Friday, December 9, 2011

Filling in my void period

For weeks, I had left my blog untouched, which is an indication that final of everything is rolling near.

I just came back from a mid night movie, watching "You are Apple of My Eyes".
And it was my second time watching it.

Some people might think I am over exaggerate about this movie.

After my first time watching it with my friends, almost all of them will said the similar thing.

" I am so miss my high school life, it really make my memory flashing back all the sweet and sour incident" said by Tom, Dick and Harry

Actually I was about to blog about this movie after my first time watching it because it was so nice. But I did not. Actually I want to write about how nostalgia and how I miss my high school life because of this movie and experiences that were similar.

My feeling was pumping like mad and so excited to blog about it. But......

Nothing came out as I could hardly memorize anything or find any similarity in my high school life with how the movie portray it should be.

For me, it was like a void period that I could hardly remember anything particular. In other word, it is darn boring.

But I do really love this movie. Because this movie tells me how exciting to be in high school.

After watching this movie, I am dead envy with the movie's hero as well as silently falling in love with the heroin. And of course, it had beautifully filling in my missing puzzle in high school.

So, High school life should be like that ya.

It is my deepest regret that I could not read in Chinese. Because if I could read Chinese, I will love to start collecting Gidden novel and especially "You are Apple of My Eyes" novel and read it up once more.

Anyway, few more weeks to go and I will be leaving my tertiary education. I am glad that my Uni Life is so memorable especially my first year and second year which will follow me till my death bed.

Some time I kinda rush in certain aspect during my Uni Life. Perhaps it is because I hope to fill in my missing puzzle during the void period.