Saturday, March 28, 2009


Data Structure o my Data Structure... 

Going to face my greatest fear tomorrow with limited preparation. Argh !

Yesterday was 'EARTH HOUR'. Glad that M'sia was participated. However,  no any significant result was achieved. Even our college is not supportive. Our college is still as bright as ever though they were some earth's caring people like me who shut down our light for more than 1 hour +. Well, what can you expected from 'care your own business' m'sian attitude... sigh* .

Already few pass by and I cant sight that little black cat at canteen anymore. Some how, I felt guilty to fetch it into our coll. Maybe it get killed by other bigger cat. Sometime, the decision that you made and you thought that it is the right thing to do, might turn out opposite. 

Well, today, just went back from canteen after ate my brunch. Surprisingly, that kitten is still alive! Begging foods from table to table. Good to see that. At least till this point. My decision is still proven true. Good.

continue study... *sigh... bye

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Feel better today. After say it out....

3.13am , alone in the study room. Rushing SE, hope that I could summit it tomorrow. Well, there is a little bit left. But I call it off. Summit next week ba.. No mood to continue already.

Just finish 'heart of greed'.... and plan to sleep now.. ! Tomorrow back to hometown lu.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tenth Glorious Night

MGS . Everyone in tenth coll which include residents from other races, are looking forward for this. At first, everybody is headache-ing trying to figure out the theme of that night.. "Flora in culture". At the end.. No one care about it anywhere and wear whatever they seem fit and expensive !

Frank, Junyen, Quinn, Philip and me, only manage to hunt our wears at the very last minutes. With only very limited budget we set, we hunt for the cheap + look expensive + Good looking wears. Difficult. Tonnes of Shirts that look so damn cool but cost a choking's price.

When I overheard the amount of money that had been invested in just a night gown by those 'girl' ...Wow ... 'Jaw dropping good' ... Some cost rm500++ and some cost rm600++ ... swt big time. Ironically, they will only wear their glorious gown for just one time ! And sealed in their wardboard for good.. to R.I.P with 'god know' numbers of other gowns that they bought last time..
Wait.. gown is only one part of the budget.. there are still assessories, shoes, hairs, make-up +++ to add . Well, I think MGS really help our country to increase its economic growth a little.. haha.

Thanks to Philip and his family... We have a comfortable stay in his house for 3 days 2 night.. We got to try out Subang's foods... (Though just only another 888... but extra big). We get to play pool which is cheap.. and we get to visit Sunway Pyramid so many time...

During MGS.. Everyone is so amazing and gorgeous.. From dull turn into lively..from ordinary turn into extraordinary, and from pretty turn into diva.. Though have to bear with so many speeches and lousy 'puisi' and singing.. but we do really enjoy ourselves.. Keeping our camera busy as there is a 'thunder-storm' in the hall...

Argh..... Everything is going fine until the end of MGS... When MTs insisted to go clubing(Because they are dressing so gorgeous and wanna to show off more to others lor) ...Wondering where the girls get so much energy to clubbing after a tiring MGS... We guys were really exshauted. But, being a gentleman.. we fulfill their demand lor. Arrived at some place near Sunway hotel... and paid parking fee for RM8 !. . . Went to our destination called M.O.S which cost rm50 per pax.. And too bad.. no ladies night today.. So, everybody have to fork out rm50 from their pityful purse/wallet . But .. . after a long discussion.. we decided not to. And hunt for another club that cost cheaper.. Shin Yeen said Barcelona might cost cheaper.. Due to uncomfirm information.. Frank, Junyen and I decided to hunt that place first to check out the prices.. leaving the remaining gang alone.. Walk so damn far and finally found a (we thought it is a club) with no name.. surprisingly they said the entry is free !.... So we head back to bring them the good news.. and drove our cars away from the paid parking which we paid RM8 FOR LESS THAN ONE HOUR...

Arrived at (we thought it is a club called Barcelone) .. and again, they charged us parking fee.. but now it is a bit higher, which cost us a freaking RM10 !... Shin Yeen said, it is not barcelona. It is just a pub with deafening music which succesfully fooled us to believe that it is a club ! But, Barcelona's club is just few walking away.. So we traveled till there.. Found that place . And it cost rm45 per pax + no ladies night too.. Since the ladies have lost their mood to jump and shake around... and we guys which at the very first place do not have intention and desire to club.. so we decided to search for some place to sit around and chat. We went back to that unknown pub and at first , decided to hang around that place.. Due to the deafening environment.. we have to shout when talk to others.. At last, we end up in AC (asia cafe). To chat.. swt.. Hahahaha.. another waste of rm10 parking fees... (-.-")
All heavily suited lengzai + lenglui end up in a super huge foods stall/corner to hang around..

Anywhere, I think everyone of us is really enjoy that night...

Some photos to share . . .

Frank and I.. infront of Philip house

Look like beauty pageant..

I style his hair...

The bachelor

See Yee and me

Cindy and Me

Cat and Me

Shin Yeen and Me

Esther and Me

Frederick and Me

Hua Chyi and Me

Rachel and Me

Joey and Me

Magshi and Me

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Short update..

Long time never update my post adi ya... No mood to blog recently.

No reason.

Well, not that nothing interesting were going on , in fact there were several exciting occasions that are fun to talk about. Just.... Not in blogging mood.

Well, just touch up about my routine today..

Now, time is 2 : 33am

location : PHILIP's house's guest room.. Sleeping alone

In short. Several friends of mine (Frank, Quinn, Jun yen) and were staying overnight at his house. For the sake of convenience to reach Sheraton hotel in strategic time. Hahaha.. Frankly. Just don feel like follows the other 700++ 10th residents to cramp inside buses with my 'extraordinary' wear.

Hmm.. wish to write more. But,

Tired and sleepy now..

Update more on tomorrow la... Bye...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


When you think that you have reached the worst state that you could be... Failing exam.. breakup... Argue with friends... Lose your crush... or Family problems...

You are not alone for sure.. There is other who as deep shit as you, or even worst.

In short.. Brace yourselves up.. and you will never reached the bottom of the world. As there are plenty of more unfortunate people who will cushioned the floor for you...


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My 2nd and 3rd Birthday celebration...

In a blink of eyes . . . I have reached a world that hold no border . In my previous post.. As you can see, I have celebrated my be-early birthday celebration with my family. Thanks to my bunch of good, nice, leng zai and leng lui Uni frenz.... they have organized a beautiful birthday celebration for me and Emily(Another birthday girl which has the same birth date with me). Wow, seriously speaking. This is my first birthday celebration organized by friends . I Never celebrate my birthday on the actual day till yesterday.. (^_^) wow... amazing

I am very happy. *Punch my chest 2 times , wink*

Celebration took place in Dragon-i . . . Seriously, foods there are not kidding... expensive. But the service quality is good.

Took a lot of photos .. and only manage to upload some (which only consist of my face. Most of the photos are about MTs... hahahah) ..


The famous siu long pao

My order... rices that serve in pile

Everybody.. Except the camera-holder(Frank)

Posing Cindy's Poss .. I think Phlip done better

Figuring how much the bill's cost ??

Beautiful birthday cake

Emily... The birthday girl

Rachel and me

Cindy and Me

Cat and me

Esther and Me

Cute Magshi and Me

Yeen , Me and Bee

Me and Yeen

My jia-lat room-mate

Just for u Quinn .. I offer u a valuable space in my blog to upload this !

Back to coll before 11pm to celebrate my birthday again ! . . . With my CC's family lor. Very happy that so many people so 'give face' , willing to come down despite that they are so occupied with assignments . Wow, yesterday is such a gift. Best day ever in this year.