Saturday, April 7, 2012

In a Asian Suicidee mind

Ever notice before, most of the suicidal cases were happened in Asia country ? And majority of people who committed suicide are students.

A lot of suicidal reasons, some because of failing important exams, study pressures and even bully cases. Now I wonder why most of the suicidal happened in Asia country ? Because Westerner more care free in life and do not give a damn on their grades ?

If so, shouldn't that our country should be long time overtaking them since our students are more serious in education ? But in the G7 country list, only Japan is in it. After decades or perhaps century of uncomparable seriousness in education, Asia country just never outgrow them.

So, what goes wrong here ?

When people start thinking of taking their own life because of education matter, then I think something is seriously wrong here.

For what I think, the different between Westerner and Asian are, one could look at bigger picture and far to future. And another could only see what is present upon them and usually they already have a planned fix future. In fact, Asian hardly could think about life outside a box.

For one example of a normal typical asian student. They will go into school like any other student. If their result is excellent, then they will be strongly encourage / forced to take up popular cources like Medicine and Law. Interest is do no matter. No shit about it. If the result is mediocre, then better to take up engineering, accountant or ICT field which are pretty demanding in the market.

So, the asian future was kind of fixed even before they graduated. Their path is decided. And most of them is taught and brainwashed to accept it is the only right way to go. The Asian way. It is either you score your exam and get into Fortune 500 or you will fail in life.

I think we can't blame them when something goes wrong in their exam which would greatly jeopardize their pre-planned future, they become very upset about their future and ven think of suicidal. It is not their fault, and it is also not their parent fault who seem as the 'pusher' , 'forcer' or whatever it called that result in putting too much pressure on their heir shoulders. Because the parent was being taught that way too. The parent was also the result / product from the education.

For what I think, it is the fault of education system and culture.

Or should I say, education in western is more stress on entrepreneurs and developing new business idea ? and Asian education all this while were to educate and manufacture the world class super employee ? who in the end work for Fortune 500 which most of them are Western company.

So, what exactly is playing in the suicidee mind when they took their own life ? Feel embarrass to face their parents because they had let them down ? Feel that their future had been jeopardize because the chances to work for Fortune 500 companies had varnised into thin air ?

But if they could look far enough and bigger picture, that the reason of taking their life is because  they could not be used by Big Corp to grow their business. Wouldn't it be quite ridiculous ? Food of thought.

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Lee Kok Xian said...

Well, I think engineering, ICT and accounting isn't shit courses in Asia culture.
You actually need a full set of A in STPM/A-level to actually enter a good business school here.

About suicide cases.
I think it's more of the culture the way people are brought up here.

It's also a lot more negative reinforcement here rather than positive reinforcement.
Western cultured bosses/parents are more inclined to praise you compared to eastern culture bosses/parents which are more inclined to critic you.

People here expect a lot from you, and if you cannot deliver = depression.
Accumulate too much of that and suicidal feeling will sure to come.