Sunday, July 5, 2009

A short peep to the past..

Something that you thought you have picked wrongly, some path that you thought that you have chose wrongly, are actually not a disaster. At the end, you found out that it had lead you to a new path that you never discover it.

The day I gave out to live in college and becoming a facilator, I already start to regret. But later on, I have joined Xiaxang programme and 'shu shi tang'. Since then, I am glad that I didn't choose college life and dedicated my holiday for facilator's camp. Half of my holiday is filled with fun and excitement. I met a lot of new friends from all around UM, and gained valuable experiences.

New sem will be starting tomorrow. Now I am seating in my rented house's room and doing my blog. Thinking back my past sem.. make me realise this stuffs. Will, Xiaxang has end for good and I will be missing it.. For 'shu shi tang', the fun is just begin. Tonnes of things in my to-do-list ;) .

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