Saturday, July 11, 2009


Everyone is so busy with their projects. Okay, not everyone la but most of it. UMITF is coming, FOODSTALL, MSK NIGHT and PTUM all is on the following list. All of them is considered a mega size project and it need alot of commitment from its member. Any fella that hold position in any 2 of those mega projects will becoming insanely busy.. and for anyone crazy enough to participate more than 2 mega projects, will as good as dead !

Like others, I have involved myself in one those megas. I have actively joining FOODSTALL, and partially joining UMITF. I realise that pouring the same level of commitment toward both of these megas are impossible. haih.. my deepest apology to UMITF's commitee.

Ok ok... what is FOODSTALL? we called it 'shu shi tang' in chinese la. A stall that would selling vegetarians foods during convo lo. Don't underestimate this stall because it already has history of 23 years! Normally, we would be able to recruit at least 300+ juniors each year, and last year we had recruited 500+ member ! Wao, for dudes that wanna meet new frens (lenglui), now is your chance haha.. same apply to girls too ^^. (I am not doing publicity for FOODSTALL x|)

Think of it. In about one month, FOODSTALL will be running ler.. and in about 2 more week, UMITF will be running too.. O my, O my.. hope UMITF will be successful.

Curry Yin
Jim Jim
Jun Yen

Above is the main pillar of this project.. Gambateh !

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