Thursday, April 30, 2009

wuliao thought and day

Today the sun were still as bright as ever. Is it normal? or the sun is signaling us that it would end the entire human civilization soon with one tiny spark? Real soon? Holly cow. After watched the 'knowing', actually this kind of theory do make sense. World might just end in a split of second.. The government warn you today, and tomorrow you d**. Before everyone die, some space freak come out from no where and tiba tiba transfer a handful of people to another empty planet just like earth. Trying to save human civilization from being totally collapse, out of no reason... And I might be one of them.. and from bilions of human's population reduced to thousands.. Since then, I have to mate with thousands of female in order to restore the human's population to an adequate amount. For the sake of human civilazation . . gosh, it is tiring and honourable... haha

Think too much.. can't help, hot weather cause people to think something weird. Neway . .

Not whole day is hot.. Today woke up at 6AM. Have a nice jog in group with xiang, Jim and Quinn. 4 malaklou running on street in blind morning. Earling morning is cold.. but it don't last. Just a short few hours past, it turn to volcano. Phew... hot till now.. 8.30pm . . Sweat just keep on pouring out.. gosh.. why the library is close today.. why?????


I had done it at last...

Long-a-Long-a-Long time ago... I had promise to buy myself a good sport shoes for my 21th birthday.. Due to my 'kiamsiap' personality.. I had drag to this far..

Well, I have finally bought it.. today..

An Adidas running shoes . .

Walking alone in Mid V today to check on shoes price.. and finally bought it after trying the size.

Hell, it cost me a choking price.. It cost me around


around... RM



Xp secret... but heavy enough to cover my one month's meal...

Why I need to buy such an expensive shoes leh? Quinn said go china town there can buy x10 with the price you pay.. (-_-")
Different la dude. . One good shoes could last 3-4 years if you maintain it well.. it is costly for reason...

like the old saying.. "yat fan chin , yat fan fo".

Sorry to my wallet, he has to go through freaking anorexia again . .

However looking at the other side ... I just gain a 'happy feet' ! Weeeee

*Drum . . . * tadaaaaa....

Such a beauty

My old sport shoe.. bought RM50, now cost RM0.20..

Welcome my new shoe lol.. good ah..

Sayonara sucker...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

another forgettable horror movie

Yea, finally I had watched it..

First thought want to watch it with friends.. sadly, most of them were too afraid to watch horror movie which is fake in the first place. Giving excuse such as "why we should pay money to sked ourself?". Well, majority rule and I have to find a time to watch it myself. I love horror movie! Gosh . . .

Back to Kepong on Saturday morning. First thing in mind was to hunt for this movie ticket in my hometown cinema. At first thought that wanna watch alone, however my sister too, is horrormovie lover like me. So we decide to watch together. I told my sis that this movie is considered high rated horror movie and rumor said that it sked the hell out of some people out there till they poop in their pant.

My mom overheard my boasting story and doubt about it. So she plan to drag my father alone and watch together. At the end, 4 in the family watch together. Too bad my young bro is in NS camp and can't enjoy this movie with us.

This movie is about 1hour and 30 minute. Erm.. it is scary to some people and but it don't even chill my spine yet. The ghost is very ugly and the sudden pop out moment is a success(I tio shock many time.. good). But the story is so...sooo lor... At the end of the movie, my parents said .. cheh, normal la. "wet wet water". My sister said the movie 'jangan pandang belakang' was better. Hmm.. hard to find an horror movie which would at least make me think about it before I sleep. I sleep alone last night.. and I don't even remember what the ghost look like already.. sienz . . .

Ps : haha, youngster nowaday so sked horror movie wan.. my mom even braver than you all la.. hahahaha.. I think my grandma would like watch it too if she could stay up late at night. lolx

Friday, April 24, 2009

quicky update

Everyone is blogging about wednesday papers . . Frank blog about it, shin yeen blog about it and the list go on . . . since it so popular thing to blog about, then I shall blog about it too.

Ya, ya . . . 2 papers in one day. And this two subject is sooooo time consuming to study and revise. One with a thick book to read, and another with no book provided. Good thing hor.. man man wait la..  

HELL NO.. it cause me to travel till library and borrow one super thick, thick, and medium book to read ! kanasai . At the end of the day, I burning my time trying to digest the books. Because of this, I only start reading my SE at the last 6 hour before the exam date. DIU AI 99!

Comparing to last sem, I used to sleep at 5-6 at morning during study week and woke up at 12 in noon. Meaning to say that I could stay up till very late to study.


This sem I old liao... Once the clock reach 2am++ I beh ta han adi.. Salute to philip, frank , etc... they still could stay up till very late. Even a day before exam lor. Sources said that Shin Yeen and her gang slept at 5 before exam and Philip slept at 7AM! sleep one hour can tahan for 4 freaking hour of exam . .  si beh geng la. . young people nowadays are really geng..  old fart like me really cannot match jor.. haih.

Thank to my old fart's disease, I have adequate sleep before exam. And with one 'essence of chicken'. I manage to crawl in and crawl out from that freaking battlefield in one piece and still have the concentration to play few round of dotA . But, I din do that, instead I going mid v with several friends to eat and watch movie .

Myth said that padinton(a restaurant) serve a very large portion of foods. And people will crawl out from that place due to over-full with their stomach bloated as big as watermelon and can last for 3 day and 3 night without eat, so the myth said. . . .  

Well . .  no big deal lor.

Quinn and I ate our portion till 'beauty can see the mirror' and could even help others(who is lying on sofa and keep saying that they are si beh full) to clean their plate. Chiu.. 
The myth is busted !

Nvm of that..  let talk about the movie. We watched 'sniper'. Star by richie ren, edison chan and xxx(forget , very yeng one). 

Nice gun, nice sound, nice effect, nice men, nice musle, nice ass, nice watch, nice this and that but NO NICE GIRL. .  . NIABEH .. =.=  (girl will surely love this movie).

CSA is coming soon. Look like my engine have to restart again .. haiz. Old engine o my Old engine.. no turbo, no nitros and dusty surface..  tahan ah... two more week to go.. !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holim's house's neigbour's house got big thing happen !

Wow, today I got a very interesting incident to tell .  .  .

For your information, I have return to my house since yesterday night. Back to my house around 11pm after supper-ing with my parents, after that on9-ing , gaming, chadao-ed by yiyen post, back to gaming, watch movie and bla bla bla. . . . skip skip skip . ..  

Ok, here come the interesting part...

Tonight around 7.30pm, my neighbour's house was broke in by thief ! sorry, almost broke in..

That time, my neighbour were out for dinner. Whole family were out and left their home empty. Well, their son which is older than me around 2-3 years finally found a girl friend and he brought her to meet his family. Then all of them out for dinner some where so that his mother can interrogate his gf detailly .. (Omg, why I so kepoh).
I am hanging around living hall and with all the sudden I saw my neighbour(everyone in their family) jump out from their car with haste and with a very serious look rush into their house and shout "chat ah.. chat ah" .  

Wooooow... My father is so excited and search for his weapon, a very thick bamboo stick (bought long time ago to protect the house and to beat the hell of some unlucky bastard, now he see the chance to use it) . Well, I just simply grab a wood and joined my father.   Not even a minute pass, dozen of strong men from all over the neighbourhood came. Everyone is holding a piece of weapon, wood, golf stick, metal bar, baseball bat.. Together, everyone search every corner of the house. 

I followed the crowd... No one know whether the thiefs is still inside or not. We search high and low. Along the way, I am thinking.. what is the chances for the thief to survive?? There are dozen of strong men with solid and fatal weapon on their arm... Just one shot from everyone is more than enough to kill him several times. 

That bastard is lucky.. We can't found him. However, nothing has been stole. So, we start to search at the surrounding. We try to search at drain(our drain is deep and large enough to hide a person) , roads and etc... Nothing.. he already run the hell of it. After investigation.. the thief is trying to break in from back door. Fortunate enough, some neighbours saw that incident and called my neighbours. The fast action from  the neighbourhoods had scared the thief away. 

There is been a long time since I heard a break-in case in my neighbourhood. Last time, the thiefs got away with the stuffs and money. The slow action of police personnel which only arrive 1 hour later was not helping. Since then I never heard any break-in case already. 

Frankly speaking, my area is not safe recently. Car's break-in... snatch-thiefing, house breaking, tyres go missing and few more criminal activities were so active and it happen in a matter of weeks as if my area have tonnes of BMW, banglos and ahpek/ahmah wearing gold watch and necklace. Actually, the truth behind this is, not long ago, there is a security company want to establish a guarding system around my area. But, no one agreed with the proposal because there isn't much of security problem over that place. The company waste a lot of their time to propose their plan from house to house. But no one seem to give a damn about it. Since then, a lot of criminal activities happen. Haiz.. Seem like watching movie. Nothing we can do. We got no proofs or whatever. Unless we get to catch one of those criminal and force them to reveal the culprit.. IF that unlucky bastard is still alive to talk about it. 

Anyway . .this time a bit different. You know, last time when there are any house-breaking stuffs happen, as usual every hero from each neighbours will rush out to lend a hand including my father. But every time, my pap will ask me to stay inside house for my own safety. This time, he din said that. He even give an opinion of what kind of weapon I should use because at first I grabbed a broom's stick which is very long and  hard to use (to bash people in crowd) and change it to a medium long wood. Well, it mean that my father see me as an adult. Not a kid anymore.. Good to see that.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Is the time for some holim's confession. Frankly saying, I have been evading something by which I have done very wrong long time ago. If you still remember, one of my post, saying that no matter how the world will be turning upside down, I will stay in college and apply for PM  . . Well, I will talk about this now..  I have been pretending to ignore what I have said earlier and move on. 

I talk big and bull. I have talked about repaying senior good deed, reviving cc's board, and a lot more BULLSHITTING CRAPS. At the end, I bite my tongue and eat my own word. One of the deepest regret I have done. 

I am moving out from this college next sem. I think many are surprise. That make me an unprincipal people and hipocrite. I am trying to be cool about it . But I can't, trying to delete that particular blog, but I am too ashame to even touch it.  Yes, I am ashame by myself. 

Thinking that maybe , I can do something to repay my fault. So, I tried to apply for PM. In fact, I am the earliest person to summit the application form. Thought that maybe I can do something fo cc's junior and let me feel better before I left. But, I failed. The coll rejected me. Sad . . . . Would I carry this shame forever and forbid me to do anything about it? I don know....

I try to apply for PM central. Well, with my finger crossed, hope that I will get this. Argh!

Too late... 

Too late...

I wish I could join the cc's board . . I wish I could become PM and join JTK . . 
so sorry guys... I think, maybe I have let many people down. I am so boasting about how I want to live in coll and become PM.. and lastly, I am those of the first to jump off the ship. I am so hipocrite . . .

Gomenasai . . . 

Ok, enough of grunting like a little baby... I have successfully dig out my thorn  which is buried deep down in my heart. In short, nothing is for sure until the very last minute. Your future will change with just a click of decision. There is only two result.. you happy with it or you regret for it... but the worst is when you decide to turn your head around and keep grunting and grunting. I won't do that. I will make myself live better and happier than I would find in college. 

Congrate to Lap Fong, Lee yin, See yee, Joey and freedom(prefer calling you this). You all are really care for cc.. I am ashame of myself.. sorry guys.. 

Not asking for forgiven, cause I can't forgive myself either. But as I am bearing this shame.. I will remind myself that I would not break my promise and principe next time...  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

cincai update

All assignment is finished ! Left one more presentation for me... hahaha

Study week is coming and it is mean that exam is coming very soon. Big one. 

study study study ! ! ! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My shoulder is lighter by a tonne

TODAY . . .

I am very relief.  A huge stone has been dropped off from my shoulder. I have bear this bastard for almost two months. And today, it will  gone forever.. Yea...

Back to 2 month ago . . .

I am so freaking shock when Dr. Rodina distribute our final assignment. System developement?? Microsoft Access? Java? database? What the fuck is going on...???  And almost shocked to death when I found myself located in a bloody group.. 2 negros .. 2 malays and one Yiyen. 
Swt. .  I am so beh song.. From my first sight, I know that this group is hardly coorperate. It is hard to survive. The malays don speak to negro, negro wan to speak but everyone trying to avoid them, and yiyen only speak to me.. Halleluyah swt big time.. The two negros speaks like nobody language. so damn fucking difficult to catch their words. Are they speaking english?? I always ask myself..  shit. This group is so passive. Their mouth is like holding a gold. They just don't SPEAK out of volunterily. Then, this Dr. Rodina come out from no where and ask who is the leader. OKOK, now you are watching die hard 5.  This passive and paranoid group out of nowhere, becoming so responsive and alert to that question and in the same time bombarded their fingers toward my face... FUCK.

This is the first word came into my mind.

Well. I accepted it with heavy heart. This group of mine, is like holding a bar of gold in their mouth. They just don't speak unless I ask them. Arghhh* Feel like grab their handsome face and whack their mouth till they swallow that bloody gold bar into their stomach so that they could finally speak ! It is so damn frustrating when holding a meeting with them. In that meeting, you could only hear me do all the talking. Ok, I lied a little. Except the two malays and yiyen, the negros always try to talk  But fuck ! I can't understand what the heck they are trying to say.  I could notice others group meeting will end up 2-3 hours. But mine, the best is ended up by 30 minutes. Because no one is willing to talk ! No brain-storming, no group discussion and bla bla.. there is only holim's brain storming and holim's idea for the project + the negro's mumbling blur blur suggestions( I still can't decode their words till now ). 

I remember, on every thursday . I am so 'emo'(hate to use this word, any other suggestion to replace this?). Because I will have to force myself to face that bloody group during my SE tutorial. ARGH ! ! Someday, I found out that Ming Tat group lack one more group's member. My evil thought persuade me to cross over.*jump holim, jump!.  And I nearly decided to do so. 

But . . .

There is one more people that I can't ignore. You know la. If I jump, then she will be there alone facing that passive + paranoid group. Sad, so I decided not to cross and stay where I suppose to be...

To lead that shitty group.

On the day onward, I made up my mind and confront that bastard(assignment). I trying to do thing all by myself. I held meeting is just to inform / give instruction to them. I have stop asking their opinion and idea. This will be holim's project and there will do exactly what I told them. I ask diagram from them, which do not meet my requirement anyway (-_-") and eventually I change 80% of their diagram to match my interface. Glad that there is still yiyen to help me out. 

At first, I really think that my SE assignment will toasted. Along the way, some how, there are always another way to explore. This teach me that 'if there is a will , there is way'.  Step by step, miracle-ly, I could done the assignment part by part and finally settle it a week before submission date. 

Today is the day I longing it to come. Presentation day. So, everything start with the introduction and bla bla bla.  After my group mate finish their craps which I myself do not understand at all especially when that negro talk..  is my time to con the lecturer and audience(some) with my si-beh-geng user interface.. haha. Hell, I have practice long enough for this. Thanks god, everything is going smoothly and THANKS+BOW to Andhie... because he didn't bombard me questions.. (or else I will bombard my fake adidas shoes to him..*hehe). 

I end my presentation with "any questions?"(praying to god to shut Andhie mouth.. bo-pi bo-bi).. and wait a little while... and then.. I heard Dr.Rodina said...

'good' ! and start to clap... followed by the audience.. Here, end of my duty of SE group leader.. and my SE assignment... 

Actually, this is not all bad . Because I get into this group, it forced me to do hell lot of work by myself and eventually I learn a lot. Compare to my DS assignment, because there is Philip, I start to neglect that assignment and do not learn anything about it. Hmm.. If I have to choose, which is the best assignment I have done in this sem.. I would said, WKES 1104 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING I.