Saturday, February 21, 2009

10th coll has lose his balls..

5th coll - famous for his countless superior athletes
12th coll - famous for his modern building, foods and facilities
bla . .
bla . .
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10th coll - only famous for 'THE ONLY LAN-INTERNET IN UM'

Today , one bad news had reached my ears. In fact, it had reached everyone ears. The only proud-thing to show off about tenth coll had been smashed to millions of pieces. I don't call other people fat because I am a fat dude too, but this time, I can't control my anger and patient for calling that pig-head principal of tenth coll, a stupid-CCB-FAT-crab ! WTH ( what-the-hell , why-the-hell, who-the-hell is she to permanently cut down the internet service without seeking our opinion ? ). She behave like a cruel-moneyMinded-FAT crab landlord who abuse her power like nobody business.

Stupid smelly-crab principal of tenth coll . Is it shutting down the internet service is the only option available? NO , she is running away from problem. Shutting down this Internet service is the laziest and simplest solution to her instead of spending our coll money to fix that god-damned line. The money accumulated from the fees we paid is actually enough to cope the repairing cost. But god know where has the money gone. To close down the investigation regarding the fund for maintenance purpose, she chose to permanently shut down the internet service and refund back half of money we paid to keep our mouth shut .

Ah quinn ask me. If 10th coll is unable to lan-on9 anymore, would I still choose to stay in coll ?

Yes, with a heavy feeling . I am a man that hold by my word. Must stand strong with my promise.

Must ignore this little obstacle ya.

Due to this issue , I can fore-see more people will re-consider to move out. Well, everything has its hard time right? Can't expect everything is going your way. Some time have to live in undesired way. I have live happily and condemned with my first year. Appreciate appreciate and appreciate. Don't always ask for more . . .


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