Monday, May 18, 2009

Primary school's bash.. SKKB

Today I have step my feet on a ground which I have last stepped since 9 years ago. That place is where I started to make friends from variety of races and place where I being forced to wake up at 5.30 am every morning. That place is .. SKKB, my primary school.

Yesterday, when I was watching drama, I get a sudden notification from my old friends kah yean, about tomorrow gathering at primary school. Wow, soooo last minute. However, since so long d I never met with my primary's school friends, I am looking forward for this. I able to pull along two of my friends, chee hoe and wanyi which are skkb's baby too.. All together, 6 of us stepped in the school today.

chee hoe, patrick lim, Me, Kahyean, SimTeng, Wanyi

SKKB. My primary school. I came from a very small school. Its capacity of students was only 200-300 in total. Most of the students is malay and so were the teachers. Despite that my school is poor and unknown.. I am still proud of it because it successfully provide me a proper education which would not less than any primary schools in this country. Teachers there were great. One of my favourite teacher is Pn.Tham. After I graduate from that school, her name and face was still hang in my heart. I am so sorry that I have been lost in-touch with this great teacher after I stepped my foot in secondary school. Today, I am glad that she still could recognize me.

So coincidence that today is Teacher's day. None of us knew that today our dearly primary school will celebrate teacher's day today. We are so lucky indeed. At first, I afraid that teachers would be busy with their classes. But today we have all the time in the world to chat with them.. recalling our past nine years history and stories. *sob*

So many kids were around.. Running here and there. And all of them were so small. After nine years, I saw improvement in the school. There is computer's lab already, and stone wall were built to replace the wired fence. Well, at least government is doing something. However the number of students is still small. Guess that nowadays people are getting richer and only allow their kids to study in famous school.

Lady in purple's kebaya.. is my favourite teacher.. and the teacher beside me is En.Kholi. He is very 'peramah' and kind..
To my surprise.. before we (the 88 baby) leave the primary school.. we have break something. And this have make the whole school shocked about it. 12 of the UPSR students.. which is including 6 of us.. have score straight A .. I know, all of you might said, what is so big deal about it? My school got 30-50 straight As la...
Well, like I said, my school is a very small school. During that time, total number of UPSR students were only 30-40. And 12 people scoring straight As.. have break the school record which is never been done before.. And for the appreciation.. Everyone of us get rm50.. haha.. I know it is very little.. well, forking out RM600 is the best our school can do.. we don't grunt about it.. lolx... Today I found out that, since we left.. there are no one yet, could break our record. 89,90,91 and so on.. Wow.... we 88's is really something ya.. proud of it..

Back to our class room.. the table is so small and low.. hahaha.. nostalgia.. rush into my mind.. Chee hoe left early... Left 5 of us. After saying good bye to teachers.. we hunt places to yamcha and chat. Some of them I have never seen in 2-3 years..

Wanyi(in Um also), Kahyean(future accountant/auditor), simteng(advertisement designer)

Patrick.. same with kah yean

Next year.. will be one decade since we graduate from primary school. Haha, according to Kah yean, she had promise Pn. Tham that she will gather more army, ooopss.. 88's baby and pay a grand visit to this school once again.. Stay tune teachers..

Ps : Hey, Pn.Tham . . if there is any chance for you to read my blog.. I am still keeping toward my promises . 2020, I will treat you a great feast at LOK FOK.. hope it still running la.. haha..

Sunday, May 10, 2009



this post is very long!

There should be around one year since I have last visited this legendary island. Last year, few close friends of mine, which is all dude.. travel to langkawi in number of 5 by train~~ Though experienced horrible ride in train for freaking 12hours, however, I shall said that, I enjoyed the most during that time. Gotta miss my old friends now..

This will be mine third time travel to langkawi. Well, as you can guess, my travelling companion wouldn't be other than the famous philip, frank, quinn, Junyen and BRES. We have already plan this trip since a month ago. We get to buy cheap plane's ticket because we booked early. It only took one hour to fly from kl to Langkawi. Wow, surprising. Never wonder that plane is moving so fast.. gotta praise to the science and technology.

In total, there were 9 people including me, who is going to langkawi for 4d3N . . Quinn is one of them and like he said in his blog, he had sacrificed many of his 'first time' to us.. one of them is his first time riding aeroplane.. lol. We arrived at Lcct terminal after one hour of bus ride. Ate our brunch at a food court while waiting for our flight time..

The sky is clear and sunny when we ride the plane. The pilot is good and skillful for our steady flight till Langkawi.

Once arrived at Langkawi, first thing to do is to hunt for cheap hotel and transport. After a long discussion and begging for lower price, finally we get to rent an MPV (toyota Innova) for rm300 for 4day and stay in Langkasuka hotel for Rm850 for 3 night. I had stayed in Langkasuka hotel for second time and undoubtly I will recommend others to try a stay at there. Its room is comfy and spacious. Own a private beach and good customer service. I am the driver along the trip, paiseh and sienz...

We check-in to our room without longer wait and get a little rest before moving out. Playing cards, watch tv, some going for swim and some get some sleep.

At night, we drive to Kuah town to hunt for foods. Kuah town is the biggest town in Langkawi. At first we thought to dine in some seafood restaurant. But the price is so choking high that it chase us away. Can you believe that even chicken cost rm3.50 per 100gram? It could easily end up rm50-60 for one dish of ordinary 'pak chan kai' / 'lemon chicken'... Gosh... don't mention about seafood.. you could guess it. Eating seafood in Kuah town is really expensive. So, we simply dine in some kopitiam. Just to fill up our empty stomach. Then we drove to jetty and have some photo-taking. Visit the large eagle statue during night.. lol. Back to our hotel quite late and ready for tomorrow 'island hopping' !

Island hopping, which cost rm250 per boat shared by 9 person. We had visited 3 island and it took about 4-5 hours. Well, it is a speed boat and the driver said that this boat could really cruise very fast. Neh, seriously it lose to Pangkor. Anyway, I enjoyed the sea wind and peaceful scenery.
Bee hair sibeh Yeng.. X0

The moutain look like a pregnant mom lying down.

First we had stopped by at an island called Dayang Bunting Marble. Inside this island, you need to travel a bit to reach a place which is famous for its large natural lake. Besides, there is another small lake which exhibit plenty of fishs.. which will really please to suck our feet. It felt itchy at first but once use to it, it feel so goood. Back to the large lake, this is no kidding.. the lake is so deep. It is about 10-15 meters deep. Even yao Ming can't touch the base with his leg.. lol. Neway, we (guys) who is naturally literated in swimming, going for a swim in this lake. Well, girls.... *cough* . . Anyway, at this island, we met a group of another tourist just like us, were hopping the island too... lol. Well, this group is all girls.. (salute). Frankly, I have spot a very cute girl in that group... woohoo... and get the opportunity to snap a photo with her.. *cough* in a big group sadly... wuwuwu..

According to them... this is father & mother for 7 Chasiew..

From left, Chasiew..Pork rib.... Pork belly... Pork satay... Pork chop... pork leg... and pork hand..

Just on top of Yeen. This girl cute neh..

haih.. finally finish crapping about the first island that we had visited.. let move on to the second island which is eagle feeding.. Erm, nothing special in particular, just watch plenty of eagles in variety of pattern catching fishs. Well, I guess coming to langkawi must at least get to watch some real eagle.

The last island.. which is nothing special in particular is mean for tourists to hang around and swim . The sea is consider clean compare to pangkor but I still don't like the salty taste.. yuck..But it is definitely easier to swim in sea water, because you could float easily and use less energy to swim.

After return from island hopping, we ate our lunch near water world. We didn't plan to visit that place due to its quality and fee. Last time when I went in, I really regret and heartache. The price we paid really not worth it. I don't see large shark, I don't see dolphin and many more exotic marine. And the 3d movie is plain suck ..

Though we have almost play water activity for half day, but we didn't feel enough yet. So we head to Pantai Cenang for more water game! and there is the real fun begin. We played banana boat and Parasailing... Woohoo.. fun. Especially the parasailing part. Never in my life I flew so high above the ground and enjoy the scenery from top . Fun fun fun ...

After the hectic water's activity, we back hotel and clean ourselve. Without wasting more time we straight away move out again and headed out to Kuah town. This time, we hunt for liquor for night's game. Due to Junyen recommendation, we bought one litre of plain vodka and pepsi. Some of us already stock up some chocolates.

We shop till 9pm plus and is time for dinner. This time, we are really going to eat seafood. From my experience, there is a restaurant called 'cocobeach' (last time), it changed and called 'cocomo' now.. Seafood feast over there was great and mouth-watering. So, I am highly recommends all of us dine over there. Erm. frankly speaking I am quite dissappointed with the foods over there. It has lost the quality.. not as good as last time.. anyway, it is still the top seafood restaurant in Langkawi(occording to local).

After dinner, we drive to Telaga Tujuh to watch the night view. Photo snapping awhile and we headed back to hotel.

Oyea, is time to try out the vodka we bought. 40% alcohol. We play snap in a big group and whoever lose will drink. Quinn is the first to down. Because this is his first time drank this time. His face and body has become so red and hot and finally quit. Esther is the second one to down. The fun thing is, in the snap game, whoever lose will normally keep losing till he/she down. Cause they get blurer and slower. One bottle of vodka is definitely not enough to make all of us drunk. Only few was down. Rachel is very dissappointed because she really want to drunk. Said that she never tried before. Haiz. Since the liquor is run out and nothing to do in particular + I am the driver, I need to sleep early to recharge my concentration.

The third day! Beeting, Junyen , Quinn and me were waking up pretty early at 7 am to eat breakfast buffet which is included in our package. While other were still indulge in their dream. At around 11am, is time to move out to our planned destination. 'Telaga tujuh'. This place is famous for its outstanding waterfall and super long stair.

Beeing behsong liao... Wear so nice, ask me to climb infinite stairs with monkeys accompanion?
I could see many are grunting for the long stairs... haha. They have no idea how long to hike the stairs despite that the end is no where to be seem until there saw this....

Holly cow .. we are only half way till the top. I don't know how other felt, but for me, once reach the top I am quite satisfied with the fresh air and cold water. The waterfall is so tall and the wind is so cold. Just one thng that spoiled my mood for second.. I get a nature call when reach the top. Toilet there was so filling dirty and nobody is bringing tissues with them. Great.. don feel like talk more about this.. don't ask me how I deal with those condition... argh.

After came down from telaga tujuh, is time again to fill our stomach. We went to nearest KFC and had our lunch there. Found a nice guy who willing to hold the camera for us.

Unfortunately the cable car is out of service. Aiya... so looking forward to ride that cable car. Anyway we headed to Kuah town again to bought souvenir and more liquors. This time, to ensure that everybody get their chance to drunk, we bought one vodka and one bacardi . . . bacardi is filled with 37% of alcohol.. Everyone was shop till drop. Tonnes chocolates and liquors.. Out of nine , there were 6 of us who bought DOME(a herbal liquor). Shop till crazy and drop. However, we still save some for our dinner. We back to the cocomo restaurant to dine. This time we order different stuffs. We order crabs and squids. The crabs is so meatless and I hardly chew on its flesh.. however, the squid is nice though. Well, we back to hotel early to start our 'night game'... lol..

Hey, out of my acknowledgement, Frank and few guys were planning to celebrate Shin Yeen birthday.. Just get to know this scenario at the very last minute. Yeen birthday is fall on 9/June but due to holiday and everyone is probably back to their hometown already.. so they plan to celebrate her be-ealiered birthday.. One thing for sure, Yeen would never expect this. Birthday celebration in one month advance? lol... Neway, I think she is touched by the efford from Frank, Rachel, Beeting, and esther . . Not easy to find a cake in Langkawi though..

Foo Shin Yeen
Happy Birtday =]

KK, so after we sang song and photo snapping, we start our night's game... weeee
Because the cake is 'not tasty' compare to secret recipe... no one willing to eat their piece.. no choice then, we play snap to decide who will eat the cake.. instead of drinking bicardi or vodka.. Guess that Quinn is very hungry that time despite that we just finish our dinner in cocomo... he keep on losing and end up finish 3/4 of the cakes! Thanks Quinny.

and so , we try our best to finish the liquours we bought. Esther do not drink this night. Because she is carrying the responsibility to take care of us.. she help us pour the liquor whole night.. we play snap, 'scissor rock cloth', 'five then fifteen' and many more... We play so crazy until we get complained by room next door. After few hours of games, quinn down... Junyen almost.. but he still could go on.. So we go on, shift our place to girl room... Then rachel down... finally, now she know what is drunk... beeting is next... Junyen 'sei chang'... he lean on my back while I am 'bok sat' with Frank, philip and Yeen..

Junyen : holim, I think I drunk d...

He tell me this.. well, how can a drunkman said himself drunk.. so I ignored him.. Suddenly, Junyen fall hard on the bed, like free fall.. Beeting who is asleep get shocked and woke...
Junyen down... Frank and I have to carry him to our room. Ok, 4 down, left Frank, Philip, Yeen and me playing with esther pouring liquor for us...

The game go on till Philip realise that he is getting drunk and he know his limit. He demand to stop and told us that don't allow him to play even he ask for it.. soon he slept.. which mean left Frank, Yeen and me... we keep on playing.. Finally, frank reach his limit. But he don stop. What happen after that, is really funny... but, I won't say more about this.. let it become a hilarious memory between us.. Neway, left me and Yeen... we decide to call it a day.. After Frank was slept, is my turn to sleep.. The time is around 5am when I sleep. So nice to sleep... the world is so peace when your head is so saturated with alcohol. But I din drunk yet k.. lol

The next day... Surprisingly I could get up on 9 am to eat breakfast. while other is still indulge in their dream. Frank and Philip woke at 12pm... and later on, we down to Kuah again to buy thing and eat lunch. And finally headed to airport. KL here we come.. From one troly , it become 3 troly when we return to KL.. lol

This trip to Langkawi .. hmm serious speaking, I don't enjoy it to my maximum .. some how, I felt like lake of something.. Neway, we have fully utilize the 4day 3 night in Langkawi. Wallet have large hole and this is sad...

PS: Just some advice from me.. try to avoid being a driver whenever you are on a trip to vocation especially Langkawi. Being a driver you get ain't rest when driving and you miss out all the fun chit-chatting at the back of the car. Haha, just don't be a driver... trust me..


Today is Sunday. . Happy Mother's day to all the mother !

Last Friday, I had came back form Langkawi. Well, blogging in progress. Stay tune

Monday, May 4, 2009


Final exam . . is over.

Yippee . .

eyes blink blink, that's all for my first year. Just in a short duration of my very first years, I have already experience things that is very drastic and dramatic.

The the list is too long to talk about.. I really wish to 100 % elaborate whatever experience I faced. Such as my first crush in Uni, my second and the list go-on. What I did, and when I felt, how I suffered from the impact, and etc... too much to talk about and it is indeed interesting. At least my life is not dull . A nice story to share in a 'share secret session'. But of course I can't write this in public though. Must care other's sensitivity as well. Haha

Well, for those 38, if wanna know more , find one day and have a nice chat with me.. lolx

I don't dare to say that I have gone through hell lot of things compare to other, but I must admit and proud that I really didn't waste my first year camping in my room and stick in a small gang of friends. Hey, who wanna compare your merit's point with me...Wakaka(Lanci) . .

Tenth coll.. one day I will blog about it.. briefly. My second home for one year.

Hey, today I going to langkawi.. weeee, don't envy la.. ei, I wan tell u hor,

I going by plane some more. . . wakaka.. wei, I not lanci ok.. neway going to

fly at 3pm... woohooo. My first holiday vocation.

Nice ah, this holiday, you can expect a lot of posts from me.. I got tonnes of thing wanna write..


Sara sis is leaving. Yesterday I purposely woke up early to eat her last set lunch. The chicken wrapped in pandan leaf is good. I have a good chat with Sara sis.. She said she want to continue, but the probability to get the contract is as slim as paper. Then I asked why she don't wanna fight for the contract through some respective body? She said,

'Things that own by force, would never happy'

This word penetrate deep into my mind.. It stop me from persuading her to fight for the contract.. what she said is true. Well, guess this is really the end of our destiny... wish you have a better luck await you.. bye bye..