Thursday, November 12, 2009


This week, is a WAR!

Tuesday is like a World War I

Today is like World War II.

Tomorrow is a World War III.

And I am slipping out trying to steal some fresh air. *deep breath*

Today war, I have fought will all my might. Fight till the very last seconds until the peace treaty had been called.

Last tuesday is a tough war to face.. but I am very energetic that time and eager to war. Soon after the battle, I am rushing to reshape myself and prepare for the incoming War. Which is happened today. Though yet from complete recovery, I still able to fight flawlessly.

But for tomorrow.......

I am very exhausted. End my tiring war at 1700, and forced to prepare for WW III at tomorrow 0830!

My mental is exhausted. Not ready to undergo another trauma. Time is running, the time for me to prepare is dying fast. The sound of death is crawling near.

Am I able to survive tomorrow?

I donno. I decide to break the rule of nature. Taking caffein to stretch my mental to beyond limit. Disobeying my body's signal of shutting down.

By the time 0830 came.. I will make sure I have iron troups to beat you good and proper !

Come and try Fuck me 2103 !