Friday, March 20, 2015

3rd Years In The Rat Race

Yesterday marked my 3rd working years which was also my 3rd years with Mesiniga Berhad. Times sure fly when I noticed that my last post is dated more than a year ago.

Needless to guess, things changed and I changed too. Be it better or worse, here am I, finally found some time, space and heart to ink some memory here. I am waiting for the terrible traffic of KL to subdue actually, at Bursa Malaysia my biggest and most important client.

By the way, I was officialy aged 27. Just 3 years shy away from the number you know what.

As said, I am still with Mesiniaga Berhad. If you do remember or have been following my previous posts, I am working on a big project on Bursa Malaysia and was very hype and passionate about it. I can assure you, it was as dramatic as how it was written in reality. So, how am I now after all those hypes and drama?

All I can say is, I am glad that I chose to endure all those challenges and the rewards are sweet.

I got 2 major increments on my paycheck at 27% and 50% respectively which makes my salary now double of the amount I get when I joined the company. I got to personally meet my company COO when my General Manager lobbied me to him for my outstanding performance on the project. This is where I got my biggest increment. I got promoted to System Analyst and entruted to lead a big module with full trust from the customer and management. And I got selected as one of my company 50 top talent, and will be polished for future management role.

I am glad that I could get this far in just 3 years.

As a matter of fact, the stepping stone that molded me into what I am today, is a mentor of mine which is also my collegue. He was the one who hard sell me to the management when I am still a nobody in Mesiniaga, nurtured me and finally gave a big opportunity to prove myself.

All nights will come to an end and sunshine will always appear no matter what. True enough, when one managed to survive the ordeals, good things will always come at the end.

Guys, my intention is not to flash my "trophies" to the world though it seem like it. I just need a place to pour my happiness and hypes so that I can revisit this feeling in the future when I came across this archive. When comes to works, things become secretive and complicated. I can't be sharing all this to my colleagues. Hence allow me to do it here.

Will try to update more next time...