Thursday, April 30, 2009

wuliao thought and day

Today the sun were still as bright as ever. Is it normal? or the sun is signaling us that it would end the entire human civilization soon with one tiny spark? Real soon? Holly cow. After watched the 'knowing', actually this kind of theory do make sense. World might just end in a split of second.. The government warn you today, and tomorrow you d**. Before everyone die, some space freak come out from no where and tiba tiba transfer a handful of people to another empty planet just like earth. Trying to save human civilization from being totally collapse, out of no reason... And I might be one of them.. and from bilions of human's population reduced to thousands.. Since then, I have to mate with thousands of female in order to restore the human's population to an adequate amount. For the sake of human civilazation . . gosh, it is tiring and honourable... haha

Think too much.. can't help, hot weather cause people to think something weird. Neway . .

Not whole day is hot.. Today woke up at 6AM. Have a nice jog in group with xiang, Jim and Quinn. 4 malaklou running on street in blind morning. Earling morning is cold.. but it don't last. Just a short few hours past, it turn to volcano. Phew... hot till now.. 8.30pm . . Sweat just keep on pouring out.. gosh.. why the library is close today.. why?????

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