Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yea, after 'fatt mou' at home for so long, finally I can go out to have some fun ... this time going to Sungei Wang at Bukit Bintang to (=_=" ) sing K . . . yea right, don laugh please. . . I know I cant sing..... well, I went there with my sister and my younger brother . 10 am we arrive at GreenB0x and since that my sis had make a reservation, we get to our room in no time. At first, we get a shock, because they located us in a room that could fit up to 10 peoples ! hello, we only have 3.. Or, they actually saw a bunch of peoples following behind us??????? (X_x ) .. wei.... I sked myself.. Muahahaha... Nah, didn't care so much la, even if it is true also, after I grab a mic and sing out loud... it would sked them away anywhere... (-_-"" ) seriously, my singing is kanasai.. Anywhere, foods there is okok then services are good..

Super Big Tv ! dun know how many inch ler.. but i think Cat's super duper plasma tv is far more bigger than this! where can fight o~~~

Inside the room..

Big ler . .. ( I think rachel home's karaoke room is even bigger than this~)
imagine only 3 person using this room... this is a joke... lolx

distance from the seats to the tv is ten steps away !

Free refillable foods.. cheap stuffs ( salads and drinks )

My cheesy chicken with wedges.. Not bad not bad...

Plan to go to law yat plaza de after K-ing... too bad (-.- ) raining haih... I planned to buy an external hard-disk de... after one-two hour ++ inside sungei wang waiting for the rain to stop (it din stop anywhere, it even rain heavier than before ). Well, suan ba, since the time is near 4pm, so the lawyat plan cancel, and we were heading home instead........

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