Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine ??

Valentine's day . .

A very special day which is a lot people are looking forward to.

For those that were already a couple, they will celebrate this very special day in various of romantic ways that they could come out with. And with the hope that their love's bond will be stronger.

For those that are still single and already have some one reside in their heart. They will fork their guts out to confess to their love's one. During this day, he/she will call her/his crush out and confess their feeling toward them with chocolate/flowers accompaniment.

And for those that do not found their another counter-part yet, and do not brave enough to confess to their crush, this day is a very bitter day.

Hmm, what category am I in?

Don wan tell you . . later few monkeys out there will find reasons to tease me liao . . haha

But, if I was the last time me,

I will stuffed my mind with a word . . which is " 有前没后,打死罢就" (cantonese). Just confess and see what will happen.

This day . . .

Too much consequences to think about. Cannot act like kid anymore . .

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