Thursday, December 18, 2008

R.I.P holim's beloved hair . . . .sob . .

Guess what, I had cut my hair already today.. Maybe some of you will think that " Cheaaah, U cut also = no cut one la, cut few hairs only mah, you think I don't know meh... pui " . .
NoNoNo. . . . very wrong indeed, this time I am being very cruel to my hairs . . the hair dresser ask me how I want my hairs to be . . . ? Without thinking much I told him that I want my hair to looked short! Then I shut my mouth up and leave my hair's fate to this young cutter. .

Chap , chap , chap . . . . . and hell ya, done . . And it is indeed .... short. . (-_-||) . wuwuwu my front's hair that I kept for so bloody long had GONE already. . . but good thing is, no more annoying eye's poking moment already.. now my head is feeling so light. . A large canopy that used to occupy my head had been merciless trimmed... Now my look like school boy already lor. . a sign of my determination to study hard on second sem onward . .

Before cut . .Short hair's eve.. so bloody long o my front hair and side.


I think I will keep my hair short from this day onward . . .

Advantage of short hair

- Use less shampoo , dun need use conditioner
- Less wax needed and safe more money on buying wax/ gel
- Easy to handle
- Wont poke my eyes !
- I can see things with both eyes Xp . . last time only use on eye .. lol cause my front hair cover it already . .wakaka

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yen Ho said...

wei!!! very nice eh!!!

n walao.....i saw 10th coll's t-shirt=.= so loyal~~haha!!!