Saturday, February 7, 2009

Human is built to last

Recently, many said that human is very fragile. Life can be snapped off anytime and anywhere regardless any circumstances and condition. Human can 'die' easily just as blowing off a candle's light . . . . . . so, this is what other think about human's life.

Sorry for being optimistic. I hardly can except this fact. I always bear in my mind that human is built to last . Our survivability are outstanding. We don't give up our life so easily. Even that our body decides to give up, we don't just die. As long as our final line of defense do not allow us to give up our life yet. Which is 'human's will to live' .

Human is built to last...

Without the 'will to live', human is considered dead, even though he bearing a healthy body. Suicide is a common case by those soul-less fools.. God make our body to repair itself so that we, the human could survive. When we bleed, the bloods around the wound get coagulated to stop our body from losing more bloods so that we won't die from over-bleed. The pain's receptor react every time we touch the wound so that it would remind us to stay off from that wound and let it heal. And finally it leave a scar. To remind us to be careful next time and don't get hurt again. As time goes by.. our body will always try their best to repair our body to the very last minutes and never give up .

Same goes if we lose our sight.. our ears and heart will become the eyes.. The fingers will do the reading.

Kids in africa
They could just find a high cliff and jump off to end their miserable life.
Why they still border to fight for their survival? Trying to stay alive?
Not that they can see any hopes that could ease their hunger. Not that tonnes of foods will drop on their feet tomorrow.
They live because the want to !
'The will of live'

Trust me. Our body is built to last. What takes away a human life.. is the human itself. The last line of survival. ' The will to live'. Human is not fragile. We are tough and can survive.

Fearing of death.. as other believe the fact that human is fragile will eventually kill off dreams. We would be so coward and afraid to attempt anything in our life.

Afraid of crossing roads.. as cars will knock you down in nowhere

Afraid of eating .. as nowadays any foods are chemical enriched..

Afraid of climbing Um mountain... as there have no safety measurement and you could killed when you felt...

Afraid of starting a relationship. . as you will afraid that u will get hurt and commit suicide.

Afraid of playing theme park.. as you afraid your heart can't take it and then die..

Folks... is it true that human is not invincible.. We cant withstand the force of penetrating bullet unlike an elephant. We can't hold our breathe long enough in water unlike a dolphin.. We can't live without our head unlike a cockroach. And we could not survive without water for a week unlike a camel.

But we have the 'will to live'. Which will make us able to survive throughout the toughest condition we might face one day.

Us, the human is borned with mind. The greatest gift from God. A very powerful thing that could bring down this world or to ensure the eternal survival of human's civilisation.

Sorry for crapping a lot. I just want to erase the negative thinking of friends around me. Please. Believe that you all are very tough and built to last.

ps : Junyen.. I am very sure that your friend had fight her war till the very last minute.. She is a very brave warrior . She is not fragile k. She had fought her war beautifully.. May she rest in peace with pride.. (-.-)

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夜猫呆呆 said...

A nice and meaningful post...I like it.
Agree with you...^^