Friday, April 22, 2011

1 Funny Malaysia

1 Email Malaysia ...

Familiarize with this sentence?? Of course you do! If you are a facebook kaki

So, what you do you think of this ... Najib "thumb up" project ?

For me, it mean the time is right to fill up their pockets. This is so expected after they just won the recent Sarawak election. It has become a norm when BN won any of election, they will launch projects or price-hiking measures days after that.

This is not the worst compare to 100 MegaTower Malaysia. But why 1 Email Malaysia ???

For 50 Million WTF 0_o ?

I knew I am always prejudis toward BN and its government. So, I have tried to think of its advantages first before comes to its con. But everytime, it is so hard to fool myself that the advantages are making sense! Let me tell you why...

Advantage No 1 ?
Every Malaysian from age 18 and Above, will receive a free email from government.
Pro? Well, maybe government want to persuade the new generation of youngster to jump into informative era. But why take the trouble to create an email domain when there are tonnes of free email service out there for you to use? Furthermore, If the government would take the initiative to conduct survey on youngster and young adult, who on earth would not have an email account? If government claimed that there are still people without email account.. then why they do not have it?? No internet infrastruture at their place yet? then is this the right project that government should concern now ?

For god sake, If I am in workforce, I would have 1 email from Work, 1 email from Gmail, and 1 email from any email that is free ! So much email to handle already and now here come another email from government? How about people that live in urban area who do not have internet access ? And they still receive an 1email account from government eventhough they do not have the chance to use it.

Before government can take care of their basic infrastructure such as electric and internet access, they are already pushing for email already. Lim Guan Eng said that instead of 1email Malaysia, government should spend that money to provide free Wifi access to all which is very true and relevant ! If no internet why talk about email ?

Advantage No 2 ?

All the government agencies will use this email domain to send document such as income tax statement, epf statement and etc to the respective recipicient. And government will only be charge for 50cent per email sent.

Oh, here come the charging part. At first it sound great when that email domain can become a one-stop platform to receive governmnet documents. But, how many will use that?

There is 18Million of Malaysian who are eligible to receive this 1email shit. And how many of them know how to open their email ? how many of them have even internet access ? How many of them have computer ? How many of them still never know the computer term before ?

And all of them, will be assumed to some how know how to use this 1email to check the documents magically.

At the end, they will still go to government agency to have their statement printed which they claim casue them about Rm1 each although 50cent worth of email had been sent to their inbox.

Najib said that the reduction from Rm1 to Rm0.50 in document processing fees is great and will help government to save alot. Well Mr. Prime Minister... you are too stupid if you think paying 50cent for a virtual data is worthy. It is understandable that the process of document printing, envelop, stamps and then the postage fees are cost RM1 per letter issued, but 50cent for a virtual data which get sent to its recipient in one click time ?

Lol if it that costly to send an email... I think Gmail will be soooooo bankrupt by now... XD

Talk about security... pff....
Can you make sure that it as secure as Gmail and Hotmail ? And ensure that this 1email is not being watched by government ? How ironic when the best email provider in the world never charge a single CENT and this newly created email domain with unsure security issue will charged government 50cent per email.

Remember the 1Malaysia.... erm... facebook? forget already...
Another stupid government project they created and claimed that it will become another Malaysia largest social network. Hahahahaha ! Do you know how many time that website had been sabotaged and get DDOS attack? Now I do not even heard Najib bring this issue out to talk anymore. Lol, how sure Tricubes security can be when it is just another government cronnies company ?? Specifically, helm by Najib's younger brother.

Najib, it is either you are way too stupid..... or too smart to think such a way to fill your pocket.

Advantage 3 ?
This project is an initiative by private sector and no government money is involved.

Oh man, who on the earth will fork RM 50 million and expect no benefit from government even when their company is going to bankrupt ? Only retard will believe that. The ROI (Return of Investment) is damn high for this project. And it can even be achieved in a very short time. Imagine this coming labor day and Najib trying to show his fuck up concern by sending every 18million of Malaysian an greeting email ?

Woosh,, 9Million safely pocketed by Tricubes in less than one second. Just one click on the 'send to all' button... Imagine how much festivals we have in Malaysia ? Hahahaha

Actually, if Najib want to do everthing in email, very easy only.. just set up a website.. and asked the people who want to receive their future government statement via email to register their desire email in the website, be it Gmail, Hotmail or whatever free and secure email out there.

Cost ? lol ..... pretty sure it is cheaper than what the government is trying to do now by 100,000 times perhaps..


Here goes our hard earn income tax. Cheers =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


At last the heaviest storm had passed and I am able to see some ray from the sun penetrating the dark cloud.

Whatever hell happened, is gone.

Now I am comfortably caving in my room with air-con freezed up but doing my report. Well, after to what have been gone through, this feel like chicken feet =)

I have been abusing my body so badly lately. Due to unbearable tension and pressure of my study, I have been seriously kill my body inside out.

I ate uncontrolably all the time without watching my diet. Gosh, and I am developing an application for diabetes management ! How ironic.

My biological clock is totally mess up. I have sleep so less for the past few weeks and to do that, I drank god-know cup of coffees in order to deceive my mind and body. Now, I have to drank a serious amount of coffee in order to get the effect as I am immune to normal caffein dosage already.

I am totally aware of this abused all the while. But I choose to ignore for my study purpose. Now that the hellish period had passed and just some small fries to pawn, is time to make the thing right again.

First thing to tackle is, my body weight !

Above is me eating KFC one year ago.

And this, is me eating (always eat ><) at some cafe one month ago. Even me get shocked seeing myself in the photo XD. Haha.. no doubt that I have a serious weight issue to tackle.

So, I have set today April 15, 2011 as the date I begin my intensive weight lost mission called

SeiFeiHai => FeiLunHai

 Hahaha, I have successfully done it once during my first year. But the way I did is too stupid and highly condemned by all. So this time I will do it in a healthy way. 

Well, action speak louder than word and let see how determined I can be.
Too all fatso in the world who had been abusing their body just like me, good luck to you and myself.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

All I want right now

I just want to cave in my room with air-con on and play games all day long right now. Just this one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 3, 2011

I am on the midst of Hellish Weeks.

But I think I won't grunt about it here. It just make me more tired to think about it. This make me recall a lesson taught by a highly spiritual remarkable person.

A housewife is washing alot alot of plates after dinner. Hence she keep on grunting while washing the plate. She said:

"I have so much plates to wash right till I can't feel my hand anymore. I have to wash like this everyday since so many years ago. Argh !! Just thinking that tomorrow and day after tomorrow I still need to wash this enormous amount of plates. This is driving me Crazy !"

So the housewife complained. From the story, though the housewife is currently washing the plates, but she is actually washing yesterday plates and futures to come plates at the same time. And she have been washing that previous , current and future amount of plates everyday !!

haha, so what can you deduce from the story ?