Sunday, April 26, 2009

another forgettable horror movie

Yea, finally I had watched it..

First thought want to watch it with friends.. sadly, most of them were too afraid to watch horror movie which is fake in the first place. Giving excuse such as "why we should pay money to sked ourself?". Well, majority rule and I have to find a time to watch it myself. I love horror movie! Gosh . . .

Back to Kepong on Saturday morning. First thing in mind was to hunt for this movie ticket in my hometown cinema. At first thought that wanna watch alone, however my sister too, is horrormovie lover like me. So we decide to watch together. I told my sis that this movie is considered high rated horror movie and rumor said that it sked the hell out of some people out there till they poop in their pant.

My mom overheard my boasting story and doubt about it. So she plan to drag my father alone and watch together. At the end, 4 in the family watch together. Too bad my young bro is in NS camp and can't enjoy this movie with us.

This movie is about 1hour and 30 minute. Erm.. it is scary to some people and but it don't even chill my spine yet. The ghost is very ugly and the sudden pop out moment is a success(I tio shock many time.. good). But the story is so...sooo lor... At the end of the movie, my parents said .. cheh, normal la. "wet wet water". My sister said the movie 'jangan pandang belakang' was better. Hmm.. hard to find an horror movie which would at least make me think about it before I sleep. I sleep alone last night.. and I don't even remember what the ghost look like already.. sienz . . .

Ps : haha, youngster nowaday so sked horror movie wan.. my mom even braver than you all la.. hahahaha.. I think my grandma would like watch it too if she could stay up late at night. lolx

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