Thursday, April 26, 2012

Client Site

It had been 2 weeks since I was assigned to work at client site. Lucky me, I was assigned to MATRADE at Jalan Duta which is much nearer to my house.

And I get to witness this magnificent building structure and worked at 18th floor.

My first project. Most of the work was done by my Mentor. Hahaha. I will be here for another 30 days to come. Life have been treating me real good lately =D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pay Day Pay Day !!

My first actual Pay Day =)

That is part of my salary, of which it will goes to my mom =D

Thanks for all those Years.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Politic talk 2

While driving back to home after a great day of work, I listened to radio BFM channel. And today topic was interesting. Today topic was about corruption issue and someone was invited from PEMANDU agency to join the forum.

Well, I am quite loss and uninterested about what the PEMANDU guys got to say. But, when they started to receive call from random radio listeners, things get interesting.

The discussion turn out to be focusing on police force vs traffic offender corruption. Those callers were all giving their 2cent about the reason why such a corruption hard to cope. Some blaming the policemen and some supporting the policemen and blame the giver instead.

I got to say, both side of story is sounding concrete. But I think when we say about PDRM, people only think about street bribery. Even government joined the bandwagon and engineer out a lot of solution to subdue this street bribery.

Gosh. Why people can become so short-sighted. Why make a big hoo-haa about this petty street bribery when it hurt no one?

First, why does street bribery take place ? The giver (traffic offender) offer the bribe is because the actual summon ticket would cost a bomb. Enough with all sort of insane taxes they need to pay and with ever increasing cost of living, you could imagine how gracious if they could save the extra few hundreds in order to put more foods on the table !

I am shocked when I found out from the caller that she did asked the policemen why he is asking for bribe. The answer was too hard to bear when the policemen said he got 4 kids to feed with his only RM1,200 peanuts.

But wait, I am not saying that street bribery is correct and I endorse it. I do understand some road bully who sped insanely on road while endangering others shall be punished !

Wouldn't you think that out of all sort of corruption out there, street bribery should be placed on the most bottom of list ? I believe if the big loop holes on our idiotic government systems could be plugged for once and all, the rest petty corruption will varnish on its own.

If MACC or PEMANDU or whatever rebranding agency are really serious on combating PDRM corruption. Then please take your hand and rub your groin.

Check if there are pair of hanging balls still attached for godsake. And go for the large fish ! Go after the corruption involving drugs and illegal gambling centre business. This is type of corruption that we require no forgiving. The giver gave because they want their business to prosper and earn more sinful money even by corrupting the public, and the taker is due to their greed. Noted, the taker have to be someone with power and and status in the PDRM.

Heck, if integrity of big shots in PDRM is highly questionable, how could you expect the grass root policemen would abide by the rule ? Sometime, I feel very pity for those petty policemen. People spitting on them and the government slaughtered them like black sheep. Big shots who received enormous chunks from underworld taikun get away with it and remain anonymous while those little policemen who trying to make their end meet sometime get scolded straight on their face by agitated aunties who have so much money that few hundreds ringgit worth of summon is chicken feed.

Is time to reshuffle the PDRM organization. In order to do that, government needed to be changed as well.  And that is a must.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intangible Gifts - The Universal law breaker

Imagined if human was born just like another ordinary animal out of million of species out there when the earth started to sustain life. Suppose this animal called human, was to have normal brain capacity like all the animal. Maybe a little smarter than the dolphin.

For your opinion, how will our earth to look like today, if we watched it from a big telescope from outer space ?

I believe the earth will be so much greener and have a healthier ozone layer. And I also believe the animal species called human might be long extinct. My bet is, human species won't not last longer than a century since their first introduction to life.

Let face the truth, human species are easy feeder. Simply a weakling. Lets us still assume that human brain capacity is just a little smarter than dolphin, if they are placed in a thick forest with balance mixture of predators and preys. They can't survive even for a day.

If I am a Tiger, I will hunt down every human within my sight. Why shouldn't I ?
- They run so slow, with 10% of energy compare to chasing a deer, I could clamp them down in no time.
- Their funny little claw called fingernail is nothing to scared off.
- Their teeth is like baby teeth with a very soft lips. Even a turtle can amputate fingers with it lips. 
- Their strength is insignificant.
- They can't climb well.
- They can't camouflage with their fur-less skin.

It is indeed a free lunch ! Why wouldn't any predator love human ?

According to the forest law, The strong shall be the king and prey on the weak. Or shall I say, the Survival of the Fittest.

By right, human shall be eaten up by the law and goes extinct. 

Only if, human have to blend into the environment of mother nature. Nature is a very reasonable thing. Because of one single gift that could found in human brain.

It makes all the different.

Instead of blending themselves into the Environment, Human actually creates their own environment. The jungle law no longer apply to them. Being with stronger jaws and strengths do not necessary be the king of all anymore.

This kind of intangible asset that not even weight a nano mili pound, is a trillioin times more valuable that a kilotan muscles.

The ability to think.

Now I am still wonder, of Trillion species in this mother earth. Why only human is gifted with this treasure ? As a trade-off for their weak physicality?

As our earth had become till this shapes and state today, wondering would our mother nature smack their forehead regretting their decision ? 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

In a Asian Suicidee mind

Ever notice before, most of the suicidal cases were happened in Asia country ? And majority of people who committed suicide are students.

A lot of suicidal reasons, some because of failing important exams, study pressures and even bully cases. Now I wonder why most of the suicidal happened in Asia country ? Because Westerner more care free in life and do not give a damn on their grades ?

If so, shouldn't that our country should be long time overtaking them since our students are more serious in education ? But in the G7 country list, only Japan is in it. After decades or perhaps century of uncomparable seriousness in education, Asia country just never outgrow them.

So, what goes wrong here ?

When people start thinking of taking their own life because of education matter, then I think something is seriously wrong here.

For what I think, the different between Westerner and Asian are, one could look at bigger picture and far to future. And another could only see what is present upon them and usually they already have a planned fix future. In fact, Asian hardly could think about life outside a box.

For one example of a normal typical asian student. They will go into school like any other student. If their result is excellent, then they will be strongly encourage / forced to take up popular cources like Medicine and Law. Interest is do no matter. No shit about it. If the result is mediocre, then better to take up engineering, accountant or ICT field which are pretty demanding in the market.

So, the asian future was kind of fixed even before they graduated. Their path is decided. And most of them is taught and brainwashed to accept it is the only right way to go. The Asian way. It is either you score your exam and get into Fortune 500 or you will fail in life.

I think we can't blame them when something goes wrong in their exam which would greatly jeopardize their pre-planned future, they become very upset about their future and ven think of suicidal. It is not their fault, and it is also not their parent fault who seem as the 'pusher' , 'forcer' or whatever it called that result in putting too much pressure on their heir shoulders. Because the parent was being taught that way too. The parent was also the result / product from the education.

For what I think, it is the fault of education system and culture.

Or should I say, education in western is more stress on entrepreneurs and developing new business idea ? and Asian education all this while were to educate and manufacture the world class super employee ? who in the end work for Fortune 500 which most of them are Western company.

So, what exactly is playing in the suicidee mind when they took their own life ? Feel embarrass to face their parents because they had let them down ? Feel that their future had been jeopardize because the chances to work for Fortune 500 companies had varnised into thin air ?

But if they could look far enough and bigger picture, that the reason of taking their life is because  they could not be used by Big Corp to grow their business. Wouldn't it be quite ridiculous ? Food of thought.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Politic Thought 1

Till this point, all Tom, Dick and Harry  at every town shall know that election is very near.

And when it get near, the newspaper and news on television has become very interesting. Though I had stop talking and discussing politic for quite a time after the Bersih 2.0 incident, but I still follow very closely on all the updates.

But compare to last time where I will always make myself very angry and frustrated on government bullshit, I am more care-free now. Cause I understand my self-frustration would not help a shit but damaged myself instead. So, I will express my deepest hatred on the ballot box when time has come.

Now, what are those big issues that recently took over the newspaper headline for weeks ? Oh ! RM 250,000,000.00 National Feedlot Cow scandal ! Oh this is my favorite.

This is one of the issue where the culprit had totally been caught with her pant entirely down and nailed on the floor, but somehow she could bulldozes those allegation all the way till Pluto, not giving a slightest damned care about the logic and substances in her defense.

Recalling one of her most powerful remark which made me remember so clearly till now, which was "My family work very hard, so they deserve this project / loan ! "

Wow, is she darn stupid or forget her scripts? This statement alone could already nailed her political coffin for life. And she still talk like a boss and have thousands of boot-licker go-all-out of a battle-cry for her. So she was damn happy and thought the people buy her bull-shit. Well, that is the problem. Many top level politician is like her. They was all the while blinded by overwhelming boot-licker and could not see what the Rakyat think about it.

In the People Court, she had already sentenced to death in her political career. Yet she still do not now a bull about it. I guess she must be pretty mad by now, when her turn had finally arrived to enjoy the candy jar which I am still surprised it is not empty yet, she got caught !

She must be mad ! Not because of she is innocent of what *grin* but in fact, they had yet to enjoy the money  to the fullest ! Compared to other big shots like PKFZ multi billion scandal and Tun M era of 100 Billion allegation, they all get caught only after yeeeearrrrrrrrrrrrssss of happening. They had enjoyed the money and the luxury you could ever think of. So, you could say, they could RIP even they get convicted. Because the wealth had been dispersed and converted else where. so their future generation will be ensured an immense wealth.

I guess this lady is really unlucky. It was smart for her and her family to invest and grow the money first for future bigger benefit, but too bad. After this hoo-haa... I guess the government will have no choice but to pull back the loan which suppose to be a NPL (Non performing loan) in the future.

So, I guess you are not lucky. I know you are dead envy of our AP Queen. Well, I guess luck is very important in politic.