Friday, February 27, 2009

A little bit of everything

So long never update my blog . . . kinda lose my blogging mood after an incident. Never mind of that. I'm back.

No specific topic to talk about. But I will write some interesting experiences over here.

Yesterday. . .

Due to electric shortage around 5am in the morning, I woke up in sweaty and itchy condition. Hell !
So sleepy yet so damn hot and itchy due to mosquito's kisses. Because too much mosquito are too in-love with my legs... I have to cover myself with blanket to avoid their kisses.

Hot+sweaty+blanket = Feel wanna burn down that fat-crab house which equiped with at least 4 air-cond.

Mosquito still soooo love me and decided to attack my face.. The sound is buzzling my ears all the night...

'eeeeeeeee' ,'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee','eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' ' PIAP! ' I slapped my face hard... Ouch. yet zero kill... Stupid..

Woke up late early in the morning and the electric still yet to recover. Rush to fac to attend lecture. Coincidentally, fac too, facing the same problem. Alleluyah and amitabha, class canceled.
Guess there will be another replacement class ya. Haiz. After that, follow Franks and the gang to take breakfast at mamak.

Decided to skip my 'SE' tutorial and follow Philip to Mid-V . We watch cinema , play pool and eat together.. Woah.. Got little feel like 'betraying' Frank.. Sorry ya.. I wont touch him anymore next time... hahaha.

In the same day, when Philip, cindy and me back to Um, Philip is rushing to Gym(2) to join Frank and others to play badminton. Unbelievable, Philip dare to hand over his car to me. Despite that he knew my 'superior' skill in handling manual car... he still entrusted his car to me.. Woah... Well, he dare to give, I dare to try.. I will drove Cindy back to coll. Stupid Frank from far shout to Philip saying that "Eh, you let HOLIM drive ur car ah ?" With his eyes open so big while finger pointing at the car direction... (-_-") . . .

Hahaha, driving a manual is not that hard. Not much different from auto-built when moving on the road. Back to coll safely . Well, Cindy did tension abit.. anywhere, she still brave herself to sit infront . Hahaha. Guess, I am just a few training away to skillfully handle a manual car.. ^^

Tomorrow is Saturday.. I am going back. Back to my home. This week is very critical. Alot of assignment need to settle. But have to back tomorrow. Since few weeks ago, my mom already keep reminding me about tomorrow. "Lim, Must back to house ya, remember that date.." Well, what is so important about it?

It is my 21th birtday celebration.. (^_^)v <-----(act happy) Sadly, my birthday is fall on a very busy week. Not mood to celebrate my birthday. So much to do, So little time. Regreted in participating FESTAZ . . . suddenly throw a projects to me and want me to take care of it. Stupid. 5/6/7 of March is FESTAZ already. Arghh ! ! !

Today, I finally saw that fat-crab . I saw her coming down from office's stair. Well, Me being as impolite as possible, try not looking at her and give her to see my 'bo shuang face' while she walk through me. Too bad, I still saw a cylinder, never change. Look like Shin Yeen hypotesis is wrong ! She is not using our money for lipo-sucktion. And she is still driving her 'My Vi' . This mean that Quinn hypotesis is wrong too. She is not changing her car to lorry. Well, well, well. Where the heck she is spending our money ? Hmm . . mystery ...

Finish crapping. . thanks for ur time.. Whoever read till this sentences.. I salute for ur boring-endurance.

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