Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Keep it Simple and Stupid

I used to think every possibilities for myself. Think good and bad. I even think on other behalf. Guessing what they are thinking.

It is tired and stressful.

So, keep in mind. KISS

Help myself. So that world will be a beautiful place to live in.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Time will come where self-interest place second

My exciting, pre-planned New Zealand trip was no more. I am pretty determined to rock this green country as soon as I graduated. I considered it as my little runaway before facing the cruel reality of working 9-5 daily, 5 times week and all-out toe to nail war to climb the corporate ladder.


is my self-interest which is not cahoot with my family. The day I told my parents about my plan, my father get worried. he started to worry about something that he started a year back.

Which was the new house that he bought with RM 680,000 loan from bank. He is expecting me to lessen his burden on the mortgage. My new, sudden plan could really give him a tiny heart attack. But my father never
tell me that he is worry about this. My mom was the spy and told me secretly.

As a big son of my family. Could I hold on to my self-interest and proceed with my temporary and self-fish runaway plan ? When my father get sent to work at Johor for 3 years despise of his near retirement age. Could anything be crueler than that ?

I am very sad. That is the time when my dissatisfaction and feeling unfair feeling gone. I was previously a little angry with my life. I felt unfair why I could not choose I want and when to do. Why I need to sacrifice a big chunk of my salaries as soon as I come out to work.

But all of that though is gone and disappear. After I wear my father shoes and think from his perspective. Life did not give him much choice either. He could toss a resignation letter made of heavy steel with 300 kmh speed to his boss face if he could. But can't. There is a word called responsibility that hold his sanity.

So was I. There will be a time where self-interest place second will come for everyone. And for me,

it is now.

I need to come out quickly and be successful. So that my father could enjoy an early retirement and return to us as soon as possible.