Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working Diary 2

Today the weather was great. Morning traffic was okay too.

My workstation had shifted to a more spacey place with larger table. And I get to change my small monitor and snail-speed cpu as well to a bigger monitor and more powerful CPU =)

I am still reading today. Most of the time I was revising book and searching information from internet. Today I get to know I going to assigned a project soon ! =)

Yesh ! I am bored to death on my work station. I felt terrible guilty accepting salary but contributing nothing. You know, when your mind is too free is very tiring. In fact it is more tiring compare to when you are busy and your mind is focus.

Gotta say I am really blessed. My mentor is a super caring person. Though she was busy, but she will make sure to spend enough time on me.

You know, one of my biggest worry during my first day of work is that, I will have to eat alone. I was thinking people usually prefer to eat with their comfortable gang and I will needs some time to mix into em. But I was touched by their friendliness. Although I am placed to sit at back end corner which kinda far away from my team. But they are still walk to me and invite me for a group lunch.

Guess what, the parking is free ! They prepare a large parking site just outside of the office building and placed some security guard to look over it. Recalling my experience on Damansara Height, the parking is a worst nightmare. I have been there for few interviews and get chopped a lump of money for the parking.

I literally got to high speed fly to the car park after interview to save myself a few Ringgit.

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