Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update ...

Esther birthday which is fall on 5th of Feb. A celebration had been arranged in a restaurant located in One Utama called Chilis. Looking forward for buffet at Shogun but unfortunately everyone seem to fall sick after the Chinese New Year holiday. So, having buffet at this time will be a real bad decision. Sad. However, birthday girl decision is all the matter and she is happy with Chilis at One Utama. lolx. Having a good time enjoying nice dinner in that restaurant. Stuffing myself with a large portion of meal.

Some pictures from my camera phone :

Ps : Darn ! Keep kepoh-ing snap pictures and forget to involce myself in photo snapping time.. (T_T ).

WAIT ! I do get a picture . . . what I got is


Dont ask me why my expression and face like tat .. I don't know. . Almost fainted when saw this pic. But afraid to faint because sked that quinn will do CPR on me.. lolx..


ciNdy said...

This is the expression so-called love at first-sight.

holim said...

(-.-" ) What a joke Cindy . . . hahaha