Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !

Current time is 9:49 pm 31/12/2008 . Few more hours to go for the brand new year arrival. 2009 ! Thank god for blessing me a good condition of health for me to witness another new arrival of a brand new year.. With all my heart , I am glad to celebrate it in University Malaya with the remaining friends here. Most of them have back to their hometown already to celebrate this great new year's eve with their beloved family.

Today, I had dragged my lazy ass to gym today. Thank for Frank accompaniment anywhere. It is the time for my body to recall its fit-fit state where I used to have them a long long long time ago *ahem, ahem*(Don't laught plzzzz). My nerves told my muscles . . ."Hey musclesss, is time to wake up! You are so slackly already.. get blanked by so much fats jor.. is time to work up eh.. knn...Wake up la! ".

Okay, I admit . It is me who screwed up the countdown plan.. sorry guys, sorry esther to make you sufferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred for being facing empty walls in your room. *Her friend FFK her.. ko lian tai*. Anywhere, tonight we will countdown at all-famous LAMAN PERINDU instead. Hooray.. Curve, One Utama, Times Square, everytime also go one ler, no big deal..cheh Laman Perindu is what I said BIG-DEAL-THING k. . . wakaka..

I can celebrate in Um-10th college this year ! ! Woohoooo , Weeheeee, Yahooo, Yippeeeee...
*Sorry for being retard , can't help it. . sob . .*

Ps: "Aiya, where celebrate also same one de la, as long got the spirit of celebrating jou can liao.. where also same.. no problem.. " . So, Happy News Year everyone !

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sem Start .

Im back ! Back to 10th coll already. New sem had started and tomorrow will begin my first lecture. Well, though that I have been away from this coll for around one month+, I still could fit myself perfectly in my current environment almost immediatetly. I suppose this is a good sign yah..

Meeting up with buddies and notices their difference in their appearance is so much fun. Some with long hair, some with short hairs , some colour their hair and some redesigned their hair-fashion.. Lolx, most of the features are likely about me. . . Well, What has changed for this holiday?

Seriously, I not so sure about it. But one thing for sure. I am still the same . My attitude , my style, my height , my weight *(ok lied, i become heavier) .

About my weight's story . . it is kinda sad. At Pangkor, I had told someone that I will have my weight lose and nicely shape my figure. Obviously, I FAILED. Despite of losing weight, I had gained few kilos in one month+. It is a sad fact. But honestly, I never regret for that . . haha. It is such a mission impossible for someone to restrict themselve from their mother's cooking. After one sem at outside world, eating all those enriched-Msg-foods and mamak . . how can you expect someone to control their mountaining desire to enjoy home's cooks ?? hahaha. Well, I know this is excuse la . . but seriously, holiday is short. Diet plan will ruin the holiday. So, hell yea. I eat what I want and slack as much as I want. . Enjoy life to the fullest ! Anywhere, I still discipline myself for daily jogging session. Too bad, hard work that I had worked out could not cope with the amount of calories I consumed.. *Cry*.

Well well well, the new Holim has not much different from his previous. . except he had become rounder and heavier . Market's value has drop ya . What to do?

No market value = extra concentration on study?

Well, if this could do the job, then it is not as bad as I thought. (^_^) supper anyone?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry X'mas folks.. . .

MERRY X'MAS guys ! ! ! . . . Well , well, well, may this holy day will lead our dreams and wishes to become reality . . (^-^) Though I am non-christian, but looking forward to this meaningful day . May I will too, enjoyed and have fun on this holy day like other Christians.

Wow, out of my expectation , with mine surprised expression, I had received a greeting card from Jim bro ! Thank you very much bro ! I am so grateful ... Paiseh ah Jim, I didn't send any card for you (-_- ). . .
A very beautiful card sent by JIM (^-^)

At Christmas eve , me with my siblings were celebrating incoming Christmas at a steamboat's restaurant . . The restaurant that we were visiting is the best steamboat's restaurant available at that particular area. Wow, it's tom yam soup is very good ! With a good dip of your foods in it's flaming spicy sauce . . . Slurppppp* tongue burning good . . heaven for spicy lover like me .

The spicy sauce. . It is so good . I almost sapu all the remaining sauces on that table.hehe

The time when we finished our meal was just about 11pm . . Awww, one hour to go for Christmas day ! However, the table was so messy and dirty wit our left-over and spilled out soups.. so I suggested that we shall shift our place to a mamak store.. Haha. O yea, ordered a Teh C ice . . . and 5 4 3 2 1 and MERRY X'MAS MALAYSIA ! ! ! ! ! ! !

A nice and simple Teh C sejuk..

Ps : Today had reminded me about my past... haha, when I was small and still can't drive yet. Siblings and I was used to celebrate christmas at home by watching tv and together we would wait till 12 am and shout out loud "MERRY X'MAS , MERRY X'MAS". My parents are not fancy about this christmas stuff. So, since small I had learnt that X'mas is not an important day because my family had never give it a damn about it. So, frankly speaking, I had never truly celebrate a X'mas day.. haha. Today was quite a special day.. thought what we had done today was just eating and drinking . . but for us, it was a very enjoyable and meaningful celebration during Christmas's eve !

Hey folk . . Merry christmas to you all !

Monday, December 22, 2008

Templer Park . . happy time with old buddies

Sigh* . . Back from Templer Park yesterday . . My whole body was ached and exhausted. Anywhere this is a very fun trip and I really enjoy it.. Templer Park . . which is famous for camping and jungle trekking activity . Located at Rawang and can be reached by bus .

Inside bus, on the way to Templer Park

Friends and me , in total are 7 people will try out our very first time over-night camping in jungle. Arrive there about 9 a.m something and begun our short meeting and stuffs distrubution among our members.. When everything was done, we started our journey to the first checkpoint.

We had arrived..
My equipment.. final check before the journey start

Here we go !

Just a short duration of walk, we had arrived to our first checkpoint which have a big pool. For those that are lazy to walk and explore deeper, this is the best place for those to have fun. Frankly speaking, water in the pool is quite dirty . lol, because people at the upper checkpoint have the first-hand to fully utilize the river water.(wash socks. shirts, underwear , bath with soup , pee , and expel their solid toxin' , and etc ) . wakaka.

The first checkpoint.. the man-made pool..for lazy people.. you can swim with alot of floating poops and pees.. weeee.. seronoknya..

OTW to our 2nd checkpoint..

The second checkpoint would be our camp site and it is very far from the previous checkpoint. It took us about 20 minute of walk to arrive there. Once we arrived, we saw a group of scouts were setting their camp too at the camp site.. It is our lucky day for having them around. Because it was our first time over-night camping, we need their useful advise and helps.. They taught us how to choose a good woods for camp fire and provide us some sulfur powder for repelling snakes..
The camp site.. Scouts were setting up their camp

Waterfall that located near our camp site

Thought we had arrived at the camp site, but it is not our stopping point yet.. we ask the scouts to look after our equipments because we would start our jungle trekking that will took up to 4 hours of journey . Of course we wouldn't want to carry the tents and tons of bags along right..? So, we only brought along foods , waters , first aid and salt . . all compressed to one bag.. and I .. am in charged to carry the bag all the way . . lolx . it is indeed a tough journey because we choose to walk through the river.. yesh, that mean all the way we are walked with our feets soak in the rivers.. If we face waterfall, we will climb it , no wonder how tough it were.. and we did it.. though it is very dangerous..the river's rock are indeed very slippery .. Here we go ! Our challenging jungle trekking had begun! Dark forest.. though time was already 10am++ I think it is the time for me to challenge the genting's rock climbing again...hahaha..
The dark forest..

We started our river way journey..

The challenge !

The waterfall was rushing down in a great speed.. and hell yea, we were going to climb up

Many waterfalls to come.. each with diff surface and difficulty..

Break ! eat biscuit and biscuits.. Just enough to ease our hunger pain .

After go-return from our journey, the first thing we did were to set up our tents. . 2 tents for 7 peoples.. all equipment were borrowed from my secondary school's scout. There was a waterfall located just twenty feets from our camp. After settled up our tent, we started to find woods for night's fire camp... When everything are done, we took a bath / play water at the waterfall .. wow, super relaxing and refreshing.. the water that fall from the high rock functioned like a massage machine when it's hit ur back. . it make us to forget how exhausted we were ...

Finally back to our camp site.. though exhauted, but we needed to set up our tent before the night arrive..

Weeeee... successfully set up..

Second task.. set up fire for later cook..

Start to boil some water to cook maggie mee.. haha

My dinner.... eat at 5pm.. swt.. hungry la no choice.
ngek ngek ngek..Going to chop some woods for later fire-camp
Some woods that we managed to gather.. not enough to burn it all night long.. have to find more..

Grilling sweet potatoes for supper.. !

Our supper..

Night arrived and it was indeed very dark... without fire and touch light.. we can hardly see anything.. The trees are very tall indeed and it has hide the moon. Nothing much that we could do during night. We had played poker and chit-chatting.. since no galz were around.. we were not looking forward to talk about spooky story.. haiz.. Due to our exhausted days . . we slept at 11pm.. O ya, inside the jungle we were totally disconnected from the outside.. No phone line can be detected ..
Boiling water . . .now adi night.. very very dark.. You watch survivor before?

Morning ! once we woke up , first thing to do is to keep the tents and clean the surrounding. Wow, sleeping in the jungle is very very cold.. the sound of waterfall was buzzling our ears all night long. The sound is just like raining. The smoke from the fire we set up had keep the mosquitos away . . zero mosquito bite for me.. haha. sleep at forest ain't that bad at all. But one thing that we not used to is there are no toilet facilities around.. We have to pee at any place that we think are suitable.. such as behind trees or bushes. Worst case had happened to my friend.. Hell break lose and he got a stomachache. . (-_-") . . Yea, he have to settle it behind those trees.. Well, it is a good experience anywhere. Haha. Hmm, wonder what will happen if there were galz around.. haha..
Woods that had become ashes..

Our tents and hand-made clothe's hanger..

Keeping our tents .. and leave ..

Back to home at 11am and have a good sleep . . . whole body was aching.. Well, the aches and bruises will gone... but not the pride and experiences we had gained... ! Well done ...

Friday, December 19, 2008

A day before my camp

Whee . .. Tomorrow I will be heading to Templer Park t0 camp . . . This is my first camping trip ler, never done this before. Feel very excited now. Haha, go templer park don't need spend alot of money lo, it is a cheap trip indeed . ok, last minute preparation . . .

All the stuffs needed for 2d 1N

My first Aid Kit ..

Salts . . very important! can kill the bloodsucker(not vampire k, i mean pacat haha)

Foods and 3in1 drinks.. enough to survive

Charcoal.. and fire starter. Useful in set up firecamp..

Fire cracker.. can sked the wild boar away and can have fun! I wanna bring the 15inch wan, haha, but sked police catch... lolx

Clothes and water + torch lightSleeping bag..

Lastly, a good travelling bagWHOOPS.. not to forget a camera (^o^)

See you all on sunday then . . . Godspeed !

Thursday, December 18, 2008

R.I.P holim's beloved hair . . . .sob . .

Guess what, I had cut my hair already today.. Maybe some of you will think that " Cheaaah, U cut also = no cut one la, cut few hairs only mah, you think I don't know meh... pui " . .
NoNoNo. . . . very wrong indeed, this time I am being very cruel to my hairs . . the hair dresser ask me how I want my hairs to be . . . ? Without thinking much I told him that I want my hair to looked short! Then I shut my mouth up and leave my hair's fate to this young cutter. .

Chap , chap , chap . . . . . and hell ya, done . . And it is indeed .... short. . (-_-||) . wuwuwu my front's hair that I kept for so bloody long had GONE already. . . but good thing is, no more annoying eye's poking moment already.. now my head is feeling so light. . A large canopy that used to occupy my head had been merciless trimmed... Now my look like school boy already lor. . a sign of my determination to study hard on second sem onward . .

Before cut . .Short hair's eve.. so bloody long o my front hair and side.


I think I will keep my hair short from this day onward . . .

Advantage of short hair

- Use less shampoo , dun need use conditioner
- Less wax needed and safe more money on buying wax/ gel
- Easy to handle
- Wont poke my eyes !
- I can see things with both eyes Xp . . last time only use on eye .. lol cause my front hair cover it already . .wakaka

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bbq birthday party..

Yesterday I supposed to yamcha with my classmates but so coincidentally yesterday is also my Sis 22nd birthday ! .. It was a joint birthday's party .. mean that one birthday's party consist of two 'lui ju kiok' . . hahaha, another main character on that day was a very cute little girl which is my ---> Grandfather punya big daugther punya daugther punya daughter . . in short.. she is my niece ( that mean Im a uncle already.. Omg!)..

lady in red shirt is my Sister

My niece.. very cute wan..

It was a bbq party... woah, bbq is my favourite, I had ate so much chicken's wings and sosej.. haha, and drank beers and wine.. woot! .. haih.. not dare to drink much cause parents are around.. lolx.. can't wait for trip to langkawi .. wakakaka... *I'm not an alcoholic k*. The cakes was bought from Secret Recipe which is 'white chocolate'.. wao, very nice eh .. I think it is better than chocolate banana and chocolate indulgence...

My expert super delicious bbq chicken wings

White chocolate from Secret Recipe

One of the four bottles of wine we had drank .. haha

This few days, eat and drink so much until I feel that my body also bulat liao.. haiz, today have to double my jogging duration to ease my guiltiness.. hahaha..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

enlightenment ..... *Shine*

The result was out today, as you can see above........ Yea, that is my result.. All B's for every subjects...

what u think? good ah? lolx, so many get 3.22 ++ above... all so geng, haiz, when at the beginning see my result, okay okay la, no C but no A also... boleh tahan geh... then later I go busybody other results and found out that , walaoweh... all so damn pro one, 3.22++ above... this make my result kanasai... (=_=" ) . . haiz.. of course will emo a while la... sad a while and look down sendiri a while... then think think abit... jou okay adi... haha, I optimistic ma...

Some get 3.49 said that their result no good... kanasai also.. then make me don know wan to say my result like wat... kanalaosai? lolx.. hmm... think for a while, actually why I so bother to compare my result with other people ler? Mind my own business ma ok lor... This sem I get 3.00, I must believe that this result is good and not kanasai.... the efforts I poured such as stay up till very late of night to do revision, woke up early in the morning to attend lecture, and sacrifing my precious time with family during study week in order to optimize my revision's process.... well, all of this is paid off and I get a 3.00 for it... for every inch of efforts you poured in, there will be an equivalent pay off at the end..3.00 is what I deserved to get... so, why sad? haha....

Life is full of challenge, the greatest challenger is not your friends.. but is yourselves.... The future 'you' must be better than the previous 'you'.... This sem I get 3.00.. Now I have mark a starting measurement for myself... and the future me must beat my own record and hike a step higher.... beat myself... not beat your friends.... so don't bother with how good others people result are.... beat ur previous and become the final champion, tomorrow must be better than yesterday.. .... So, next sem I vow to get better than 3.00....! (^_^)

ps : ah fei, and cat.... first sem jek ma.. cheh, the road is still long ma... don't give up yet !

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Arghh. . . another not-so-special-day is going to pass . Now is 10.11pm, 2 more hours for a brand new day to start.. Hmm, today is just a mirror of yesterday , yesterday punya yesterday, and yesterday punya yesterday punya yesterday... haha. Nothing special.. chasing dramas.. play my online games.. msn-ing.... eat , sleep , 'penyatinjaan'(wakaka, science student shud know what is tis mean ok) and my favourite which is waiting u guys to update blogs... and spam chat boxs... haha.

Well, Happy Chinese New Years is drawing near ya.. (I know, christmas come first). But since that my family never celebrate christmas and seldom to give it a damn to christmas day, so as usual, no celebration will be happening this years.. haha, my mom already start to make some prepration for the coming Happy Chinese New Years ! ! ! GONG XI FA CHAI... muahahaha. So, what she did today was she started to clean the house.. Me, as a good and 'hao yi' punya anak, sure will help my mom out la.. so, with the power of mother-son power , we done the 1/10 of house's cleaning project within two hour. Hahaha..

My house's living room.. is the place where we start to clean.. Omg, so much things needs to move away ... The chairs, tables, and most of them are my father's ' ka changssss (tools box, hammer's, electrical drill,and many many metal's stuffs by which are so heavy... ). Since I am the only man who working in this project.. obviously I am incharge with carry-ing stuffs task... ) haha, I am wearing ten coll cc t-shirt... Kinda remind me of Ptcc . . . being a kuli but happy.. haha..

My living room... after removing all the junks to outside..

After done, need to re-carry those stuffs back to their respective position.. Arghh....
Anywhere, after Ptcc... this is nothing la.. hahaha, sap sap water le.. Xp

Yea, living room kao tim.. left kitchen, bathroom, outside house, balkony, staircase, upper-storey, bla bla bla... haha, Once a year.. is like tat de la.. I hope my mom wouldn't done all this by herself.. cause she don't ask for other help and always finish up all the works alone.. I think I had inherited my mom's characteristic .. lolx, like today, if I keep drama-ing in my room, she will done all cleaning alone.. Cant imagine that she need to carry all the heavy furniture alone.. luckily I am there to help her out... Ok, holim.. must 24/7 alert ! ! !

ps : for those that got million of maids work for them . I want to say something............................ 'NI JOU HAO LE' ... (-__-" )