Saturday, February 28, 2009

My 21th birthday celebration .. At my home..

I back to my home at 10am today . . . Received call from my cousin.. Sis Kelly. She want to treat me a nice lunch at One Utama Shogun.. Haha. My second time eating there.

After a fine lunch which only last for 1hour and half. We headed home. Before that, I had visited few shoe's shop to check on my desired adidas shoes. I had promised myself before to buy myself an original adidas shoes for my 21th birthday. Well, I haven't bought yet. Still surveying the prices.
Back to home to have an afternoon nap and prepare for this night celebration... (^-^)v

Woke up late and found up that my family was so hectic in preparing steamboat. And here we go.. Everyone started to eat soon after relatives arrived.. And the following ... Let the photos to do all the talking.. ^.^

Happy birthday to me ~

Friday, February 27, 2009

A little bit of everything

So long never update my blog . . . kinda lose my blogging mood after an incident. Never mind of that. I'm back.

No specific topic to talk about. But I will write some interesting experiences over here.

Yesterday. . .

Due to electric shortage around 5am in the morning, I woke up in sweaty and itchy condition. Hell !
So sleepy yet so damn hot and itchy due to mosquito's kisses. Because too much mosquito are too in-love with my legs... I have to cover myself with blanket to avoid their kisses.

Hot+sweaty+blanket = Feel wanna burn down that fat-crab house which equiped with at least 4 air-cond.

Mosquito still soooo love me and decided to attack my face.. The sound is buzzling my ears all the night...

'eeeeeeeee' ,'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee','eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' ' PIAP! ' I slapped my face hard... Ouch. yet zero kill... Stupid..

Woke up late early in the morning and the electric still yet to recover. Rush to fac to attend lecture. Coincidentally, fac too, facing the same problem. Alleluyah and amitabha, class canceled.
Guess there will be another replacement class ya. Haiz. After that, follow Franks and the gang to take breakfast at mamak.

Decided to skip my 'SE' tutorial and follow Philip to Mid-V . We watch cinema , play pool and eat together.. Woah.. Got little feel like 'betraying' Frank.. Sorry ya.. I wont touch him anymore next time... hahaha.

In the same day, when Philip, cindy and me back to Um, Philip is rushing to Gym(2) to join Frank and others to play badminton. Unbelievable, Philip dare to hand over his car to me. Despite that he knew my 'superior' skill in handling manual car... he still entrusted his car to me.. Woah... Well, he dare to give, I dare to try.. I will drove Cindy back to coll. Stupid Frank from far shout to Philip saying that "Eh, you let HOLIM drive ur car ah ?" With his eyes open so big while finger pointing at the car direction... (-_-") . . .

Hahaha, driving a manual is not that hard. Not much different from auto-built when moving on the road. Back to coll safely . Well, Cindy did tension abit.. anywhere, she still brave herself to sit infront . Hahaha. Guess, I am just a few training away to skillfully handle a manual car.. ^^

Tomorrow is Saturday.. I am going back. Back to my home. This week is very critical. Alot of assignment need to settle. But have to back tomorrow. Since few weeks ago, my mom already keep reminding me about tomorrow. "Lim, Must back to house ya, remember that date.." Well, what is so important about it?

It is my 21th birtday celebration.. (^_^)v <-----(act happy) Sadly, my birthday is fall on a very busy week. Not mood to celebrate my birthday. So much to do, So little time. Regreted in participating FESTAZ . . . suddenly throw a projects to me and want me to take care of it. Stupid. 5/6/7 of March is FESTAZ already. Arghh ! ! !

Today, I finally saw that fat-crab . I saw her coming down from office's stair. Well, Me being as impolite as possible, try not looking at her and give her to see my 'bo shuang face' while she walk through me. Too bad, I still saw a cylinder, never change. Look like Shin Yeen hypotesis is wrong ! She is not using our money for lipo-sucktion. And she is still driving her 'My Vi' . This mean that Quinn hypotesis is wrong too. She is not changing her car to lorry. Well, well, well. Where the heck she is spending our money ? Hmm . . mystery ...

Finish crapping. . thanks for ur time.. Whoever read till this sentences.. I salute for ur boring-endurance.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

10th coll has lose his balls..

5th coll - famous for his countless superior athletes
12th coll - famous for his modern building, foods and facilities
bla . .
bla . .
bla . .
10th coll - only famous for 'THE ONLY LAN-INTERNET IN UM'

Today , one bad news had reached my ears. In fact, it had reached everyone ears. The only proud-thing to show off about tenth coll had been smashed to millions of pieces. I don't call other people fat because I am a fat dude too, but this time, I can't control my anger and patient for calling that pig-head principal of tenth coll, a stupid-CCB-FAT-crab ! WTH ( what-the-hell , why-the-hell, who-the-hell is she to permanently cut down the internet service without seeking our opinion ? ). She behave like a cruel-moneyMinded-FAT crab landlord who abuse her power like nobody business.

Stupid smelly-crab principal of tenth coll . Is it shutting down the internet service is the only option available? NO , she is running away from problem. Shutting down this Internet service is the laziest and simplest solution to her instead of spending our coll money to fix that god-damned line. The money accumulated from the fees we paid is actually enough to cope the repairing cost. But god know where has the money gone. To close down the investigation regarding the fund for maintenance purpose, she chose to permanently shut down the internet service and refund back half of money we paid to keep our mouth shut .

Ah quinn ask me. If 10th coll is unable to lan-on9 anymore, would I still choose to stay in coll ?

Yes, with a heavy feeling . I am a man that hold by my word. Must stand strong with my promise.

Must ignore this little obstacle ya.

Due to this issue , I can fore-see more people will re-consider to move out. Well, everything has its hard time right? Can't expect everything is going your way. Some time have to live in undesired way. I have live happily and condemned with my first year. Appreciate appreciate and appreciate. Don't always ask for more . . .


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silence night . . .

2:49 am . . . Alone in study room after Philip , Frank, Connie and Rachel have decided to call it a day. Not that I don't want to sleep early tonight , not that I want to stuff few more pages of slide into my brain , it is just that I have drank a tin of nescafe. Now I am still in awake condition. Now spending my time browsing web and viewing the collection of photos in my com.

Sweet memory . By viewing photos from Genting and Pangkor trip . It kinda bring my mind travel back to that particular time. So much happy things we have done in the past. Never thought that I could actually involve in all of this god-gift-experience.

Photos are a very powerful creation. It is like stopping that particular moment for eternal. I love my phone very much. It is such a powerful tool for me to capture every colourful moments whenever it occured. Past is always a memory. I always wish to travel back to time where I could re-live my life again.

So much wrong things I have done, and I want to redo it.

So much sweet memory I have enjoy, and I want to re-experience it.

So much time I had waste, and I want to retrieve it back.

So much to dream about . . . like what I am doing right now.

Basically , I am waiting my sleeping-hormone to activate. Not feeling like studying. Too silence. the sound of air-cond and fan had occupied my surrounding. Lack of human voice. ~peace but emotion-less. Is this what it would look like at next sem ? When everyone has move out .

No idea what to blog about. Just wrote whatever pop up in my mind. Jamming my ears with musics. Sem 2 is so short. I hope it would be longer.

Hmm, let talk about my recent post. "The refined version of Quotes of the year" .
I know, I am very good in doing this kind of crap. Most of them said that I am very creative. Well, I do happy with their compliment. But, I do realise that I am bad , Non-ethical and mis-use of photos. Sacrificing other people reputation for the sake of comedy and popularity for my blog.

Aw, I am so self-fish. Sorry to anyone that get offended. But I really do love this style of blogging very much. Hope to use it often in future but in a more descent way. . .

Yes, I feeling sleepy now . Bye bye.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Refined version ..

Refine version of "Quote of the Year" (Due to popular demand) . . . Shin Yeen and Beeting . Please spare me k ?? Please. . . .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Pap birthday ,

Today is my father's birthday ! According to chinese calendar la. Saw that pic ma? It is 'pun choi'

Really large portion lo. Need at least 12 persons to finish it. Wao, this is my second time eat 'pun choi'. Erm, Not kinda like it but it is quite a nice experience . Variety of dishes compressed in one big 'Pun' . Hahaha. . Nice dinner ^^

" Paa . . happy birthday . . I think this year is ur 53th birtday . . Wow, time is surely moving fast without mercy. Wish u a great health and a better luck ahead ^^ and most importantly, don worry and be happy everyday . .. (^_^). Yea, I know you don't how to access internet, so, chances for you to see my blog is almost zero . . will ' it is the thought that counts ' . . haha.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quote of the Year~

Ps : no need 'thx' me wor.. we are braderz!! *tepuk dada 2 kali*

Valentine ??

Valentine's day . .

A very special day which is a lot people are looking forward to.

For those that were already a couple, they will celebrate this very special day in various of romantic ways that they could come out with. And with the hope that their love's bond will be stronger.

For those that are still single and already have some one reside in their heart. They will fork their guts out to confess to their love's one. During this day, he/she will call her/his crush out and confess their feeling toward them with chocolate/flowers accompaniment.

And for those that do not found their another counter-part yet, and do not brave enough to confess to their crush, this day is a very bitter day.

Hmm, what category am I in?

Don wan tell you . . later few monkeys out there will find reasons to tease me liao . . haha

But, if I was the last time me,

I will stuffed my mind with a word . . which is " 有前没后,打死罢就" (cantonese). Just confess and see what will happen.

This day . . .

Too much consequences to think about. Cannot act like kid anymore . .

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PlayPlay Nia. . . Lai comment

Boring .. Feeling like posting something . . . but don't know what to write. .

Think . . .

Think . . .

Think . . .

Ok . . something pop up in my mind. .

erm . .

Valentine day coming right ?

Ok . . let talk something about valentine .. But not me doing the talking. . U will !

hahaha . . Ok , I want to know ..

What is the possibility for holim to get a good/nice/sweet girl friend ?

Please feel free to fully utilize my comment box . . . thx. . . hahaha

ps : no special meaning har. . just suddenly pop up in my mind.. ^^ feel free to blast me sky high. . lai lai lai . .

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Human is built to last

Recently, many said that human is very fragile. Life can be snapped off anytime and anywhere regardless any circumstances and condition. Human can 'die' easily just as blowing off a candle's light . . . . . . so, this is what other think about human's life.

Sorry for being optimistic. I hardly can except this fact. I always bear in my mind that human is built to last . Our survivability are outstanding. We don't give up our life so easily. Even that our body decides to give up, we don't just die. As long as our final line of defense do not allow us to give up our life yet. Which is 'human's will to live' .

Human is built to last...

Without the 'will to live', human is considered dead, even though he bearing a healthy body. Suicide is a common case by those soul-less fools.. God make our body to repair itself so that we, the human could survive. When we bleed, the bloods around the wound get coagulated to stop our body from losing more bloods so that we won't die from over-bleed. The pain's receptor react every time we touch the wound so that it would remind us to stay off from that wound and let it heal. And finally it leave a scar. To remind us to be careful next time and don't get hurt again. As time goes by.. our body will always try their best to repair our body to the very last minutes and never give up .

Same goes if we lose our sight.. our ears and heart will become the eyes.. The fingers will do the reading.

Kids in africa
They could just find a high cliff and jump off to end their miserable life.
Why they still border to fight for their survival? Trying to stay alive?
Not that they can see any hopes that could ease their hunger. Not that tonnes of foods will drop on their feet tomorrow.
They live because the want to !
'The will of live'

Trust me. Our body is built to last. What takes away a human life.. is the human itself. The last line of survival. ' The will to live'. Human is not fragile. We are tough and can survive.

Fearing of death.. as other believe the fact that human is fragile will eventually kill off dreams. We would be so coward and afraid to attempt anything in our life.

Afraid of crossing roads.. as cars will knock you down in nowhere

Afraid of eating .. as nowadays any foods are chemical enriched..

Afraid of climbing Um mountain... as there have no safety measurement and you could killed when you felt...

Afraid of starting a relationship. . as you will afraid that u will get hurt and commit suicide.

Afraid of playing theme park.. as you afraid your heart can't take it and then die..

Folks... is it true that human is not invincible.. We cant withstand the force of penetrating bullet unlike an elephant. We can't hold our breathe long enough in water unlike a dolphin.. We can't live without our head unlike a cockroach. And we could not survive without water for a week unlike a camel.

But we have the 'will to live'. Which will make us able to survive throughout the toughest condition we might face one day.

Us, the human is borned with mind. The greatest gift from God. A very powerful thing that could bring down this world or to ensure the eternal survival of human's civilisation.

Sorry for crapping a lot. I just want to erase the negative thinking of friends around me. Please. Believe that you all are very tough and built to last.

ps : Junyen.. I am very sure that your friend had fight her war till the very last minute.. She is a very brave warrior . She is not fragile k. She had fought her war beautifully.. May she rest in peace with pride.. (-.-)

Update ...

Esther birthday which is fall on 5th of Feb. A celebration had been arranged in a restaurant located in One Utama called Chilis. Looking forward for buffet at Shogun but unfortunately everyone seem to fall sick after the Chinese New Year holiday. So, having buffet at this time will be a real bad decision. Sad. However, birthday girl decision is all the matter and she is happy with Chilis at One Utama. lolx. Having a good time enjoying nice dinner in that restaurant. Stuffing myself with a large portion of meal.

Some pictures from my camera phone :

Ps : Darn ! Keep kepoh-ing snap pictures and forget to involce myself in photo snapping time.. (T_T ).

WAIT ! I do get a picture . . . what I got is


Dont ask me why my expression and face like tat .. I don't know. . Almost fainted when saw this pic. But afraid to faint because sked that quinn will do CPR on me.. lolx..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cho~8 ...

Today is cho~8 already.

This is the most important day in the entire year. For Hokkienniese la. Tonight going to be awesome. With sky full of firework display and a lot of 'Kong Ming' lantern floating all over the sky. Really looking forward for this night.

As usual, we will prepare a lot of offerings to God. Such as Meats, cakes, fruits and 'gold and silver'(paper).. This year, we will offer a piglet. A small roasted piglet is cost about rm600+. Very expensive eh... But according to tradition, if we want to make a wish from the God, It is best to offer a roasted pig. And after our wish had fulfilled, then we will offer another pig next year to show our appreciation and thankfullness. Haha. Maybe this year my family want to make a big wish ba...

Today, my mom wanna make 'kai tan gou' . Egg's cake. Instead of buying from outside. She plan to make it herself to show our sincerity. The process in making this cake is quite tiring. The ingredients are very simple. Sugars, Egss and flour. But it need a lot of patient and stamina to make it a success. The most important process is when you need to continuosly stir and beat the mixture of eggs and sugar for 45minute non-stop. It is indeed very tiring. I stir and beat the mixture for around an hour. Patient and stamina are very crucial because it is the only secret formula to make the cake become super fluffy and tasty at the end.

Eggs . The basic of everything..

Mixture of sugars, eggs and Sarsi..haha

Stir and beat the mixture for 45 minutes. Later it will expand till half of the pail

C... 45 minutes later..Already expand till half the pail. My arm is very tired..

Done. Pour in into a 'acuan' and steam it..If it a success. It will espand up and crack a big smile on top of it...

It is a success !.. A cross on top.. Hard work paid off =)

This night, I will make the kepong sky to turn into morning ! One box of firework is waiting for me to blast it sky high. Muahahahaha. At my hometown, Tmn Kepong to be exact. Is a place where you can feel the peak of 'high-ness' during this cho-8 night. The firework display will dance in the sky for hours and it even beat the hell out of Merdeka and new Year at Kl.. hahaha

This box contains highly explosive material.. Stay out from the reach of children !

Party tonight.. ngek ngek ngek

For all the Um folks .. Happy back to Um ya.. Going to meet u guys up tomorrow.. hehehe