Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intangible Gifts - The Universal law breaker

Imagined if human was born just like another ordinary animal out of million of species out there when the earth started to sustain life. Suppose this animal called human, was to have normal brain capacity like all the animal. Maybe a little smarter than the dolphin.

For your opinion, how will our earth to look like today, if we watched it from a big telescope from outer space ?

I believe the earth will be so much greener and have a healthier ozone layer. And I also believe the animal species called human might be long extinct. My bet is, human species won't not last longer than a century since their first introduction to life.

Let face the truth, human species are easy feeder. Simply a weakling. Lets us still assume that human brain capacity is just a little smarter than dolphin, if they are placed in a thick forest with balance mixture of predators and preys. They can't survive even for a day.

If I am a Tiger, I will hunt down every human within my sight. Why shouldn't I ?
- They run so slow, with 10% of energy compare to chasing a deer, I could clamp them down in no time.
- Their funny little claw called fingernail is nothing to scared off.
- Their teeth is like baby teeth with a very soft lips. Even a turtle can amputate fingers with it lips. 
- Their strength is insignificant.
- They can't climb well.
- They can't camouflage with their fur-less skin.

It is indeed a free lunch ! Why wouldn't any predator love human ?

According to the forest law, The strong shall be the king and prey on the weak. Or shall I say, the Survival of the Fittest.

By right, human shall be eaten up by the law and goes extinct. 

Only if, human have to blend into the environment of mother nature. Nature is a very reasonable thing. Because of one single gift that could found in human brain.

It makes all the different.

Instead of blending themselves into the Environment, Human actually creates their own environment. The jungle law no longer apply to them. Being with stronger jaws and strengths do not necessary be the king of all anymore.

This kind of intangible asset that not even weight a nano mili pound, is a trillioin times more valuable that a kilotan muscles.

The ability to think.

Now I am still wonder, of Trillion species in this mother earth. Why only human is gifted with this treasure ? As a trade-off for their weak physicality?

As our earth had become till this shapes and state today, wondering would our mother nature smack their forehead regretting their decision ? 

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