Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Cho~2 . . . was special.

Cause I get to see something that was extraordinary in that particular morning...

Saw lion dance before ma ? Of course u do la...

But saw before 2 lion dance performing in one time? Normal right?

Then how about 4 lion dance in one time? This one a bit rare right ? Even in shopping complex they only use 2...

But if I say.. 8 LION DANCE performing in a shot? 8 lion dance in double storey terrace house.. Wow, this is really opened my eyes. Can you imagine that 8 lion dance in a medium sized house.. Wow.. awesome..

Too bad.. not my house. That is my cousin's house lor.. hahaha.

8 lion dances.. Starting already..
Went to my cousin's house at 8.30am and watched the lionssss dance . . Love their firecracker very much.. Saw before firecracker that has a size of thumb? Yes. They have it. It is so deafening loud. Syok~

After the show. Everyone get hungry and we move out to eat. Since it is cho~2, many hawker stall not yet operate yet. Mamak is our last option. Luckily a dimsum kopitiam already operated on that day. Lucky day^^ . Having mamak at Cho~2 is quite sad. However, things wont go easy for us. That place was so overly crowded by people. Every inch of tables were occupied and was still lot more people were booking seat.

Despite that we have a large number of people in our family. Small table won't do any trick. Have to wait for big table. Sadly, it was limited in quantity. Wait quite long and at last managed to get a good seat.

Eat till veryFull ! So long never eat dim sum already... siu mai.. babi usus tepung . . lo mai kai.. Nyam nyam...

People mountain people sea..

Back to house after that. Slack for entire noon and then went to cinema together to watch 'All Well End Well 2009'. Seriously... Highly recommended by holim. If you must choose red cliff II and this. Go watch this movie instead with your family.. I promise this will Laugh your Ass Out.. For my case... LMAO.. hahaha

That all for my cho~2.. No bai nian at that day.. hahaha. Actually should go to genting at cho~2 de.. But cho~1 already went. Hmm.. But slacking in house is kinda nice.. enjoying tv shows with cookies and gas-drinks accompaniment.. haha

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Cho~1

Hey everyone .. Wat'cha doin huh? Busy-ing bai nian? Stuffing yourselves with cookies, crackers, sweets and soft drinks? Packing stuff for vocation? Whatever that you all are doing right now. I hope that you all can truly enjoy ya... Happy Chinese New Year.

Today is cho~2 in Chinese lunar calendar. Huh . . today not as busy as yesterday . I get to enjoy my afternoon nap today. Since quite number of friends had wrote their blog despite that they are so busy with their day. So, I will too, jot down a little of my journey thoroughout my cho~1.. \(^_^ )/

Like every year. For me, the best day in CNY is on cho~1. On that day I will get up as early as I can and prepare myself a little before going down to living room to greet everybody ! Oya, I don't need to 'balik kampung' lo. Because my grandmother is live with us. Basically, all of my relative will come over to my house. Hahaha, I only need to book a seat in living room and ready my palm open to receive ang pao.. WAKAKA.

After a good breakfast in the morning. We start our first bai nian at my mother's family. (though tradition said that daughter's in law should only back to their family during cho~2.. But we never follow.. haha. We modern adi ma. )

Went there and greet anyone that we saw and eagerly preying their ang pao. Taste their cookies and drinks that we don't have it at home. And start to scan my mother's side relative daughter. Wao, year by year, some get prettier and some do not change at all. Some put one inch of powder on their face eventhough that they only age around 15? Wao... wat a beautiful world huh.

Get back to home and d**-ing for my bed.. sleep like no tomorrow till 7pm..

Then all of a sudden get waken up by my mom. She told us to prepare. We will going to genting tonight.. SWT. Blur blur... have a fast dinner and took a bath. And, GENTING HERE WE COME!

Arrive at genting around 9.30om. Parking is so difficult to find. There is a parking bay in a hotel resort. But it only allow genting's silver card and above to access. We do have a genting card too. But it is just a very ordinary card nia. Not even green colour lo. Wakaka. But parking is very hard to find at this time. Nevermind, my clever father give it a shot. Pretend that he don't know the requirement. He line up for his turn in a line of cars. User have to swipe his almigthy 'silver card and above' through a machine in order to access the parking. Okay, my father turn came. He try to swipe his card though he know that the metal's bar won't lift up. Haha, the guard came. My father give him a weird and confused look...

Ba : apasal tak boleh jalan har? Tengok, saya swap banyak kali o.

Guard : mari kasi saya tengok... ala, ini bukan silver card la boss.. tak boleh jalan punya.

Ba : aiya boss, ini macam ka, saya sudah nak upgrade punya. Surat pun dah bawa dah.

Many cars were waiting behind and turning back is almost impossible already.

Guard : Okay la, kasi you masuk la..

My mom and dad faster pack a rm5 note in a angpao and hand it over to the guard.

Ba : Nah, gong xi fa chai yea...

Guard : ooo, tq tq gong xi fa chai ^^

A smart attempt from my father. We manage to access the parking that only accessible by silver card and above holder with only rm5. However, even in a reserved parking bay will run out of parking during this peak day. We have kept rounding the floor for around 5 minutes. Then we saw two guard riding a bike. My father open the window and again he trying to mis-use the power of $$ wakakaka.

Ba : Tak ada parking la.. susah mao cari

Guards : Tak apa boss , mari ikut saya, saya tau mana ada

Ba : Okay, thank kiu yea

He brought us to a best parking place ever. We park our car under a hotel that could straight bring us to Safari/casino/archade center by lift.. Then my fathers 'lai si' them rm10 each.. hahaha. Money talk ..... hahahaha.

Car park worth rm25

Why are we going to genting? Because ..

My parents want to visit casino and sibling and me got nothing to do at home. Basically I am qualitfied to enter casino already. But it wont be fun to enter the casino without friends accompaniment. So, I plan to save my first time experience till we go to genting together in future. hehe.

Basically, we have little thing to do in genting. Despite that theme park had closed and we don't have rooms. We just could wandering around and enjoying the CNY decoration.

sakura's along the escalator

This make me recall some good memories

Eat .. is the best and ideal activity to do. We went to Hainan's Kopitiam. A chicken's rice and a milk shake already cost me rm25 . . (-_-) As expected in Genting. Then sibling and I were taking a walk in a garden and enjoying the cold winds and views. My brother came up with a crazy idea. He suggested that we should buy an ice-cream and enjoy it under the cold winds. Well, we did it. Eating Mc-flurry under 12 celcius. Luckily, still not yet sick. Just a stomachache at this morning.. haha

Hainan Kopitiam

Mc-flurry rulezz
Freezing cold.
Around 12 am++ My parents came out from casino and called us. We met up at Mc-Donald and have a chat there. My father did won a little . Hehe. . .

WE ARE GOING BACK, BYE BYE GENTING. On the way walking to car park. I walking behind my parents. They are holding their hands and swing a little while walking. I felt ..... kinda hard to describe this feeling. Maybe can say that I am feeling happy for them, or feel that I am lucky to have such a lovely parents, or can I say that I am envy with their strong bonding of love? They have married for 20 years+ Holding each other hand and walk like a young couple nowadays .. It is hard to achieve. So, ....................... what can I say.. Yesterday is truly a great day (^o^).

My little brother, sister, Ba and Ma

Thursday, January 22, 2009

See the larger picture....

Why should I stay in college next sem? I have been asking myself since in the early of January. From time to time, I have been changing my decision. Frank, Philip and Junyen always never fail to attempt brain-wash me. Well, almost every time after listening their talks. I will agreed with what they said. But, the weird thing is, after a day or two . . my heart will guides my mind back to my early decision. Which is, stay in college. Maybe this is what I want.

College life is fun! Seriously. It is fun because of the friends around. We are strong and invincible when we gathered. We are the happiest people in the world when we done some big deal-things together. Sadly..Next sem will be the different story. Changing is coming. For sure, college life would not be as fun as now.

Less friends to eat together..

Less friends to work out in gym..

Less friends to chit-chat in laman perindu..

Always bounded by college activity

But I know. I can't think like this. I must see far. There is a bigger picture to look around. Moving out from college is something that I seem is a fun thing to do. Moving to a new environment and no more disciplinary rule around. It is your world dude!

But, why am I still holding strong my stand ? To stay in coll...

One of them, is to repay senior's good deed...
Seniors have treated us well during our first year. Every junior's birthday, they have forked out their money to buy cake. Well, you might say. "We got pay what". But ask yourselves. Did everyone did pay the money ? So much birthday's have been celebrated and how many time you had forked out your money to share? You see, seniors are treating us so good. This is one of my reason to stay in college. To show my support to ten' coll CC ! Self-sellfishness is not a wrong thing. Not willing to carry the burden or not willing to pay back the debt are also not a wrong thing. Everyone has their own mindset and thought. I respect that... So, can't blame them.

I am pretty sure that I have secured a place in this college. Why would I let go this chances? I have done so many for this college. My merits points are pilling high. Now this is the time to redeem the paid off.

On the very first sem. I have been said to myself that I will become a facilator. Despite that I knew that as a trainee facilator, you will need to sacrifice half your holiday for this. And you won't get any benefit out of it. Why this stupid holim going to torture himself like that? Shouldn't that it is better for him to find a work during holiday and earn a sum of saving? Well, this is me. A person that don't know how to enjoy his life and always get himself in responsibility. But I learn a lot.

There is a chinese phrase . . 'wo pat yap dei yok, sui yap dei yok' (If I am not going to hell, who will go to the hell instead)? Some one must do the job. If not, the world will not be turning. For instance, if no one was willingly to stand up and offer himself to help Kenny? Can he win? Who will do the banner? who will help him distribute the manifesto? If everyone is folding their hand and trying to stay in their comfort zone.. then ............ I don't know too. Maybe nothing will change or it might disastrous. CC's need people to take care. For the sake of our future junior. We need Chinese Pm to ensure their equal treatment. Anywhere I'm glad that I am not the only one who will get down to the field and get my feet dirty.

One thing for sure... I am staying in college. And I will apply for facilator's interview.

Life in the campus is once in the life time. Staying in the campus and enjoying every happy and bitter moment are one of the great stuffs to enjoy. Staying in campus is a great place to learn many valuable experience... I learn a lot. Life in Uni is not just about completing assignment and score high mark. It is the only time for us to know different kind of friends and get experiences. I dare not to say that by staying out from Uni it will prohibited anyone from getting all this.. But for sure, it will be very difficult. Your world are getting smaller. Once you get out to work. All of this will be history. No return already. I am regret that during my secondary life, I involved so little in anything. It turn up that I am very ordinary.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The world is back to normal.

Election was over guys ..

Cheers !

This year, we have witnessed a drastically change in our campus history. The unexpected victory by Pro-M has make everyone drop their jaws. Gerakan is losing big this year. However, That is none of my business to worry about. My business is done. My aim is to help Kenny to win the seat. And I have achieved it. A *clap* for myself and my fellow team-mate.

Well, though I have lose myself during the election period, I am still happy with the result that Kenny had secure the seat in our fact. Well, well, well... My job is officially done. And for you Kenny. It is a new starting for you. Believe in yourselves that you could make at least a slight changes in our faculty. (^.^).

I learn a lot in this period of time. I see a lot stuffs happening around. And I am too, involved in the era that witnessed a drastic change in UM's politic. All of this is a valuable memory and knowledge. How would our UM going to change under this new party? I'm looking forward for this.

Be glad that all of us can become the witness of this new era of UM . . stay tune..

ps : Kenny~ar .. I am waiting ur treat. . . wakakakakaka

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My post mortem...

The more I expose myself beyond my comfort zone. The more I know about myself. Human is a mysterious species. They always seeking who they are actually. For those that always stay inside their comfort zone and never motivated themselves to initial their first step. They will never learn about their true behavior, mentality, and friends around them. Get out from your comfort zone and try to survive in a extreme condition, then you will discover a lot of stuffs that you are unable to see last time. You will learn your limit, mentality and the true attitude of your friends around you.

What have I discovered in myself? In my comfort zone, I am just a normal people. Nothing special actually. A guy that wish for less work and more free time to hang around. Hate assignment and hate to bound by responsibility. But when I managed to step outside from my comfort zone and starting to work in an extreme condition. My mentality changed. I found that I have a over-seriousness issue . When I get bounded by a great responsibility, 'TTK' for example, I will work myself out to complete my task. Eventhough it will sacrifice my study and health. I could just don't sleep forever till I free myself from my responsibility. Despite of that I fear about other people discomfortable with tasks, I would try to minimize the human power and done it myself if I could handle it alone. From this, I discover 2 thing. I am a highly efficient people that will put my 100% heart in my task. 2nd, I am overly sensitive about others feeling. I always afraid of others 'beh song' feeling. I afraid that I am disturbing them and always think that other wont be as serious as me. That why, I always try to done thing alone and end up I used up every inch of my body's stamina. This is why I scared of responsibility. Not because I afraid of troublesome and lazy. I am afraid of my over-seriousness will eat myself up at the end.

Recently there is an election going on. Tomorrow will be the election day. I am involved in this stuff. Hell break loose, I am bounded by a great responsibility. Again, my fire in my heart was blazing huge. The over-serious Holim has pop again. I could ignore my study and my tiredness to complete my task. But this time, I am not happy. I am down. Though at PTCC that time, I work like a bull and even more extreme than this time. But I am happy. For every inch of effort that I have poured, it is worth. I am happy with the result I get. The PTCC is so successful till it make me forget about my tiredness.

But this time, I am not happy. My effort is not worthy. I am very regret. This stuffs, is not deserve my efforts. But I won't comment more on this. Not all bad actually. I see new things, know a lot of friends and ultimately, I know what i want. I want to become the lord. If I can't, I will only serve the greatest lord.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Blog gonna update soon after this upcoming election.. I have alot of story to share with you guys. But due to the existing restriction that don't allow me to comment more about this stuff before the election end. I will have to postpone my blog-update till next week.. Stay tune..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Enjoyable yet troublesome Night (@_@)

Today is my first attended lecture class in this year. Ethnic relation. I thought that the lecture will be super-duper boring like our previous Titas's lecture. Must be some malay's ah-so or ah-pek will come in and start mumbling about their long-long-ago history and their personal matter. And then release us early due to their personal reason. But I am seriously surprised that our lecturer for this course is eventually a Chinese lady. She is quite talkative and carried a positive mind and a great vision. Our class seem lively and I didn't dose off. Waw! *Pinch myself.. Ouch! it hurt.. unbelievable..*

After class, with frank, fei and edmunt companiment, we headed to gym to work out. Frank wanted to upgrade his chest to a higher 'cup' level and I wanted to force my abdo-packs come out from my all-in-one stomach.. hahahaha. Later at night, which I have a very interesting story to share with u all. Enjoyable yet troublesome night. Stay tune.....

Around 8.00pm, Frank, Fei, Esther and me were going to Setapak to buy Frank's medicine and then yamcha with Beeting. None of us know how to go to Setapak. With Frank's bro rough guidance, Ah Fei as Frank's navigator / Gps, had manage to guide frank to the destination. Then, You must be figuring out, What the heck were holim doing? Ok, I admit. I am a road-blind and can't really help to guide the way.I either shut up or talk crapz all the way to Setapak.. As a consequences, Frank teasing me all the way till Setapak. Wuwuwu. But but, don't think that I am 'fai chai ok'. I am prove to be very useful at the end. Serious.

When Frank had reached Setapak, the first destination that he stopped by is a pharmacy to purchase his meds. Due to the difficulty to find a parking place, Frank has to 'double-parking his car' and blocked few vehicles over there. In thought that he will be right back very soon, we were happily sit inside the car and have some chit-chatting. Hell break lose, "Tio lottery also not so easy kena knn". One of the cars that Frank's car had blocked, wanted to move adi. What the big deal? "Just drive the car away la... lolx.."
Swt, the big deal is . . . . . all the people in the car , DO-NOT-KNOW-HOW-TO-DRIVE-A-MANUAL-CAR-BLOODY-HELLLLLL!!!!!! the situation turn out gross. You see me and I see you.. and together we see the angry-unpatient-driver and then see back the manual gear. Fcuk. Frank ler??? Haha, the VERY-THE-MAN-HOLIM offered himself to take over the driver seat! Let me picture to you about how the surrounding inside the car look like.

Holim: "Okay, okay, I lai drive.. hope frank don kill me"

Fei: "Okay, okay. . lai lai.."

Esther: Screaminggggggggggg~~~

Holim: "Ok, hit the bloody clutch and switch to R-gear, and slowly release the clutch.."
The car move backward slowly.. .. and then chocked, engine died... *Mind you, the screaming is still continue... never seem the end of it...*

Holim: "Diu, start back the engine.. ok again... Ok, now switch to gear-1..... "

Fei: "Ei, I think u silap masuk la.... "

Holim: Yameh.. ok hit the bloody clutch and push that stick again.. "

Esther: Screamingggggggggg~~~~
The car start to move infront... and then engine died for second time...

Holim: "Fcuk..." start the engine immediately and have a fast glimse at the waiting driver.. Seem like he gonna open his bonet and pull out his parang dao adi... "Okay okay, the car is moving nicely and slowly to infront.."
The car had move to my desirable position and ...

Fei: Okay, okay. . . can liao, behind car can out liao.. stop"
Mission accomplished and the screaming stop.. What a good skill from Holim the driver , ah fei the advisor , and Esther the screamer who succesfully tensed up the surrounding.. plus all together, we save the world ! Hiargh.. ! \(^0^)/

Frank came back without realising his car had been moved till we told him what had happened. He is speechless.. haha. Fetched Beeting and together we enjoy our yamcha at a cafe called cola cafe.. We ordered different kind of drinks and some foods to bite.
The cola cafe

For get wat drink adi..
winter-grassland gua..

Blue ocean..gua
Manggo.. something

Super awful.. Coke yogurt.. and hell yea.. that is my drink neway..

They has a live band over there. One singer and one pianist were allocated over there to live up the surrounding. We were so troublesome and not gonna make the singer to end his working day easily, ngek ngek ngek... We had requested them to sing some high-level songs such as 'Im Yours' and 'Zombie' . . Surprisingly, he did very well ! Beeting seem like crazy about that singer already.. This place is great. Though the foods and drinks are quite over-priced, but they do not include taxes.. great!

The live band

Around 12am. . We ended our yamcha. Okay, the enjoyable night had passed, and now is the troublesome part. As we reached UM, and entered through Kl gate. Frank had stopped by the guard over there. Because his car do not have sticker pasted on it. So, with the same-old-lame excuses. "Saya mau hantar orang masuk", Frank failed to pass through the gate ... without handed out his identical card for exhange for a entry pass. That mean, Frank's car cannot stay inside coll for tonight. So, the brilliant me, proved to be useful in the end. BECAUSE, I have a sister lived outside Um and owned a car which had a STICKER .... I suggested that franks park his car at my Sister's area, and I will borrow her car and drive both of us back to coll. So, he agreed. Thanks to my sis who are willing to woke up in the middle of her sleep to help me out.. We did according to the plan.. Park Frank's car outside of my Sis's apartment and together we back to coll with me driving Kelisa.. With the ALMIGHTY-STICKER.. The guard seem to bow and knee down as they saw mine powerful ALMIGHTY-STICKER on my car *such a good metafora*..We pass through the Kl gate with flying colour.. Just as easy as piss beeting off... So, back to coll with sleepy condition. And have to get up early to fetch my sister back to home tomorrow. And also fetch Frank to get his car back.. haha

Ps: Frank ah. . . You always laugh me don't know how to drive manual car.. Now I can lanc u back liao.. At the end.. You ma still need me the pro-auto driver to save you.. wakaka ...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First day of 2009

For some sort of reason, I had dedicated myself to wake up as early as 7am today to jog around UM. My first jog in this year. How unbelievable. Hahaha. Well, as expected*lanc-ing*, I am doing good in my jogging today. Complete my jog-around-UM mission in 45minutes. Thx to a cute little-keychain-watched which was a gift from Yiyen during Christmas, I managed to record the duration I need to complete my jog. Wow, Yesterday did gym, and today jogging pulak. I am so proud of myself *lcly adi*... wakaka. But later at night,which you will know later, had turn my efford to a complete pile of shits! (-_-").

Leave that for later. 10am, is the time when my parents will reach my coll and fetch me along to a destination called Thean Hou Temple. Every year at 1st of Jan, my family will pray over there. This year is not exception. Nothing much had changed. Still the same temple as I saw every year. I did some prayer over there and wish for lotsa stuffs. Such as I wish to excel in study la, family member all healthy la, become more handsome la*zzzzzz*, less fat and fit-er la, and wish for a good girl friend in future...(=_=") dont laugh k. I had picked an auspicious lot which had lightened up my day. Wow, I am fired up and ready for my future undertaking.. hehe.

Having my brunch at Thean Hou Temple before back to home. It is a vegetarian in buffet style. Which was remain the same for every year. Quite satisfied for my brunch and their foods were tasted like meat eventually. Very professional indeed. Back to home afterward and have a good afternoon nap.
My first dinner on this year! Was so superb and FATTENNING. Haha, the killer of my effords. Sayonara to my gym work out and 45minutes of jog-around-UM efford. (-_-").
Deep fried prawn
Pork *this one really jia lat*

Fish from Frank's hometown
and last but not the least, a mountain of rice
Back to UM at 10pm. . . What a great 1st of Jan.