Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Heng Dai Birthday

Everyone have their birthday,

But if there is people who do not have lover to celebrate with them

nor their family,

Then, it is the duty of Friends to do the job right.

I am a lucky one who get to celebrate my birthday greatly either by friend or family every year and I wish that everyone around me could taste that. At least no one birthday go un-notice.

So, I was trying to give a good friend of mine, a rather traditional way of celebration...

A self-made twin red eggs.

Instead of celebrating Junyen birthday at new fancy cafe / bistro like Chilis, TGI or Jarrod & Rawlins, we make it at a Chinese Restaurant called Tak Fok at Jaya One.

We order 5-6 dishes

and a longetivity mee.

Traditional enough ? Not when it is yet to be served like this

In Hokkien tradition, we ate long mee suah to indicate longer life span, green onion to indicate wisdom and two eggs to indicate..... not sure actually, but I am sure it mean good thing right.

Junyen is a good friend to everyone, how can his birthday go un-celebrated ?? As his buddy, this is least we can do and hope that in the near future you have some one to take care of your birthday !!!

Haha, nevertheless we will always be around and make it up to you.

Happy Birthday Birthday to you ;-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Kelly Sis is trying something new this year. She is trying to sell cookies for upcoming CNY celebration. So, this is a very great opportunity for me to try food photography on her cookies.

I choose afternoon whereas sunlight is very sufficient for me to snap sharp photo using high shutter speed but with low ISO to lower noises.

With help from Brother Ming, he gave ideas and decorate the surrounding with some normal cloth. I use about 2 hours of time to snap only 8 types of cookies and out of so many photos, I choose the best and do some post-processing.

Haha ! Craving for CNY cookies ??? Well, since Kelly Sis had treated me so good all the while, I would like to help her to promote her small business right here. Notice the email that written below the cookies name ?

Ya, that is her email

She is selling rm12 per container of cookies which contain at least 50 pieces. Well folks, there is still one week left and there is still time to place order ya.

KK , advertisement time out !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

R . I . P My Loyal Dog

Milo was ailing. It can't stand nor sit.

Just lying down waiting her time to come.

Last week, I still managed to bring her out for a walk. She was slow and have to sit down for every few meters of walk. However, she was still pretty healthy that time.Recalling few years back, she was strong like a mad cow. She pulled me so hard till I have hard time to control her, but since then, she had been weaker day by day.

Yesterday I went back to my home after a hiking trip to Broga. She was lying down and breath heavily. Her limbs were like paralyzed. Only her eyes could roll around and a weak whipping from her tail when I came back. Sad, I must say.

My grandma said that she didn't not ate anything since days. She just lied down from day till night. So, we tried force her to drink and eat. We tried to give her grass and panadol as well.

Today, Sunday. I am so happy that finally I found a way to feed her. By using straw to flow water and milk into her mouth. And she ate quite a lot. However, she vomited all back. She breathing more and more heavily.

My mom think, Milo can't pass tonight.

9 PM, family and I were about going out for supper. We approached Milo to check on her. She was very weak already. Her eyes was half-close and breathing very heavily.

So, I patted her head and told her words.

Thanks for 8 years of your loyal  services
Now, we release you from duty.
And you may now rest in peace, my family.

When we came back from supper, Milo had gone.

8 great years with us, and now she had departed from us. Death is unavoidable and I understand that. So, I trying to be very optimistic. Thinking of past memory would just make me so sad, even cry.

So, I would tried not to think about it. Not now......

Whatever it is, thanks for waiting me back home Milo. You will not be forgotten.

May you free from enmity and danger
May you free from mental suffering
May you free from physical suffering
May you take care of yourself with happiness

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Settle Down @ 8th

Finally settled down at my new nesting ground. After one year and half living outside with friends, now I am moving back to college's life.

I have been rolling and measuring my house floor since last Friday. Finding a lot of excuse to stay at home as long as possible to compensate my sacrificed holiday due to Internship extension. Finally, I had managed to kick my own butt and so

Here I am, sitting in my new room (shared with other 2 roomie) and writing some random post here.

I had attended my first co-curriculum class today. I had taken guitar ! Haha. Maybe some of you don't know, as a matter of fact I had bought myself a guitar since one year ago. Well, due to aching fingers, time constraint, study, have other better stuffs to do (and a lot of excuses) I had cold-storage my guitar into a never-knew-it-exist cupboard.

It is kinda waste to do so, hence I taken up this guitar class and hope that I could at least play a song or two at the end of sem. You know ? we need to perform on the stage at final sem ! Nice, this will motivate me to learn it seriously as I don't wanna to screwed up the show.

Tomorrow will be my first lecture. Well, I am missing faculty so much after 6 months of being a cheap labor for corporate world. Now I am back to school again, I will definitely appreciate the remaining time.

It is been a while I don't tag along my crappy photos along with posts, and only write stuffs related to my daily routine. So, I guess I had ran out of topic then...

That all from me till now, can't wait to meet up my course-mate tomorrow. Ciao ~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

H@PPY N3W Y3@R 2011

Did  I mentioned before that I had just ended my Internship ? It is like, finally...

Initially I have to work until the end of December, but thanks to Malaysia Tiger for winning the football game at Indonesia, I am a free man one day earlier.

That mean, I do not need to join those insane crowd at super traffic jam to rush back home during the night or New Year Eve. Well, I have an activity that night. Usually, I don't celebrate any 'eve' except for CNY cause I kinda hate traffic jams, no-parking, super crowd, and after the event, traffic jam again.

But this year, a nice place near my house called Desa Park City had organized a party / event to celebrate in-coming New Year. Well, since it is so near compare to Curve and Bukit Bintang... why not ? The best part is, they have firework display too when the time is come.

They had set up a huge stage and invite some local artists (I do not recognize any of them) to perform. 

Just that the sound is not explosive enough. The organizer have rented out space for local hawker to set up their business which a little look like night market and also games for children.

People are kinda crowded as early as 9pm. We went there early in order to get a parking slot but at the end, I have to illegally parked at road side because other people had start crowded the area since 6-7pm or so.

We met up with Sis Kelly over there.

She went to One Utama earlier at afternoon to get herself and her family some helium balloon. They planned to write their wishes and then tied it on the balloon. When the time showed 12am, they would release it to the sky and hopefully their wishes seen by God.

Our Cousin bro pulak, came with his friends to release a Kong Ming Lantern. A big one I would say.

Every year, my family too, would release one lantern like this but never try on new year eve. Mostly we will done it at CNY eve.

FLY ! FLY high to the sky !

Frankly, it is super tiresome to surrounded by crowds. However it could be a good eyes-washer too. Well, undeniably, a lot of young and old couple were love to date there and most of them will not hesitate to use up their insanely costly make-up and cologne for this day.

But, I did not take their photo though... Not that appropriate loh.

After rotting at there for almost 2-3 hours and thanks to Sis Kelly treat on the beers bought from 7-11 (insanely expensive too) finally it is time to for the final countdown.




Happy New Year 2011 Folks !!!

Oh my gosh, and it is so beautiful. The 10 minutes worth of awesome display had totally paid off the hardship we had endured for the past 2 hours or so.

After that, Sis Kelly let go the balloons and it dissolve into the dark sky.

After 4 cans of beers (Thanks to Sis Kelly for the treat again) I have a super nice sleep that night. Haha, what a blast !! Next year I must remember to bring my tripod !! Well, almost 80% of my firework photo are unusable, to be frank XD