Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The world is back to normal.

Election was over guys ..

Cheers !

This year, we have witnessed a drastically change in our campus history. The unexpected victory by Pro-M has make everyone drop their jaws. Gerakan is losing big this year. However, That is none of my business to worry about. My business is done. My aim is to help Kenny to win the seat. And I have achieved it. A *clap* for myself and my fellow team-mate.

Well, though I have lose myself during the election period, I am still happy with the result that Kenny had secure the seat in our fact. Well, well, well... My job is officially done. And for you Kenny. It is a new starting for you. Believe in yourselves that you could make at least a slight changes in our faculty. (^.^).

I learn a lot in this period of time. I see a lot stuffs happening around. And I am too, involved in the era that witnessed a drastic change in UM's politic. All of this is a valuable memory and knowledge. How would our UM going to change under this new party? I'm looking forward for this.

Be glad that all of us can become the witness of this new era of UM . . stay tune..

ps : Kenny~ar .. I am waiting ur treat. . . wakakakakaka


Carlson said...

Hmm... Eventhough I'm in UM as well, but do not notice much changes n all de shocking news...
So, waiting for another gathering to hear ur story... Haha...

holim said...

Sure dude, I got lotsa to tell .. hahahaha : )