Thursday, February 11, 2010

Telescope . . but not magnifier glass

Human's heart is fragile. It get hurt so easy and produce a sense of pain which is more tortured than a cut on flesh.


It can have a magnificent rate of recovery. It takes seconds to days for those that is strong, and years for those that is weak.

In order to recover fast, we must recognize our right track of life. Right track of life is where our happy heart live. When we sad, we strayed from the track. As we allow ourselves to fall deeper into the sorrow of sadness, we had stray even further. When the hammer of conscious finally hit our thick skull, only then we realized that we have done a big mistake. But, eventually we will back to the right path, however time is wasted and we had neglected to those that love us.

Worth it ?

From this, I wish we could have a insight of telescope, but not a magnifier glass.

We have a good life ! You all know it.

Often, we use to break down for such a tiny thing, which is not significant in our life. Especially in relationship. When one get reject, one get break-up, one knew their love one be with others..

breakdown happen. The heart is pain... aching in a very unique way.

Well, it should be ache ! must be! If not, we are not human..

But, we should learn the limit. If we see things with magnifier glass, you will see none other than the problem itself. The one care for you, your happy life, career and plenty of stuffs are out of your sight. You could not move on and get stucked on the same phase of life until it was too late.

I am trying to see far enough through the insight as telescope. The little obstacle that I have faced, some time will ache my heart. But it recover soon enough, after I zoom out from my sadness and see the bigger picture.

I saw my caring family and exciting life awaiting me. My heart recover in no time because it get back to the right track.


Need not to say more, how strong is your heart? is depend on how you think.

ps : To some one, to be able to heal in just one night... you are my idol =)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sit down, see around

Both of my parents are still alive and kicking

My mom was a full time housewife and a good cook. She is healthy and is a good friend of mine.

My father is still capable to work and earn enough to feed us. More than enough I suppose.

I live in a big family of 10+ in total. It is so lively everyday and the living hall is never silent.

My family of 5, already possess 4 cars.

I have two loyal dogs which safeguard my house 24/7.

I have no worry in $$, my mom always pump me money till I resist ! stupid hor.. haha

I have 2 pair of branded shoes, one good laptop

My room have air-cond (1.5hp), large tv, PS2, PSP, DVD players.

On top of that, which is the best thing my house have, is having a cute grandma which is still kicking at the age of 80++, watching astro without knowing what they said (her hearing not good), she will deduce the story from the image she saw.. haha, sometime it is very funny when she told her version of story. She always give me some pocket money when was back to uni.. Rm5 every time. Although it might seem not significant, but this money is so valuable and meaningful. Sometime, she will ask me to go to grocery shop to buy some daily use, (sugar, salt etc), not that my house have shortage of those, my grandma is just finding a reason to award us pocket money... haha, some time, when the goods is cost around rm2, she will award me rm5 as tips.. lolx
When I was still small, my younger brother and I always compete to help our grandma. Good way to finance our card's game hobby.. XD
Well, my grandma is still the same now... lolx, though we already teenagers, we are still kids in her eyes.

I came to realize all of this, after having conversation with a friend of mine. I am disgrace and shameful when comparing my condition with her. Despite that she was brought up from a harsh condition, she still could show the world her happy-go-lucky face. Indeed my life is soooo goooood. But I never came to really stop awhile, and appreciate it. All of this luxury I having, is came from my father, as he is the sole bread winner for my family. My friend asked, won't your father burdened by all this expenditure? Paying loan for cars, petrol and road tax etc ?

I felt like, sloping down into a swamp of shits and poops. I never asked my father did he tired and burdened from all this expenditure. My incredible father.. how can he manage to feed us all the while without us knowing how hard he earn? I never worry about the $$, they keep on pumping me $$ without me asking them. I only recall his last time salary which around rm3k plus per month, but that was like few years back. Now, I have no clue how much he is earning. Spending his money carefreely ~~ haiz

Finally, I get to stop awhile, and jot down all the goodies I have and how wonderful my life is.
In fact, my life is worth to be envy by others, even by those millionaire or those spoiled brat at sunway / taylor college. Because, it is not about money alone, it is how a family was made to stand !

What say you ? Envy of my life ?