Sunday, March 25, 2012

Working Diary 1

Here goes my first working week. My first week in the profession of Developer. Well, I gotta say that I am shined by a lucky star this year.

When I am just few days away from striking my pen on a job offer at some particular company at Kelana Jaya, I get an unexpected phone call from a company.

Well, I had been twice to that company for both assessment and interview. The company is really nice actually but I am not satisfy with what they offer me.

So, I had declined them in my heart at first.

Because of that unexpected call, I changed my mind immediately because the offer is too good to be rejected. And so, I went to the company for the third time to meet my manager to be for a nice conversation. After understanding my job scope and my future prospect in this company, I decided hop on board.

So, here come the another Developer in town.

Specifically my position is a lotus note developer. If you remember, I have 7 months of experience in IBM doing the exact same thing. That is why I said, lucky star is shining on me. My first week of work is about reading and googling around for memory refreshment.

My workspace is a small desk which placed at corner back in the office. So, I am very near to the big window of that 10th floor building. Gotta say that I really love the view of highway with cars running on them. I could check the traffic condition before making my decision when to go back.

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