Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Heng Dai Birthday

Everyone have their birthday,

But if there is people who do not have lover to celebrate with them

nor their family,

Then, it is the duty of Friends to do the job right.

I am a lucky one who get to celebrate my birthday greatly either by friend or family every year and I wish that everyone around me could taste that. At least no one birthday go un-notice.

So, I was trying to give a good friend of mine, a rather traditional way of celebration...

A self-made twin red eggs.

Instead of celebrating Junyen birthday at new fancy cafe / bistro like Chilis, TGI or Jarrod & Rawlins, we make it at a Chinese Restaurant called Tak Fok at Jaya One.

We order 5-6 dishes

and a longetivity mee.

Traditional enough ? Not when it is yet to be served like this

In Hokkien tradition, we ate long mee suah to indicate longer life span, green onion to indicate wisdom and two eggs to indicate..... not sure actually, but I am sure it mean good thing right.

Junyen is a good friend to everyone, how can his birthday go un-celebrated ?? As his buddy, this is least we can do and hope that in the near future you have some one to take care of your birthday !!!

Haha, nevertheless we will always be around and make it up to you.

Happy Birthday Birthday to you ;-)


yen Ho said...

waseh~~nice post ar~~nvr know u love him so much XD

Jyphoon said...

Thanks Brother! haha. Just saw it =P