Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are we ready ?

Some people like changes, and some don't. Everyone of us, have our own 'comfort zone'. We felt so safe hanging in the zone and little by little, our bravery was taken away.

Since then, we get hanging inside and hid the intention deep down. One need a lot of strength to step out from that zone and have the readiness to face the changes that he/she can't anticipate. We can't see what is there waiting for us from our comfort zone.

There is a saying :

Better Devil you know than Angel you don't

Even senses told you that life might turn interesting beyond the comfort zone, but we still afraid. Cause we know nothing about it. Everything that we knew, is right here! At this very land we step on. Beyond the zone, is a mystery. No one know what is lying there.

If one day, there is a hand...

A hand that emerge from the dark. Coming from outside mysterious comfort zone and utter a word....

"Hand me your hand would ya?... let us step out from here"

After 20+ years staying comfortably in the zone, are we ready for this?

I am ready... what say you?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pressure, Anxiety and Excitement

About a week or two ago, something unexpectedly happened. This is big !

I mean, real big..

And it for damn sure have affected my life, and future. Now, I have to really plan my future seriously and can't play around anymore.

This is a mix of pressure, anxiety and excitement too. But, seriously, I really need to act and think like adult now. However, sorry to say that I can yet to disclose it in this blog.. because of some reason. But the time will come and I will blog it good and proper ;)

Well, sorry to being a bad guy and let my reader suspended.. sorry lar, I know I potong steam.. haha.

Well, go back to study and good luck folks =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bullshit post : Another one

I try not to believe it, but it occur in my life so often,

till I have to admit and give-in to this bullshit.

In my 2 years of uni-life, like any bachelor out there, I try to be socially active to get more friends and keep my eyes on good girls XD. Well, every girls that I eye-on, I will eventually trying to know them more. Using simple trick like text messaging and face-booking.

I have tried to approach many girls that I just known, to get a closer understanding of them, and of course, I am not Bandaraya which sapu every girl that said to be an easy target. In my uni life, only few girl had manage to catch my attention.

Soon after I get to develop my feeling toward her, my approaches will become more aggressive and experience changes in behavior.

Which mean, the girl is lock-on ! and I will either go-all-the-way / half-the-way to get her.

Okay, okay . . the craps I just said is wasting time, the point is, the girl that I lock-on, whether I give all-the-way(obvious move to chase her) / half-the-way(still have point to u-turn) will surely be in relationship very soon!

Well, as I am still a bachelor now, obviously my suck-up move can't win their heart XD.
Anyway, soon after I give up my suck-up plan to chase them. Very soon,

facebook : XXX Is in relationship.

fuyoh ! My past-life must be a 'cupid' ! Must be ! So many case already, r0ughly count, should be at least 3 cases already.

Good news for them, but bad news for my heart (X_T)"

Well, if somehow I have at least contribute a tiny factor for them to get in relationship (well, bullshit right, this post is full of bullshit anyway.. ), then I am glad to be helpful. Their partner as I see, have better quality than me and good for them. (well, do I have quality in the first place, perasan XD)

Just that my heart will bleed a little

But I am good at patching up my constant injured-heart ;)

This is a curse man, how come ah? usually I don't make my move so fast. I will check whether is there other guys who are chasing her by stalking her facebook history and observing her msn's shoutout. (but, I am an ethical stalker k XD) My confident is low when facing girl la, if I found out there are bunch of good looking guys are going for her, I will automatically give-up.

Weird thing come out, before I do anything, the wave are pin-drop-silent. Soon after I make my decision and go for her.. niabeh =_=""

Don know where, come a bunch of monkeys as well. Haha.

Curse of an cupid haha.

ps : hey, still single? can try to flirt me geh, when u feel like I have fall for you.. then treat me eat sour lemon and wait for 'in-relationship' la. haha

Gosh... this post is really a bullshit ! Am I serious ? dude........


Tomorrow is the day when my skill is put to test !

This is the skill I have been learn and sharpen since I chose this major. So, what skill am I talking about?


I have learn that one does not need to know everything, but he must know every bit of everything. And leave the rest to the art of Craptology.

This skills are meant for lazy-ass like me. My brain just can't absorb paragraphs of words. I am wondering how the girls can finish reading a same book 3 times just for an exam?

My brain is very choosy, damn picky. It don't store stuffs that it do not have interest in it. And it do not store stuffs that it do not understand either. So, in order to memorize something, this brain of mine must

memorize stuffs that interested him && understandable.

Hence, I taking a very long time to revise stuffs. In order to survive, I have to put my Craptology skill to test.

"Win the war with the least resources"

and tomorrow, I shall pass-up a book instead of answer sheet !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Few more weeks, and I gotta say bye to my 2nd years of uni life. I come to realize that I have a very steady and boring rhythm of year. Or shall I ask myself, what have I done all this while?

My first years is a bom. A lot of interesting stuffs happen in my life. But this year, everything has been slow down and I found that I have change too. Becoming more cautious perhaps?

True fact is, I can't even truly understand myself. The same people can ask the same question about my opinion many times, and I could give him different thought of me every time. I speak from my heart and mind in the instant that I could think off. I do not masked it and I talked what I think. But the answer varied every time. This mean, I yet to grasp my mindset yet.

Though I am 22. I am still learning. I realize that I am still in the process of understanding myself better. I guess, my constant changing thought is due to my 'try & error' process of matching the suitable characteristic for myself.

Well, just one thing I could tell you. What you guys think of me today, do not reflect who I am currently is and going to be in future. Cause I know I am still developing and changing like a child inside me.

Well, what is my differences between my first year and second years? I think what I did during first years, can't be accepted by the 'me' now. And I think I could not do the same thing and undergo the same process like the crazy thing I done before.

I always said.... 'this is too tiring... I am too old for this'

'me' now, prefer a steady life and preferable, do not have to undergo crazy idea anymore. And I kinda like it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A trip to Cameron Higland

Walao ! Cameron trip's post ? Shouldn't this past one month ago...

Well, now only got time mar. Because now is study week hehe~ here we go

Trip to cameron highland.

My first time. Congratulate to CC that have make this a success. Actually Cameron ain't far from here. But, the hills there are not a joke.

We are boarding a bus and enduring the sickness of 'selo-belok' when hiking the hills... Along the way, we saw a road block ! but not by police....

it is by

A lorry packed with goodies from Cameron.. "OMG OMG OMG ! I think I saw some liqiud flowing out from the driver seat.. is it ?? ermm... "

Well, as far as I observed, that was not blood, cause I saw people from the truck are happily controlling the traffic and still can laugh about it while biting some fresh tomatoes.

When we first arrived at Cameron, we went to eat and I found out that the food's price are same as KL. It gave a scent of being at KL. The weather is cold and fresh. I would say, a lot better than Genting which is kinda polluted.

This time, almost all the camera's freak were holding DSLR, and they took good pictures too, with high resolution which captured every pimples and holes on your face =.='
I think, digital camera ain't that bad at all.. for people who had cacat-ed skin like me. lolx

what so good ? esther is it lolx

Of course, we went to strawberry farms, cactus and bla bla bla.. Well,

I get bored.

But there are places which is magnificent and worth to promote by me ;)


uncle: sipek bah, walao only half way nia

This pasar malam are a food paradise! It sells cheap and quality foods. Almost same like KL, but it had something differ very far from it, which is quite imposibble for KL-lite to follow. The greatness of Cameron Pasar Malam is ..



Malay and Chinese working together ! To my surprise, almost all the Malays work at pasar malam could talk chinese. I felt so delighted and happy when speaking my own language with them. This is what I called a truly '1 MALAYSIA' .

Because we are budget-tight, we made our own dinner which is steamboat !

30+ people eating together in one small apartment. The soup was erm~ however the environment and friends save the day! So warm and competitive des~neh. In the first time I having tough time to eat my favourite meatball and hot-dog. Haha

Rumor said that, this maze is the biggest in Malaysia

I would said, oIoo.

Bullshit. We have to paid rm3 for this 3 'years old level' mazes.

Anyway, there is a place which I highly recommend anyone of you to pay a visit. The infamous, tea farm !

Who is this SFH pretending to enjoy the burning 12pm sunlight? This is M'sia weih

It look the best during sunny day.

Junyen : sipek Yeng mou?
Holim : Walao mr.sipek yeng.. got bird wan shit on you eh..

Broken-arm warrior : I will shoot it down... fong sam

Lolx... Sorry for the lame joke XD.
Anyway.. I love Cameron Highland. The weather is cold and steady throughout the year. I believe people who live there will developed a fair and smooth skin in time.

Well, Anyone who went there, will look beautiful because of the nice weather... It make our skin radiant white in instance.. just like this lenglui! . .


My eyes blind for few minutes XD. She is fair eventhough he live in PJ hot weather, she is an envy of girls in our faculty.. but when she came to this legendary hill... her beauty...


well, although she is un-challengeable, but all the girls who went there, look fairly white too.. like..

Oops.. got special case geh XD. Haha

And our final destination.....


I prefer Langkawi one though. Well, thats all folk and we went back to KL in one piece ;)

PS: I think I will move to this place when I old.. haha

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oath for life

It was a Thursday night.

I shall be in college meeting up Junyen and Ian for OT discussion. But I yet to have my dinner.

But I am alone. It is sad to eat dinner alone, especially when eating outside. I planned to have my dinner before entering college.

Finally I think of my sister living at SS 17. I called her for dinner and she agreed.

Both of us having dinner at CIMB mamak. I was carrying my laptop bag while she carry nothing. She ate the recommended Nasi Lemak Ayam, and I ate roti sardin.

The night was blowing cold wind, indicating rain was coming soon. So we paid up and leave. I fetch her home and drive steadily to college.

I reached 10th coll and parked my car and search for my . . .

OH SHIT @!x?%

I lost my laptop bag ..

Everything is inside it. Laptop, external hard-disk, and my sony pendrive..

I was so freaking out. Calling my sis at once and had her run me an errand. I drove like mad out from Uni while awaiting my sis news.

I was thinking a lot of things. Laptop is not of my concern. The things inside are what I thinking of.

Assignments ! , and all of the memories kept within..

Yea, I do backup it.. but the backup-ed data was in that bag as well.. Omigod.

I was thinking... my life is done..

My assignment need to start from scratches.. but no laptop how to do? Exam is coming and how to study? I can't afford to buy a new laptop neh... and don't want to burden my pap for this.

I was scratching my head and blame myself for clumsiness. I willing to do anything just to get my laptop back.

And so, I look up to god as my final solution because I was really helpless. I make an oath to him.

I said, if I were able to retrieve my laptop back, I will never eat beef for life.

And this oath will remain true for life.

A call came as I was driving. I heard the relief sound of my sis. From there, I was sure everything is going alright.

She said, after we left, there were two uncles taking our place. They notice the bag and help us safeguard it. I was so relief and happy. The feeling is priceless.

So I went back to Mamak and personally thanks the uncles and my sister as well.

My life is safe ^^ and I will remember the oath too..

ps: Next time when face this kind of situation again, I will choose to cut down pork, and then chicken and then fish and then... becoming vegetarian... ahhh !!

-That is the story-

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A stroll to morning market

Yesterday, I come back from coll around 3am. I am tired and moody. So I went to sleep. It was a freezing cold night. Syok !

But I have OT class at 8am next day. Heck !

So, I overslept........

Quinn called me up, and I decided to skip it.

But I did not went back to my comfy sleep. Instead

I talk a long walk to SS2 pasar alone.

I want to do this since long time ago. Walk from my house to SS2 pasar to tapao breakfast. It took me 30minute of walking to reach there. However the early weather is cool and nice. I enjoyed it. I saw a lot of Apek and Ahmah taking a morning walk too.

Then I saw a school, a primary school near my house.

Kids were having 'Pendidikan Jasmani'. Such a nostalgia neh. Really miss my old time when we use to run around the field for footballs while girls were playing bola jaring 'boring'.

So, I kept walking, walking on streets and area that I never been before. I aim at the pasar direction and keep on walking without knowing which lorong and street I took, but I am sure I will be alright.

30 minute later, I sampai dah.

notice the 'bee' word ? Dont it look like 3 asses? lolx

SS2 pasar is consider small. My hometown have a bigger one. My stomach starting to growl as I saw foods !

I tapao nasi lemak from one malay auntie (RM3.40), Karipap (RM1.20)
and Hot soya bean (RM1.20).

Then I headed back. Amazingly, I found new shortcut when on my way back. It only take me about 20minutes to reach my home. Haha

Guess what, I saw a beautiful garden that is full of green! It have so much trees that it shades all over the garden. Nice! It just located behind my house. Damn! why I was never notice it before.

Anyway, I start to realize that my place is actually very nice, but I never notice it before when I was driving around.

Gotta love my place more ^^

Well, after almost 1 hour of walking. My appetite is so good that I could swallow an elephant! But again, elephant is protected in M'sia =.=. But I can't eat cow too, because I just make a whole-life oath to never eat beef again (stay tune for story). So, I eat 'siham' instead ... LOLX.

You might wonder, is it worth the effort? to walk 1hour for this kind of common foods.

Well, I don't know, but I feel good, hehe.

When I bought the foods in pasar, I was so eager to know how it taste when I was on my way back. The curiosity is just fantastic.

The food was great, maybe it is not.. but with add-on spice of efforts, it taste extra-ordinary. Lolx.

I will definitely do this again. And try different foods next time !

So, Siao kiaz and cha bo... who wanna join me to pasar next time ?