Friday, August 21, 2009

love, marriage . .

One day, a boy ask his teacher..

What is love?

His teacher told him to go to a corn field. Here is the rule..

"As you walk along the field, you are only allow to choose one corn which you think is the best, however, you are only allow to move forward and never backward. Return to me as you found your best corn".

So the boy start to walk, along his way, he saw plenty of corns. At first he pick a corn which he think is good enough. However, being greedy, he dump the corn away and continue searching for a better corn as he think there would be more better corn ahead. As he walk forward, he keep on changing the corn as he yet to satisfy. At last he found that when he is reaching the end of the field, the corns are small and pale. He start to regret but he could never move backward to pick up his previous corns.

Finally, he reached the end of the field. Holding a corn that is so small in size. As he could not turn back to pick up the better corn, he have to bear with the small corn he had.

The teacher told the boy, this is LOVE..

Then, the boy ask his teacher again..

What is marriage?

His teacher ask him to go to the paddy field and told him to pick up the best paddy. The rule is the same as just now.

So the boy learn from his lesson and very fast he pick up the paddy that he think is satisfying and he return to his teacher.

His teacher told the boy, you had chose the paddy which you think is the best among the rest and live with it. This is marriage, my boy.