Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crap crap crap talk.....

Holiday was on 15/Nov .... and now is 3/Dec ...... Hmm, half of the month had passed . Well, along this day, I have gone through happy time (pangkor, genting... etc) , sad-emo time (Too boring at home causes me to think back my past... unhappy experiences..) , and others emotion by which consist of anger, curiousity , frusfrutation and others.. well, conclusion is , life is colourful ya... twenty more days before the new sem is going to start.

new sem = new life = new holim . . . ?

Apparently I have brought my secondary school's bad habit to my Uni life.. which is ' lazy, last minute works, and never plan a proper timetables.....' frankly speaking, It is hard to change someone behavior . .

new sem = more works = more last minutes work + lazy = Holim Ko

haiz..... sometime feel that holiday is too long and time is crawling too slow.. but one thing I shall bear in mind.. Fully enjoy this holiday and appreciate every minute you could before the new sem is start. Cause you will die-ing for holiday when you are facing 19 credit hours ! , mountain of assignments ! and exam ! . .. hahaha, for my Um palz... gambatae . . .

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