Monday, May 4, 2009


Final exam . . is over.

Yippee . .

eyes blink blink, that's all for my first year. Just in a short duration of my very first years, I have already experience things that is very drastic and dramatic.

The the list is too long to talk about.. I really wish to 100 % elaborate whatever experience I faced. Such as my first crush in Uni, my second and the list go-on. What I did, and when I felt, how I suffered from the impact, and etc... too much to talk about and it is indeed interesting. At least my life is not dull . A nice story to share in a 'share secret session'. But of course I can't write this in public though. Must care other's sensitivity as well. Haha

Well, for those 38, if wanna know more , find one day and have a nice chat with me.. lolx

I don't dare to say that I have gone through hell lot of things compare to other, but I must admit and proud that I really didn't waste my first year camping in my room and stick in a small gang of friends. Hey, who wanna compare your merit's point with me...Wakaka(Lanci) . .

Tenth coll.. one day I will blog about it.. briefly. My second home for one year.

Hey, today I going to langkawi.. weeee, don't envy la.. ei, I wan tell u hor,

I going by plane some more. . . wakaka.. wei, I not lanci ok.. neway going to

fly at 3pm... woohooo. My first holiday vocation.

Nice ah, this holiday, you can expect a lot of posts from me.. I got tonnes of thing wanna write..


Sara sis is leaving. Yesterday I purposely woke up early to eat her last set lunch. The chicken wrapped in pandan leaf is good. I have a good chat with Sara sis.. She said she want to continue, but the probability to get the contract is as slim as paper. Then I asked why she don't wanna fight for the contract through some respective body? She said,

'Things that own by force, would never happy'

This word penetrate deep into my mind.. It stop me from persuading her to fight for the contract.. what she said is true. Well, guess this is really the end of our destiny... wish you have a better luck await you.. bye bye..

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