Saturday, March 28, 2009


Data Structure o my Data Structure... 

Going to face my greatest fear tomorrow with limited preparation. Argh !

Yesterday was 'EARTH HOUR'. Glad that M'sia was participated. However,  no any significant result was achieved. Even our college is not supportive. Our college is still as bright as ever though they were some earth's caring people like me who shut down our light for more than 1 hour +. Well, what can you expected from 'care your own business' m'sian attitude... sigh* .

Already few pass by and I cant sight that little black cat at canteen anymore. Some how, I felt guilty to fetch it into our coll. Maybe it get killed by other bigger cat. Sometime, the decision that you made and you thought that it is the right thing to do, might turn out opposite. 

Well, today, just went back from canteen after ate my brunch. Surprisingly, that kitten is still alive! Begging foods from table to table. Good to see that. At least till this point. My decision is still proven true. Good.

continue study... *sigh... bye

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yen Ho said... wat u think is right la~~~

good luck in ur exam gonna die soon=.=