Saturday, November 20, 2010


My internship is going to meet it end, real soon. And hence, end my 6 months of pre-working life.

Hence, end of car-poolship with 4 friends of mine.

Hence, end of 10 minute morning walk to work

Hence, end of cheap lunch at cheap floor together

and hence, end of a lots of tiny things that we seldom notice.

Whatever it is, I am truly enjoy whatever that happened in past 6 months. My life had been treating me so good all this while. If this is a blessing from God, then I wanna say, Thanks You from my heart. Thanks for arranging 3 fine ladies as my lunch partner, dinner partner, and morning walk partner. When my colleague who had been working beside me for the past 4 months had left, Frank joined the boat and kept me from doing thing alone.

There was once time, I boast about how lucky am I for having 3 fine ladies car-pooling with me. A friend of mine assure me that I won't think like that after 2-3 months later. But I want to prove him wrong. I am having fun and honor for being their driver. To the extend that I will be disappointed  if anyone of them not following my car. And to the extend that, I do not need their share in petrol money, they still insist to pay me anyway.

Whatever it is, is all past.
Lets kept it as fun memory, and start looking forward. One thing for sure, I am IN NEED of meeting new faces. This past 6 months, had been slowly poisoning my mind. As if my world had only few girls and handful of friends. Not that it is not good. This is good ! But bad in certain way.

I need to meet new faces. It is difficult, but I know it is the best for me. Eagerly waiting for new Sem to start.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I-City 2010

I am back !
And this time I have come back with photos to share !! Haha

As title above, I have been to I-City

I have heard about I-City so often and it was like whole world had went there except me. Last time, I think that no point going there without a good camera. I don't want to just simply take out my phone and snap some dark blurry picture out of it.

Seriously, If you aren't going there as dating couple nor a photographer, then I would like to advise you to do other better stuff. Even hang out at Mamak alone will be better. Cause it will mean boring to you unless you like colorful lights hanging on trees. Not to mention that it is quite crowded.

Never thought that it have entry charge ! It cost 2 dollar per pax and 10 dollar per car. So, if you are going there by car, make sure you load it up with maximum or more than that to show your kiasu-ness !

I always wanted to shoot nice night scenery after getting my 4K.  

And this is really frust me up.  Shooting night scenery is one thing, shooting people portrait is another thing too, but when this two element were to combine, I get frustrated.

At first, I tried to shoot it without the help of flash, as built-in-flash might be disastrous without correct setting. So when my portrait get a nicely sufficient light, then the background get over-exposed. When the background is nicely exposed, the portrait is too dark.

I am using 'master mode' all the way. Cause I just do not trust the P , A , T mode. Hence a lot of photos is not usable and end up in recycle bin. Of course, out of so many shots, there will be some usable photos,

Later on, I knew flash is a must if I want to blend both people and background together nicely.

But, with just the built-in-flash alone, most of the photos turn out unusable too. Except few.

Earlier I had made an DIY diffuser using a film container, but it get lost when I arrived at I-city. Haha. Seriously, thee add-on of diffuser really doing a very great job on skin color. It disperse and soften the light nicely.

 I borrowed it from my friend who also DIY his diffuser and snap a photo of his girl friend. Haiz, a little sad for losing my diffuser.

Anyway, I-City has a great view and like my friend said, it is a city of bokeh-licious. But, I am not that good in bokeh yet, so...

But I kinda like this photo though. A soft bokeh on the background. So, we hang around there until 12am something and finally decide to call it a day. Like I said, this place is good for photographer and dating couple. If you do not fall into that category. Then you might never want to return to this place again.

I would like to return to this place again. With diffuser this time !