Monday, June 18, 2012

Today is my third time bringing money back to home =D

3 months has passed, just like that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What the Rich Know, and Poor Don't

    Human is capable of creating an environment for themselves. We as a human could
change the environment to our liking. If human desire an environment where we need no
city or technology, and we are happy to live and share the nature habitat with fellow animals, then that
is the environment for most the human being will live in today.

    But today, history prove that human have desire, greed and ambition. They do not
satisfy just to live in an environment provided naturally by nature. Human is the one who
is capable to mold the environment to suit them.

    The way we live in this world today, is totally engineered by human. Gold, silver,
petroleum, and some paper called money are all made from earthly material. It already
exists for billion years. It is the human that put the 'value' in those cold dead material,and
make the whole world fighting for it.

    People getting up to work, and paying all the bills and loans are also engineered
by human. The 80 20 rules is also created by human. The way our world / environment is
engineered today, is according to this 80/20 principal. Where it is designed in such
a way 80 percent of human will work for 20 percent of human. where only 5 percent of the
human will be successful and controlling 90 percent of the world wealth.

    It is definitely not act of nature. It is human who design the environment. And
majority of people like you and me, just play by the rule. The education system is fix
up. On surface, school is to educate people so that they could read and write. But there
is a far beyond bigger purpose of that.

    Schools, colleges and University are created with the purpose to pump in unlimited
supplies of labors into corporation. The rich and successful, understand very well the formula of
making money. their understanding of the way to create wealth is totally opposite of
what the labors/students understanding.

    The rich believe in time leveraging. The knew high education and qualification is not
the answer. They do not need to be as smart as lawyer, they just need to hire a smart lawyer.
They do not need to good in calculation, they just need to hire the best accountant in town.
They do not need to know laws, just invest in a politician and adjust the law for them.

    Professional till this very day, still believe that high education and qualification is
the answer for great wealth. Some further their study and obtain multiple Phd's, using up
large amount of their time increasing their rates. However, they never learn the concept
of time leveraging. No matter how expensive their knowledge worth, they are still One Man.
Their time value forever is 24 hours in a day. Their focus is to
find something to work on, that could pay their every single hour with high value. But one
man knowledge and rate is limited. They can't learn all the thing in the world. Thus it make
their rate to have a cap.

    They all have undermine the power of time leveraging. The rich and successful do
not care how much is their hourly worth. Some do not even finish their secondary school. Speaking
of their rate, they might worth worse then a first-year student working part-time in restaurant.

    They rich understand the power of time leveraging. They do not need to be the best brain
to create multi-million enterprise, he just need to hire one. And he will hire whoever and whatever skills and knowledge
he never have. And thus He have gain 10,000 extra hours a day. And thus, he has overcome the limited time factor. Which make
his potential earning unlimited. And that is what 5% of the people in this world is doing.

    They are not the best in physic, maths, laws and etc. They are just some one
with average / poor result in academic who understand the law of wealth. By the way, who
created the courses in college anyway ? computer science, food tech, Estate management and
per se. If you could see this, then you will be surprise. This courses were there to cater
the workforce needed in corporation.

    The corporation need those smarty pants people to move their business. By paying small amount
of compensation called salary to those smarty pants, they will help their business to grow
multi-million of dollars. Isn't a very smart thing to do?

    Robert Kiyosaki once said, his father told him to venture into business. Join the
group of 5%. Don't work too hard on something that you can't sold or own ! Job will stay
as job. The company and profit will still belong to others no matter how hard you work.
Worst still, you could not inherit years of your hard work to your son. You could not
inherit your blood-sweat General Manager position to your next generation.

    Seriously, I do not believe 'study hard and get and work for fortune 100 company' will make
your life great. Job is not something for someone who have big dream. If you are looking for greater thing
in life, building your own business with a good system is the only way out.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Every Rich man, Need 500 Poor man

Could everyone in this world be wealthy ?

I come to a point, to understand that it is impossible for everyone to be rich. Even there is really a way to do it, but it will not be exercised.

Cause every rich man, need his own 500 poor man.

What is the point of being rich and wealthy but there is no one willing to serve you ?

It come to realization that most people is made / taught / engineered to be poor. Imagined for every 500 rich man, there is only 1 poor man to service them. Well the logic is pretty screwed as well. The high demand for that man service will soon make the poor man become rich too.

This is the law and ways created by human. And it has been like that for centuries. Well, I have no comment about how our system run, nor I have the sufficient power to change the other way round. So, I decided to play by the rule. But have an oath to join the rich man path.

I need my own 500 poor man to service me too. Hope you are not one of them.