Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do you want, a Time Machine ?

It was a Sunday night, and because I am taking a day leave tomorrow I have decided to sleep late today. All TV shows were boring and there is not much updates from social media perhaps because it was a moody Sunday night.

Therefore, I went through my assorted photo collections that were captured via my SLR. I am particularly hyped and excited when going through photo collections of my Uni Time. Especially those mini-traveling moment with my close friends.

I have went through all of those photos.

I laughed alone in my room. All the fun memories were flashing back one by one as it felt like just happened yesterday. Out of hyped, I quickly threw out few comments on a FB group chat in hope I would spread my excitement around. However, the result was not a good one.

And I am finally brought back again to harsh reality. Those good times were a past.

And I understand that. I am always a person that could accept facts and reality. But I am too, a person that would sometime revisit my past memories for a good-o-laugh.

There were more than a time, when I am lying flat on my bed with eyes closed while waiting my brain to pass out. I hope for a chance to revisit my past and to relive it again.

Maybe via a Time Machine.

So, before my brain pass out on me, I could usually imagining a story that will be started mostly from my secondary school time till..... I forget cause I have finally slept.

But most of those imaginary story, is to revisit those good time and how to make it more perfect. That's is the key of whole point. Make it a perfect storyline.

But today, when I was trying to have another round of imaginary time machine before I felt asleep, it does not go as smooth as previous. Something just popped in my mind.

It was a simple question.

A question that sound like "Are you sure if you are able to relive your past, would you be able to produce and re-experience all of those sweet memories?"

That is when my mind started to wander for quite a time. And I have decided to spring out from my bed to blog this down.

At his point of time, if somehow a time machine appears in front of me. And this machine would have setting for me to decide what date I would like this world to reverse and with a push of button, everyone of this earth would relive the past once again.

But me would have an exception, which is my current memories would not be wiped out. Which mean I will be aware that I am reliving the past.

So, would I push the button or not?

An hour back, I would definitely push it without due consideration. But now,

No Thanks.

The reason is, I have no confident and believe that I could re-experience those sweet memories and nostalgia again. It would impossible or just too hard.

Imagine I chose to start relive my 1st year in UM. What would I do?

I know what I will do, and for sure it will not be the same actions that I have took originally. I would be more outstanding and avoiding mistakes that I have done. For obvious reason, I do not think I would be fooled enough to revisit painful experiences.

And because of all those actions that I am actually over-writing my past. Would change everything in my future. Ho Lim would not be the same anymore.

With such a strayed course, there is no point of revisit the past anymore because it has defeat the initial intention of doing so.

Most probably I would have joined different gang of friends and would not be as fun as the friend I have now. Or maybe I would be tied up in a relationship early, and my entire 3 years of Uni Life, are just memories of me and her.

And maybe because of that, all of my close-friends today might become just a hi-bye friends in the future.

I would probably break-up and end up have nothing but numbers of hi-bye friends.

Now, when my common sense kick in. I am sure relive the past is not a good idea. And just like watching a damn good movie. No matter how good it was, it will never feel that good when you planned to watch it for 2nd time onward.

And because of that, instead of missing my past memories. I would appreciate and thanks for it had happened in my life.

And I do not need to relive it because it must be a perfect actions that I have took. I have no regret.

So friends, would you push the button on that Time Machine ?