Monday, August 3, 2009

lOnG tImE No sEa

Hello World !

so long never blog already.. my blog also dusty liao.

Too busy recently. Almost everyday hang out at tenth coll till midnight and end up too tired to even on9 when back my house at Pj. Despite that I have move out from tenth coll this sem, but my heart is still belong to there. So do our '2 SS' family...

Freshy camp had just end. Which was yesterday. Though we were dissappointed with the number of juniors joining this camp, but overall we were glad and relieve that this event had run smoothly. Now that Freshy Camp had end, my daily schedule has lighter by few kilos. Hopefully I would start studying now la...

Omg, tomorrow is database mid term test already... and I not even start reading. DIE!
Nice ah! it carry 20 marks..... Ok la, going to piah 9 9 adi..

Neway, I got some randoms photos to share... haha

Leeyin plucking the petals.. *he love me, he don love me, he love me!* Yesh!

Even such a big company agree that my room-mate is... ahem.. haha

Omg... why shin yeen alone sit with Juniors??

Aik, Shin Yeen spotted me took her photo..
Walaoweh, this shin yeen is so shin yeen.. haha

Taken at Fsktm.. Never knew that our fac's AI department is so damn 7 geng..
Can modify my kelisa ar??

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