Thursday, November 10, 2011

Financial Freedom II ?

Few second ago, I saw a picture from Facebook. Most of the people take it as good joke. But for me, I saw the reality.

From the picture, you can see people from all kind of life. Starting from the right is a young adult probably just stepped into working world and decided to buy a car, thus borrowing $8,0000+ loan from bank.

And we then along the way we saw all sort people having loan from bank too either maybe for business expansion, house loan or credit card debt.

And it seem, The beggar who is obviously not eligible for loan, is having a Net Worth More than everyone else.

You can start to laugh on this picture but if you start to think deeply and look around your families. You will start seeing yourself and your families inside this picture.

Me for example, before going out to work, already having RM21,000 debt with bank and now hoping for another loan extension to be approved. But the cash in my bank is not even half of that and I have no assets that is worthy. So, my net worth is -VE.

It is true that any beggar on the street have higher net worth than me.

So, I told myself that my net worth will be +ve as soon I found a good paying job and start working my ass off. But, when the time came when I am about to pay off my study loan, I will start thinking of changing my car as my car will be so old by then, or maybe over swiped my credit card on my camera accessories.

Means, more debt to pay. And bank will become a very happy man taking my hard earning money.

Question is, when is the time I could fully paid my loan and start enjoying 100% of my salary ? I not even dare to start thinking about financial freedom yet. After I see my father, who still in-debt with bank for another 17 years to come even at the age of near retirement. I start to get tired even before stepping in my father shoes.

So, after realizing all of this thing... I knew I must find a way out of this Rat Race.

Financial Freedom I ?

One Week ago, I had read upon a book written by Robert Kiyosaki.

It was interesting and managed to almost finish it in a day. But I left few pages more for the next day cause I was sleepy that time.

This book really gave me a big slap on my brain-face and it made me  to start thinking of my future.

Ever heard of financial freedom ?

LOL, on first thought it sound like someone got so broke that he owned not a single dime.

Haha, but really, it mean one have achieve a level of life that enable him to stop working for money and have totally no worry about his financial status.

But who really know how to achieve that ?

I have been thinking of this for a time and I have google for the solution and had been asking opinion on people senior than me like my uncle.

I had enlightened a lot but it is not enough as still do not get the answer I want. The journey of answer seeking will continue and I shall share my finding with all of you.

meanwhile, bye.

Monday, November 7, 2011

An English Name

Feel like naming myself an English name.

Actually have this thought in mind for a long time but just don't know where to start. Having an English name will be easier for people to remember my name upon first introduction.

Often I have to repeat my name twice every time I met new people. Though people will soon familiar with my name but without doubt it is hard to memorize at first.

Hence, before I start stepping out to work or ending myself in new environment and meeting new people, I guess I would need to make up my mind to start using an English name.

How Jonathan sound ?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

USA or New Zealand ?

Recently I have put a lot of attention in this Work & Travel program that I believe is pretty popular among varsities students.

Taking off few months at oversea before jumping yourself fully in your career and enjoy a free life on a stranger land.

I have never went to New Zealand but its amusing tales had reached my ear all the while. I always wanted to try to live in a place where its scenery was like story-tales. Too beautiful to be described by words.

Hence my chances are here. I am glad that Work & Travel program got covered New Zealand region too. So, being a little afraid of going alone, I start to recruit friends.

And most of em are prefer to USA and if not, not interested at all. Some say, New Zealand is too small and some say USA have more place to travel.

What they say is correct. New Zealand is a country that have it size almost equivalent to Malaysia. Perhaps its attraction spot is far lesser than USA.

But my heart tell me to go for New Zealand. As the tales I heard from people came back from New Zealand were so fantastic and I could truly see their agitated emotion when describing their journey.

For that, I knew it is not USA but New Zealand that I would like to set my foot for months. It is okay that it is a small country which lack of technology advancement. I just want to live once in a place that truly preserved their environment and drank the freshest milk in the world right there.