Saturday, March 31, 2012

Working Diary 4

2 Weeks had passed just like that !

Wow, that was fast. I could still remember freshly my first day of work. It just seem like it happened yesterday. My two week of work is mostly about revision and some enhancement on internal application.

Happy / Sad to say that my working life is still kinda relaxing.

For sure, I will love the Friday more now than last time. All hail the TGIF.

Looking forward for next week challenge. 


CapricornenTA said...

bro, chill while you can coz you aint got this chance anymore in the near future. and yes, when u work, time past faster then you tot, soon you will hit 1 month, 1 yr and so on. so make sure you plan yr time for hobby, girl-friend, family etc..coz it is so easy to occupy by yr work. fr tanta

holim said...

I will keep in mind dear uncle. By the way, just found out that you actually had started your own blog a year back.

Nice ! Keep it kicking =)

CapricornenTA said...

i tried but failed to keep the consistency

Ming Zhang said...
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