Monday, March 28, 2011

Dark side of University

Some time, I think lecturer is the people who can't stand to compete in corporate world. They failed to climb up the corporate ladder and hence escape from the cruel reality.

In University, they are forever the boss in the their own kingdom. In whatever arguments, they always have the final say. Not that students acknowledge their defeat or whatover, but it come to a point that remind the student about their grade is on stake.

Lecturer always have the final say and never ever admit their fault. When they starting to round the garden with their explanation and then further elaborate it to god-only-know-are-we-still-on-earth-wtf? story.. at this point, we do not need a rocket scientist to tell us that they are trying real hard to save their asses.

Brilliant student should know by this point, stfu to save their grade. They can fail you for personal reason though, this is the power of lecturer. Imba

That is some sneak peak of dark side in University for those who are going to start their Uni life later.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

In need of Miracle

Yesterday, I had played whole day long.

Hanging out with some good buddy at Mid Valley to enjoy good foods and movie. Haha, seriously that is suicidal.

Just get to know that I need to show two working module for my thesis on next week tuesday,  I know I am pretty fuck up.

If it was web-base development, I will be a happy man right now.

Now I have to master new stuffs in less than 4 days and come out with two working module simultaneously. Holy Crap.

It took me 2 weeks in IBM just to familiarize with the new languages before I can start coding it.

This time, I am really in need of miracle.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tepuk-tepuk Habuk

Super Duper long time I have abandoned my blog.

Sorry, I was to busy for everything. From last minute mugging chapters of subject, Rushing for thesis and little of everything. If I ever have time to spend, it will be caving in room playing online game with my younger bro. HAHA !

I know I am 23 already.

Well a lot of updates to do but due to mood-absent, I decide to stack it up. Well, of all changes that happened, I would say my new laptop Dell Xps is the most worthy to be mentioned. I hope I will cut some of my playing time to snap some photo of it, and have it blogged.

As for everything else, it is mixture of dull, happy and some emo-shitty issue. I think I will skip the emo-shitty issue as I tend to hate myself writing negative thing lately.

Better to keep it myself than explode it publicly. Some time, I do think that blogging is kinda shitty though as public perception and feeling always come into 'potong steam' case.

But to write on a little diary or a nobody-will-ever-find-out blog is super boring. Kinda pointless to write it out but just for your own reading. Not like I am suffering amnesia.

Still, I love to write tense-up issue though. Which include blasting some particular person, my life story which will expose other sensitivity issue and etc. And always end up fearing of the consequences but still...... doing it. Haha, maybe I am little pyscho.

Oh crap, gotta stop~~~ Next Time peeps