will never tell u straight to your face that u r 'kakacaucau' la..

8)Must let her know ur intention, but don let her know.. Niabeh.. this is sipek jialat part la. ur message must some how let her figure out that u like her.. but cannot directly wan.. must hidden hidden wan.. but cannot too obvious.. Why?

So that can U-turn mah... aiyoyo

When some how you sense that she is not into you.. you can straight away do 360 sharp U-Turn mah.. then still can become friend without paiseh and pretend nothing happen.. ^^v


That why.. so difficult to tackle a girl.. even sending a single freaking message could occupied 99% of my brain. Do my final also don need think so much ... niabeh.

Hahaha ... To be frank la.. recently got feel already wan.. using that stupid 8 formula to tackle a girl.. but at last resort to formula no.8 when sense a dead end ahead.. hahaha

Hope that the feeling don't erupt liao.. go die far far away.. leave me in peace k.. Now enjoying peaceful mind and heart. Amitabha..