Monday, December 29, 2008

Sem Start .

Im back ! Back to 10th coll already. New sem had started and tomorrow will begin my first lecture. Well, though that I have been away from this coll for around one month+, I still could fit myself perfectly in my current environment almost immediatetly. I suppose this is a good sign yah..

Meeting up with buddies and notices their difference in their appearance is so much fun. Some with long hair, some with short hairs , some colour their hair and some redesigned their hair-fashion.. Lolx, most of the features are likely about me. . . Well, What has changed for this holiday?

Seriously, I not so sure about it. But one thing for sure. I am still the same . My attitude , my style, my height , my weight *(ok lied, i become heavier) .

About my weight's story . . it is kinda sad. At Pangkor, I had told someone that I will have my weight lose and nicely shape my figure. Obviously, I FAILED. Despite of losing weight, I had gained few kilos in one month+. It is a sad fact. But honestly, I never regret for that . . haha. It is such a mission impossible for someone to restrict themselve from their mother's cooking. After one sem at outside world, eating all those enriched-Msg-foods and mamak . . how can you expect someone to control their mountaining desire to enjoy home's cooks ?? hahaha. Well, I know this is excuse la . . but seriously, holiday is short. Diet plan will ruin the holiday. So, hell yea. I eat what I want and slack as much as I want. . Enjoy life to the fullest ! Anywhere, I still discipline myself for daily jogging session. Too bad, hard work that I had worked out could not cope with the amount of calories I consumed.. *Cry*.

Well well well, the new Holim has not much different from his previous. . except he had become rounder and heavier . Market's value has drop ya . What to do?

No market value = extra concentration on study?

Well, if this could do the job, then it is not as bad as I thought. (^_^) supper anyone?

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