Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rat Race

I had secured a job.

Actually in this ICT field. It ain't that hard to secure a job upon graduation. Thanks to few professional certificates that I took previously, many companies took the initiative to call me instead. I was just accepting any invitation available and check em out during interview.

At last, I had make my decision. And my first day of job will be on next monday.

So, this is it huh.

Another chapter in my life. Another dot in the saturated workforce.

Government and Bank will be happier. Another tax payer to fill the coffer and another potential credit card holder who might be a shopaholic.

After a rough math counting on my expectant salary, I guess I still could survive with it. Thanks to my super father that had given me a car to drive. With a car that was already out of mortgage plus I am a KL-lite, I could say that I save quite a big chunk from the living cost.

Well, money creates desire and greed. Sooner or later, I will be indulging myself with all the wonderful things I could buy. Especially if somehow I get into relationship. The budget will be too complex to calculate.

Being fear of without money make people working hard,
When they get their paycheck, greed and desire starts people to think about all the wonderful things they can buy.

Then the pattern had been set.
The pattern of getting up to work, pay bills, getting up to work, pay bill, getting up to work, pay bills.... and the lives are then run forever by fear and greed.

Welcome to Rat Race.
-Robert Kiyosaki-

I knew I will soon be joining the Rat Race. In fact, all my peers also will. So, how fast can we get out from this Rat Race ?

Lets compete shall we  =)

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Jyphoon said...

Congrats Bro! Come and visit me using your 1st salary =)