Friday, July 17, 2009


University of Malaya Information Technology Fiesta (UMiTF '09) is one of the university's mega event co-organised by the Student Representative Council of University Malaya (MPMUM) and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM / FSCIT).

The event starts from the 24th of July 2009 and ends on the 29th of July 2009. This 6-day event comprises ICT fair, Cyber Games & ICT and Robotics Exhibition. Below are the details of the event.

ICT Fair

Date: 24- 26 July 2009 (Friday - Sunday)
Time: 11.00 a.m. – 8.30p.m
Venue: Tunku Chancellor Hall (DTC)

Event Highlights:

- 40 booths selling off their products by offering jaw-dropping discounts and promotions.

- Selling various kind of computer accessories and electronic devices raging from computers, cameras, printers, mp3 players and many more!

- Attractive door gifts will be given to visitors everyday, while stock lasts !

- Lucky draw

- Join the Cyber Games Tournament (DoTA) and stand a chance to win huge amount of cash prizes.


DATE : 27 July –29 July 2009

TIME : 10.00 a.m. –5.30p.m.


What's in the IT Exhibition?

- Robotic research presentation by Professor Albert Yeap from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand.

- Products and research exhibit by top-notch technology companies.

- UM FCSIT lecturers’ research

- UM FCSIT masters students' research

- UM FCSIT undergraduate students' final year projects

DoTA Tournament

Date : 24 of July to 26 of July 2009

Time : 11.00AM to 8.00PM

Venue : Stage, Tunku Chansellor Hall, UM.

Fees & Prizes :-

The participation fee for a team of five is RM75.00

Participants will stand a chance to experience the power of RAZER products!

Champion : RM650 with 5 x Warcraft 3 Battle Chest sponsored by SMM

1st Runner up : RM450

2nd Runner up: RM250

For registration and enquiries, please contact JIM at 017-521 5521 or

*rules and regulations

Sponsorship :-

Main sponsor

Media Partner :-

Special Thanks :-

Feel free to log on to the website for more informations..
Dont miss the fun and the cheaps stuff!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What The Heck with my UNi....

This post is saturated with vulgar words.. which mean that I am writing this blog in 'furious' mood. so, read this with mentally prepared ya.. cause I am starting to bombard some one real hard in ass...


Why my country is so stupid ?

Why M'sia top University is so stupid as well ?

Those 'dua liap' apek that work in system planning or more preferably called fat-ass are cipek fella.
I call this group of cipek fat-ass because they are sitting comfortably in their office and trying to become a smart ass. Everyday they trying to squeeze some shitty idea to make our life becoming more miserable.. on the other hand, they thought that they have work some good solution out and happy with thier puki plan. Haiz... by the way, I am talking about our Uni's traffic control system.

Today, thursday 16/7/2009, this group of cipek, is so happy with their lanjiao's plan and without hesitation, they had executed their system. Now, only 4th year and above could drive car into Uni. Furthermore, tomorrow is the last day for the previous sticker's owner to drive into campus. By monday, only the new sticker's owner would be permited. Do you notice that?

The notice was out by today and tomorrow is the last day for previous sticker's owner to apply!
Considering saturday and sunday are off day. What the fuck with the haste? Okay, this is not the issue I am piss about. The main point is.. they are causing the students who live outside of Uni face great difficulty. Though they allow all students to drive motorcycle, but not everyone could ride ! not to say that motorcycle have higher accident's rate especially we are living in KL ! hello..

If we could afford more money to buy our safety and security, why banned us to do so? The whole scenario is connected with the fucking environment issue! This group of cibaisss who drive big cars and smoke 2 packs of cigarette per day suddenly becoming so holy and saint as if they had been whacked and lectured by mother theresa to give some shit about environment . . (-.-")

By stopping cars from entering Um will reduce the air population ? Come on, the amount of car that are running on the road are still in the same amount. The point is, this system is not applicable in this Uni which placed in one of the busiest area in state. Go introduce this system in UMS, UNIMAS and UMT which located in 'sangkalah' area. In this hectic city... it wont make much different la .. helllo my dear pig headss ! .. Though some of you may came from those rural state, but don't bring along your rural's mind to this city plzz....

According one of our government environment care campaign.. car sharing is one of the recommended way. We are happily following the rule. We already squeeze people in one car till it full and some time over-load it.. not that everyone drive their own car.. Only those people that work in offices don't practise car sharing... this is wat I call a real deal in causing air population. If even the top asses can't follow the government environment's campaign.. why should we happy with the law they set ?

Hey, how about banning whole world from driving into UM? even 'LimPek' and his cronnies also do the same?? let all of us cycle to Uni like China.. let build a waterway for us to row our mini boat around the campus.. how it sound huh? My whole fucking idea is, if you want to really talk about environment stuff's do it at 300% and don't just do 'half pile of water' ! Cause I dont see how it would effect the environment..

for god sake, I am very sad because this group of cipekssss can't stop themselve from making this Uni becoming worser and worser. I don't even remember when is the last time I read about an article in internet or other's blog which are praising this Uni.. all I read is how mess with this Uni's system... how terrible is this college's facilities.. how bias is this tender system... and the list go on..

What wrong with the new elected MPMUM? Don't they are here to ease our problems? What are they doing huh? Please fight for our welfare ! Car is very important for us!

For me, I got few good suggestion which will be a win win situation..

1) Only car which have at least 4 peoples could enter Uni, inorder to practise car sharing system.

2) Only student lived outside could drive their car into Uni...

3) Whole fucking world is banned from driving in Uni... and start cycling ... weeeee..

how it sound huh ?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Everyone is so busy with their projects. Okay, not everyone la but most of it. UMITF is coming, FOODSTALL, MSK NIGHT and PTUM all is on the following list. All of them is considered a mega size project and it need alot of commitment from its member. Any fella that hold position in any 2 of those mega projects will becoming insanely busy.. and for anyone crazy enough to participate more than 2 mega projects, will as good as dead !

Like others, I have involved myself in one those megas. I have actively joining FOODSTALL, and partially joining UMITF. I realise that pouring the same level of commitment toward both of these megas are impossible. haih.. my deepest apology to UMITF's commitee.

Ok ok... what is FOODSTALL? we called it 'shu shi tang' in chinese la. A stall that would selling vegetarians foods during convo lo. Don't underestimate this stall because it already has history of 23 years! Normally, we would be able to recruit at least 300+ juniors each year, and last year we had recruited 500+ member ! Wao, for dudes that wanna meet new frens (lenglui), now is your chance haha.. same apply to girls too ^^. (I am not doing publicity for FOODSTALL x|)

Think of it. In about one month, FOODSTALL will be running ler.. and in about 2 more week, UMITF will be running too.. O my, O my.. hope UMITF will be successful.

Curry Yin
Jim Jim
Jun Yen

Above is the main pillar of this project.. Gambateh !

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A short peep to the past..

Something that you thought you have picked wrongly, some path that you thought that you have chose wrongly, are actually not a disaster. At the end, you found out that it had lead you to a new path that you never discover it.

The day I gave out to live in college and becoming a facilator, I already start to regret. But later on, I have joined Xiaxang programme and 'shu shi tang'. Since then, I am glad that I didn't choose college life and dedicated my holiday for facilator's camp. Half of my holiday is filled with fun and excitement. I met a lot of new friends from all around UM, and gained valuable experiences.

New sem will be starting tomorrow. Now I am seating in my rented house's room and doing my blog. Thinking back my past sem.. make me realise this stuffs. Will, Xiaxang has end for good and I will be missing it.. For 'shu shi tang', the fun is just begin. Tonnes of things in my to-do-list ;) .