Sunday, August 30, 2009

An outstanding day

Yesterday is great! With whole day full of meaningful activities.


During morning, I have went to a charity event at some place near Puchong "gua", which is organized by foodstall PBUM. Well, I managed to pull few fella to join which are Junyen, Quinn and Leeyin. They were almost half-buss full of senior citizen joining us too. Which, we called them Uncle & and Auntie in short la.. hahaha. Never wonder that despite they were old, they are still capable of cracking jokes and make the environment in the bus so lively.. lol.

This charity activities was about helping the poor. With the extra foods from foodstall event, we have fully utilized it to help the poor. We are the heading to a place which 'look like Hindi Temple', but actually it is praying buddha too. This place is very important because it play a role as the center of free food distribution for the poor.

When we arrived, we start helping them to divide and arrange the goods properly. They were quite a number of elders already there waiting to receive their 'desperate-need' supplies.

Every invited family will received a set of goods which could ease their hunger for a month. They were rices, milo, oil, sugar, meehon, eggs and alot more.

Now to think about it, I am indeed a very lucky people. The money in wallet that I have that day which I think could buy one set of the goods that are going to be distributed. Not that much money I have, but it could already support some poor family for their one month's meal. Then my laptop should be able to cover their half year meal lor.

See, how lucky am I.

One by one, family on the list was called out to receive their supplies. At first, I think of clapping hand, but no one was clapping when those family was receiving their supplies. This make me wonder. Then it make me realise that, what is so happy about it? Happy because poor people could fill up their stomach for another month? Not that they are receiving award or medals, but they are receiving sympathies from the society. Not that they are proud of it. Not that something they could brag about to other people about how much foods they get from the sympathies of society. Only then, I understand why nobody is clapping.

After that, we pay a visit to that center's store room which used to keep supplies.

When we visited the center's store room which is used to keep supplies, I am shocked.

This storage play an important role to store ample supplies to fill up 200 FAMILIES stomach !

Wow, that should make sense if I imagine that the store room should be big and full of foods. But not in this case. As you can see, the supplies left there, were too little to support that amount of families. According to the person incharge, thanks to us, this month supplies was ample. However, the leftover in the storage is not enough for the following month need. I could only see meehon, rice, dry corn? and flour in that room.

The shoes I am wearing is equal to 100kg of rices over there, and the camera Junyen is holding is worth 1000kg of rice. 10kg of rice is worth rm20 if not mistaken. Now my friends, if you are free, you might as well try to figure out how much kg of rice are your belonging worths... and you would surprise by that.

Wow, we are indeed really lucky to have borned in good family and have no worry about foods till we learn the bad habit of practicising food wastage.

Must always appreciate and finish the foods we eat !

I start to salute Junyen personality for not wasting foods and even help other to clear their foods. That why we often call him bandaraya, Mppj or whatever you could call. haha..


After having lunch at some organic food restaurant which is treat by Uncles and Aunties, we were heading back to Uni.

My house has a mango tree hehe.

And it bear countless of mangos already. So, Junyen and I decided to pluck some manggo to test.
I make this.. and it work beautifully. lolx

So, we manage to pluck 4 mangos.
However, that fruit was not yet ripe despite that its size is big. Anyway, Junyen ate most of it to avoid wastage. Mango dip in soy sauce is actually quite tasty. Due to my sensitive teeths, I could not eat that much of that sour stuffs.

Well, knowing that the other 3 mangos is yet to ripe. I have wrapped it up with newspaper and stored it somewhere till it is ripe..


This is a memorable one.
Merdeka !
During merdeka eve.. 6 of us which combination of 10th coll and 2nd, is heading to Ampang look out point to see firework !

Unfortunately, no firework display by KLCC.. How sad

However, we have a nice dinner at one of the particular restaurant. The service is damn good and the foods is awesome. We have a great view of entire KL too. Just, too bad, no firework display. The place is crowded by people whose also came for viewing firework. What the heck is going on with our country? Out of budget to get some firework show this year ah? Cheh

Thx to Junyen for introducing such a great place to me. It is indeed open my eyes. The scenery is so great. The city light is so outstanding. Come again next time ya. hehe
Most of the photos is captured by Junyen SLR camera ( it tempted me to own one..arrrgh ) . Waiting him to upload to FB.

Neway, yesterday is a great day..

Friday, August 21, 2009

love, marriage . .

One day, a boy ask his teacher..

What is love?

His teacher told him to go to a corn field. Here is the rule..

"As you walk along the field, you are only allow to choose one corn which you think is the best, however, you are only allow to move forward and never backward. Return to me as you found your best corn".

So the boy start to walk, along his way, he saw plenty of corns. At first he pick a corn which he think is good enough. However, being greedy, he dump the corn away and continue searching for a better corn as he think there would be more better corn ahead. As he walk forward, he keep on changing the corn as he yet to satisfy. At last he found that when he is reaching the end of the field, the corns are small and pale. He start to regret but he could never move backward to pick up his previous corns.

Finally, he reached the end of the field. Holding a corn that is so small in size. As he could not turn back to pick up the better corn, he have to bear with the small corn he had.

The teacher told the boy, this is LOVE..

Then, the boy ask his teacher again..

What is marriage?

His teacher ask him to go to the paddy field and told him to pick up the best paddy. The rule is the same as just now.

So the boy learn from his lesson and very fast he pick up the paddy that he think is satisfying and he return to his teacher.

His teacher told the boy, you had chose the paddy which you think is the best among the rest and live with it. This is marriage, my boy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

update update

Wassup wassup ! Yo Yo

*Cough + Sneeze*

my blog dusty liao AGAIN... haha. Okay la, wait me clean the dust first ah..

*Fooooo . .. foooooooo*

No, I not calling u shin yeen, I just blowing dust away. hehe

Wow, there are lotsa to catch up since I abandon my blog for awhile. Nah, lazy to blog it back la.. I not that long winded apek.. haha

Neway, I am enjoying my Uni mid term break now.. happy ! It also mean that my previous two mega project that I had participated have come to the end.

During Monday, I have went to GENTING with my xiaxang's gang.

What ! Genting again? no sienz meh??

Nonono, this time is different, ; )
For your information, I am now 100% adult d... I mean my age la..
Haha, for years I have been curious about this place. My parents alway dump me wandering around genting when they visit that place. This mysterious place could make people super happy till they jump around First World like nobody business and also it might cause people to lie flat on floor like turtle and cry pathetically.

FINALLY! I could throw my IC to the guard on their face and walk in like Chow Yun Fatt.. wakaka.. Unfortunately, some of us, still underage and we have done a lot tricks to fool the guard. Well, the tricks were working some time and everyone has at least successfully sneaked inside the casino EXCEPT !


This jialat fella have attempt ALL the availaible casino's entrance and yet, been stopped by guard. Speaking of this, we have try a super risky + foolish idea. I had borrowed quinn my IC and told him to show the guard. Just show the DOB is good enough and try to cover the photo.. Damn! The guard doubt the IC, and gave quinn a hard time. Both of them chat for so long. I am waiting at outside, worried that quinn would be in trouble and feared that my IC would confiscated.

THX GOD, the guard is quite lenient and after quinn exposed his true identifcation, the guard let him go, and ths god I get back my IC as well.. hahahaha. well, just don't try this stupid trick liao..
Anyway, from that point on, with have decided to honour quinn with a sibeh yeng title.. which is

"Prince of cannot enter casino, CONFIRM!"

Well, back to casino staff.. I have actually place some bet in it.. thinking that every beginner would have some luck, I try lor.. but end up lose rm25.. Aiyah, no luck in gambling la. Sad.

Happy time fly so fast and now is already wed. Shit, my assignments. Yet to touch. Saw quinn screaming in msn.. "Os gonna die" .. haih. I aware that I should back to PJ early to do my assignmet. Argh, tell me how to fan off the temptation of sticking at home??? (-_-")

Ok la.. need time to seriously think about this. Everybody enjoy ur assignment week ya..
Opps, holiday ya.. hehe

Monday, August 3, 2009

lOnG tImE No sEa

Hello World !

so long never blog already.. my blog also dusty liao.

Too busy recently. Almost everyday hang out at tenth coll till midnight and end up too tired to even on9 when back my house at Pj. Despite that I have move out from tenth coll this sem, but my heart is still belong to there. So do our '2 SS' family...

Freshy camp had just end. Which was yesterday. Though we were dissappointed with the number of juniors joining this camp, but overall we were glad and relieve that this event had run smoothly. Now that Freshy Camp had end, my daily schedule has lighter by few kilos. Hopefully I would start studying now la...

Omg, tomorrow is database mid term test already... and I not even start reading. DIE!
Nice ah! it carry 20 marks..... Ok la, going to piah 9 9 adi..

Neway, I got some randoms photos to share... haha

Leeyin plucking the petals.. *he love me, he don love me, he love me!* Yesh!

Even such a big company agree that my room-mate is... ahem.. haha

Omg... why shin yeen alone sit with Juniors??

Aik, Shin Yeen spotted me took her photo..
Walaoweh, this shin yeen is so shin yeen.. haha

Taken at Fsktm.. Never knew that our fac's AI department is so damn 7 geng..
Can modify my kelisa ar??