Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Politic Thought 1

Till this point, all Tom, Dick and Harry  at every town shall know that election is very near.

And when it get near, the newspaper and news on television has become very interesting. Though I had stop talking and discussing politic for quite a time after the Bersih 2.0 incident, but I still follow very closely on all the updates.

But compare to last time where I will always make myself very angry and frustrated on government bullshit, I am more care-free now. Cause I understand my self-frustration would not help a shit but damaged myself instead. So, I will express my deepest hatred on the ballot box when time has come.

Now, what are those big issues that recently took over the newspaper headline for weeks ? Oh ! RM 250,000,000.00 National Feedlot Cow scandal ! Oh this is my favorite.

This is one of the issue where the culprit had totally been caught with her pant entirely down and nailed on the floor, but somehow she could bulldozes those allegation all the way till Pluto, not giving a slightest damned care about the logic and substances in her defense.

Recalling one of her most powerful remark which made me remember so clearly till now, which was "My family work very hard, so they deserve this project / loan ! "

Wow, is she darn stupid or forget her scripts? This statement alone could already nailed her political coffin for life. And she still talk like a boss and have thousands of boot-licker go-all-out of a battle-cry for her. So she was damn happy and thought the people buy her bull-shit. Well, that is the problem. Many top level politician is like her. They was all the while blinded by overwhelming boot-licker and could not see what the Rakyat think about it.

In the People Court, she had already sentenced to death in her political career. Yet she still do not now a bull about it. I guess she must be pretty mad by now, when her turn had finally arrived to enjoy the candy jar which I am still surprised it is not empty yet, she got caught !

She must be mad ! Not because of she is innocent of what *grin* but in fact, they had yet to enjoy the money  to the fullest ! Compared to other big shots like PKFZ multi billion scandal and Tun M era of 100 Billion allegation, they all get caught only after yeeeearrrrrrrrrrrrssss of happening. They had enjoyed the money and the luxury you could ever think of. So, you could say, they could RIP even they get convicted. Because the wealth had been dispersed and converted else where. so their future generation will be ensured an immense wealth.

I guess this lady is really unlucky. It was smart for her and her family to invest and grow the money first for future bigger benefit, but too bad. After this hoo-haa... I guess the government will have no choice but to pull back the loan which suppose to be a NPL (Non performing loan) in the future.

So, I guess you are not lucky. I know you are dead envy of our AP Queen. Well, I guess luck is very important in politic.

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